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Belize PM changes his mind about stepping down

Prime Minister Dean Barrow, who had indicated his intention to step down from office before the end of his current five year term, has now decided to stay on, at least, until 2020.

According to an official statement, the matter was discussed at the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday with the “current trajectory” of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) “heading towards the 2020 general elections.”

In May this year, Prime Minister Barrow said the UDP had agreed to a timetable for the leadership succession

“We are going to start with constituency conventions in November.  Again, we want to give the re-registration process a chance to kick in and we should be finished with those conventions by end of January [or] early February next year,” he said then.

“I should…

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Africa State of Mind with Lee Kasumba: On covering African stories

In this podcast series, Ugandan radio and TV presenter, writer and singer, Lee Kasumba speaks to some of the brilliant minds in Africa who are doing extraordinary things on the continent.

Putting Africa in the limelight, Kasumba speaks CNN’s Senior International Correspondent Nima Elbagir about covering African stories and being the journalist responsible for breaking CNN’s exclusive investigation of African migrants sold in underground slave markets across Libya.

This is probably one of the best conversations I’ve ever had in my professional career

Lee Kasumba, Africa State of Mind Host

Nima touches on why she felt that there seemed to be more of international outrage when news of the slave trade in Libya broke, challenges she faces as a female journalist…

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‘No one in in their right mind’

President Donald Trump cited a questionable poll at the NRA convention Friday as he celebrated his recent endorsement from rapper Kanye West. Trump’s support among people of color has been significantly lower than previous Republicans before him.

“Kanye West must have some power because you probably have saw I doubled my African-American poll numbers. It went from 11 to 22 in one week,” he told the crowd. “Thank you, Kanye!”

Trump lost the African American vote with 8 percent compared to opponent Hillary Clinton’s 89 percent. Now, Trump somehow decided that number expanded to 11 percent. Now, he’s citing a poll claiming it has doubled thanks to West. The poll, however, surveyed a very small sample of people who volunteered to answer the poll.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll showed…

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May is Mental Health Month- African American Women & Mental Health, Caring for the Mind, Body & Soul

Trump Administration, Which Said It Would Keep African Elephant Trophy Ban, Changes Its Mind

Photo: AP

After months of back and forth on the subject, President Donald Trump’s administration has done what everyone pretty much knew it would do the whole time and has lifted a ban on the importation of some African elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Per NPR, in a March 1st memo, the US Fish and Wildlife Service rescinded a Barack Obama-era blanket ban on the importation of the hunting trophies and now says it will permit them to be imported on a “case-by-case basis.” NPR wrote:

The memo, which was not publicized by the agency, did not clarify the specific guidelines by which the permits would be judged. It is also not clear what role was played in the decision by the president, who has publicly expressed his opposition several times to rolling back the ban.

This is odd because…

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How To Self-Heal

How To Self-Heal

The human body is an instrument whose health is in a constant state of flux. Its health depends on factors that are widely misunderstood therefore most times we only pay attention to our mental and physical health when we get sick. There are steps however, that Afrakans can take to enhance and protect our overall health to prevent sickness and disease. We can do so be learning how to self-heal.

Self-healing is not a new concept therefore some of the methods involved in self-healing are already widely practiced. Those methods include getting enough sleep, eating healthy, physical exercise, mental exercise, and meditating. Another less known self-healing method involves getting help from the Spiritual essence of the universe through our Brain and since Afrakans still have a functioning energy receptor, this will also help to keep it functional. This method is called the Dohgon self-healing method.  

Life expectancy for Afrakans varies from between 65 to 85 years depending on genetics, culture, and regional environmental factors. Of course, there are some who beat the odds and live longer but aside from war and crime, these are factors that cannot be easily altered or controlled. Some Afrakans are born with genetic illnesses that will either have an immediate or long-term effect on their health. Most illnesses however, are acquired over time due to ignorance and willful self-harm.

For instance, there are activities that we engage in at work or in general, and food that we eat that is harming us but we don’t realize it because society in general is also ignorant of their effects. There are businesses that operate for “profit over health”, that willfully produce chemically harmful foods for us to eat. Then there are other activities we engage in such as; smoking, using harmful drugs or even over-eating, that we know is harming us yet we refuse to stop it because it makes us feel good.

The Doghon Afrakan method of self-healing is a method that involves improving the Mind which, in turn will improve the health of the Brain and Body. This method involves naturally improving your Brains’ ability to produce the healing hormone Melatonin. Melatonin is a neurotransmitter that acts within Cells to repair and improve their functionality. The result is that Cells will do a better job fighting disease and the harmful effects that other hormones may have on them.    

There is an abstract energy receptor inside the Brain of all animals. That energy receptor is called the Pineal Gland. Europeans regard this energy receptor as a useless gland that was made redundant by evolution. Why did they conclude that, you might ask? The reason they came to that conclusion is because theirs is virtually nonfunctional. It is a conclusion born out of defective logic and understanding of the Spiritual essence of the universe.  

The Pineal Gland in Europeans is defective due to Calcification caused by genetics and white noise radiation. Unfortunately, the Pineal Gland is also the primary producer of Melatonin in the human body. Europeans have recently begun to change their views of the Pineal Gland due to a recognition of the importance of Melatonin in self-healing. In the meantime, as an alternative to natural Melatonin, they are making pills comprised of synthetic or harvested Melatonin from animals.

To begin your self-healing process using the benefits of Melatonin there are several things that you must do every night as night time is when the Pineal Gland produces Melatonin. Some people believe that the Pineal Gland just needs darkness but that’s not true because of the Sun. The goal is to get proper sleep by going to bed at a decent time, preferably a few hours before midnight and get at least 7 hours of sleep.  While you sleep there should be no White Noise distractions from TVs, radios, or any form of Light from digital clocks and night lights.

Before you go to sleep you need to quiet your Mind of the day’s activities as much as possible. An effective way to do this is to use the Dohgon Flux number counting as a meditation. Do this meditation by simply sitting at the edge of your bed and while all Light and Sound distractions are eliminated, do the count inside your head. Your thoughts may drift because of mild memories or traumatic stress but if you can’t calm your thoughts while doing the count, don’t worry about it too much.

While you are sleeping your Pineal Gland will activate and begin to produce Melatonin using the Spiritual Energy it is collecting from the Pure Dark Universe. The Melatonin will travel all throughout your body to heal and repair your damaged Cells. You may not notice the improvement right away but over time this Dohgon self-healing method will help to improve your overall health.