Why Ghetto Scholars Are Important in the Black Community

There is a wave of consciousness sweeping over Black America. This wave is nowhere near cresting; it’s just beginning to generate momentum. Black people gaining knowledge about their true identity and abilities created this wave. Emerging out of this wave to claim leadership are individuals known as .

A Ghetto scholar is someone who gains and notoriety in the community for his or her ability to dispense knowledge that uplifts the Black community. Many people are dismissing these however, as no more than self-centered individuals trying to gain attention. The internal conflicts that they generate within the community are leading many people to ask; are important in the Black community.

Never the conflicts that they generate, Ghetto scholars are important in the Black community for one particular reason. Ghetto scholars create a wide range of discourse at a level where education and acquiring knowledge is often seen as irrelevant and “not cool”. Organized debates between Ghetto scholars about , history, science, and even politics spread information and knowledge to people who never considered the importance of such information before.

Like sports athletes and Rap stars, Ghetto scholars become idols that people follow and defend among each other and in the wider community. On Youtube for instance, regular people are posting their own videos defending their particular idol whether it be , Polight, , the , and others. In order to defend or rebuff a Ghetto scholar’s message one has to do his or her own research or risk looking like a fool.

When street gangs decided to Break-dance battle instead of fighting crime rates dropped. When Rappers decided not to respond to dissing with violence but battle rapped instead their talents developed and Hip Hop grew to be the biggest music genre in the world. It is the same competitive process that will propel individuals to increase their knowledge in order to make a name for themselves in the community. That indirect influence on raising the strength and breath of the wave of consciousness is why Ghetto scholars are important in the Black community.