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Chelsi Smith, Miss Universe 1995 from Texas, dies at age 45

HOUSTON – Chelsi Smith, Miss Universe 1995, Miss USA and the first African-American to win Miss Texas USA, has died at the age of 45, her family confirmed.

Smith, a Deer Park native, lost her battle with cancer Saturday. Smith embarked a successful career in the entertainment business and signed with Music World, Columbia and Sony Records in 1999, according to family members….

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Caribbean Entertainment – Deal For Miss Jamaica Universe

News Americas, MIAMI, Fl, Fri. May 11, 2018: From Miss Jamaica to Miss Shea Moisture, Jamaica’s Davina Bennett, is making news again.

Bennett, 22, the second runner-up in Miss Universe 2017, recently signed an endorsement deal with Shea- Moisture, one of the largest, black-owned businesses in the United States.

She will be the face of the brand’s new Jamaican Black Castor Oil line, which offers a strengthening conditioner that is formulated with Jamaican Black Castor Oil and certified organic Shea Butter to nourish and strengthen damaged, brittle hair, reducing the appearance of breakage and shedding.

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The Black-owned hair care company had praised Bennett during her Miss Universe run, tweeting that she “rocked her natural crown and won our hearts,” in reference to…

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Must List: Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes, Langston Hughes African American Film Festival, Duwamish Alive


Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes
(4/21–1/6/2019) Billed as the largest exhibit ever staged at MoPop, Universe of Super Heroes is here to save the day, with more than 300 pieces of memorabilia, including iconic costumes, props and artwork from the adventures of Doctor Strange, Captain America, Black Panther, Spider-Man and others. Don’t be surprised if you start to feel like a superhero yourself; that’s just the exhibit’s immersive soundtrack, created specifically for the exhibit by Spider-Man 2 composers Lorne Balfe and Academy Award-winner Hans Zimmer, working its magic. Times and prices vary. Museum of Pop Culture, Seattle Center, 325 Fifth Ave. N; 206.770.2700; mopop.org

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Sera Cahoone with Zoe Muth
(4/20) For her new EP, Flora String…

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Afrakans Must Come Back To Life

Afrakans Are Coming Back To Life

Dohgon Spirituality reveals that AfRAkans must come back to Life in order to bring a new level of Consciousness to the planet. (Af-Ra-ka means First-Sun-Soul)  

This is not a message about false prophets doing fake healing. It also has nothing to do with medical phenomenon, mysticism or ideological beliefs that cling to people’s minds like diseases causing them to hate, discriminate, or kill others who do not agree. This message is about how Afrakans must shun ideologies and beliefs that have only served to enslave us physically and mentally for thousands of years in order to regain our true purpose in life. 

Before Afrakans were indoctrinated into believing in illusions of a supernatural being in the sky we believed in the energies in world around us. We believed in the Sun and the Moon, which provided light for the plants and trees to grow and bear fruit. We believed in the Thunder and the Lightning that brought Rain to fill the Rivers and Seas where Fishes multiplied in abundance.

In ancient times Afrakans knew they were a part of nature and that no part of nature was insignificant. We knew that we weren’t special, just different. Before we killed an animal for food we would ask the Great Spirit for forgiveness. That was because we knew that all things in nature also had a Soul and that bad karma would result when we disrespected the energies in nature. 

Perhaps what we didn’t know back then was that the same energy that exists in nature is the same energy that exists in us. That energy is the Spirit of the Universe and it manipulates reality in many different ways. Spirit is the creator of Nature and Nature consists of living and non-living Matter. The living Matter is classified as Life and although it’s pretty obvious most humans don’t believe that Life is a single conscious entity. Instead, most people believe that they are separate from nature and that a god created humans to have dominion over nature and abuse it at their will. 

The failure to recognize Life as a whole entity, compounded by the belief in (desire inducing) gods has only served to corrupt the psychology of Afrakans for thousands of years. Throughout that time Afrakans have severely abused nature and either killed, enslaved, and exploited each other because we covet the favor of our imaginary gods. It is only our survival instinct that is actively protecting us from total self-destruction. 

We AfRAkans have special survival instincts that has enabled us to survive the relentless abuse at the hands of other unjust and unethical races. Our instincts enable us to compartmentalize trauma which protects our sanity. Unfortunately, we learned to adapt to the adversities of life by assimilating into foreign beliefs and customs. We became the best Christians. Muslims, and Jews by believing that Love could conquer hate. Unfortunately, most of us don’t realize that Conscience and Desire are the two major forces behind human nature. 

Desire is the driving mechanism of Life while Conscience is a gift from the Great Spirit of the universe to help us control and regulate our Desires. Religions are only tools that group moral teachings into operating systems so that we can control the Desires of human nature more easily. Today, all religions have become corrupt catch 22 psychological traps in which our Desire have gained control of our minds. Now we believe that a god can make our lives better and that a paradise awaits us after death for being Faithful to that god. 

In theory, the god concept is ingenious but in reality, it is incompatible with human nature. Humans are susceptible to self-righteousness, which is a product of Desire and will always separate into groups based on Race, Culture, and Language. Inevitably, humans will judge others according to whom they feel are more deserving of the favor of their imaginary god. Religions comfort the Soul but not the Spirit. Fortunately, our Conscience will always try to rescue us from the pitfalls of our Desires.  

Afrakans must come back to Life and recognize that all religions are tools designed to keep us subservient to other people and their beliefs. Choose Spirituality over religion which will increase your self-awareness and knowledge of the world around you. Most importantly, come back to Life by learning to love yourself again. In doing all these things Afrakans will learn to reclaim our pride, traditions, and cultures while shunning religions, cults, and foreign beliefs. 

Increased knowledge also results in increased self-awareness so we will learn to think for ourselves again. That is why self-awareness is the base of the new Consciousness movement that is taking place on Social media and in many Afrakan communities on the continent and abroad. Eventually, Afro consciousness will lead to the realization that all Afrakans are one and all Life is one. When we apply conscious thought to understand things we learn to respect Life in our daily pursuit of happiness.