What Is The Devil’s Reign?

So you’re conscious now but if you once believed in religion you would probable know that religion teaches that we are currently in the Devil’s reign. It is a period of time/history where god gave the devil freedom to inflict death and destruction in the world to purge the non-believers from the believers. According to religion that is why there is so much evil in the world and the only way to be saved is through faith and righteousness. Nonsense!

God and the Devil are anthropomorphic representations of human behavior. God represents the good qualities produced by our Conscience and the Devil represents the bad qualities produced by our Wants and Desires. The Spirit of the universe created humans with 2 basic instincts; fear of death and an inclination back towards itself. Through (Fear of Death and Spirituality) we develop things to comfort us by making us Happy in our time on earth until we return to the Spirit.

Unfortunately our Wants and Desires have overridden our Conscience so now we function primarily to feed our Desires in order to be Happy. This is the Devil’s Reign and anyone can be a Devil; man, woman, black, or white. As long as you function without giving conscious thought to your actions; you are a servant of yourself. Now imagine the state of a society where everyone is functioning primarily to make themselves Happy. Conscience help us.

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