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Understanding Reality:
We boldly state that we are Black AfRAkan (first-Sun-Souls). We think beyond Atheism and Religion therefore we recognize that there is a Great Spirit that produced everything in the physical universe. That Spirit produced the Elements, and Life, and through Life it produced Humans.

Human understanding is limited because when our Spirit enters physical reality at inception, it generates a blank Soul that is our awareness as we know it. We grow and develop our unique personal awareness however, our awareness is completely controlled by the awareness of the Life Entity.

Life was created balanced but fell out of balance in the process of becoming self-aware. Now Life is on a quest to understand itself and gain universal awareness. Like water conforms to any surface, Life seeks ease of existence. It hates hardship yet it will thrive through all adversity. Life is the most resilient force in the physical universe.

Since I am physically bound to Life, my aim is to gain a deeper understanding of Life and assist it to flourish and grow in an ethical manner. That should also be the purpose of all humans but I understand that humanity is ignorant of our true existence for a purpose.

Life also recognizes that humans are ignorant of our true existence therefore Life is trying to keep humans unbalanced. It recognizes that contentment doesnt encourage the acquisition of more knowledge outside of that which is required to maintain contentment.

Life is a single conscious entity. It is using the collective awareness of every living thing on this planet to survive and thrive to reach its ultimate goal of Universal Awareness. Life feeds on itself and uses mechanisms based on Desire to drive the consciousness of its creations including Humans, its vanguard species. We are individuals gaining knowledge individually, which we feed to the whole for the benefit of Life, the entity.

For instance; no one knows that a fruit is poison until someone dies from eating it. The only way that someone else will die from eating that fruit is by being unaware of previous knowledge. Knowledge, therefore is the key to Life but unfortunately, the sharing of knowledge is hindered by two corrupting forces; Ideology and Fear.

Religion, which was man’s best attempt at conscious living, became corrupted by Ideology because all religions were created without a true understanding of the Life entity. Today all religions fail to harness the one thing that ancient philosophers created them for; to control human Desire. Now people go around hating, condemning, or killing others who don’t share the same beliefs. Furthermore, religious leaders are taking advantage of their followers financially and sexually, all because they know people are enslaved by their various desires.

The other corrupting force Fear, keeps the mind trapped in survival mode. For example; we once existed in Animism (accord with nature) with no need for technical development (why make hay when the Sun shines if the Sun was always shining). However, the systematic colonizing and enslaving of Afarkans corrupted that process and has also  hindered our development because our Minds defaulted to survival mode.

In such a condition, our Mind protects our sanity by making us forget the trauma we endure. It is “why the caged bird sings” as Maya Angelou once said. We sang on those plantations in order to endure and compartmentalize trauma but the process was instinctual.  

In both instances, the process of human development is stagnated by a departure from knowledge. One; because the desire for heaven stagnates and traps the mind in the ideological world of religion and the other because fear defaults the Mind into survival mode.

Black people are experiencing a double wammie because we have become the most religious race while the presence of (external) brutality from other races and (internal) high levels of crime and desire fulfillment within our own communities, acts to stagnate our intellectual development. 

Life is made useful/fulfilling by the acquiring of knowledge. To stop learning is to relinquish one’s free will and live in fear as fear is one of Life’s basic survival instincts. This is all a choice, of course because we can choose to do nothing and continue to try to squeeze as much pleasure out of life before it destroys us. We can continue to allow unethical people to indoctrinate our minds with their beliefs. We can continue to scare ourselves by allowing evil ghosts to possess our Souls. Or we can continue to kill our brains with drugs while attempting to satisfy our selfish desires.

The smart choice is to choose to tame the Life Entity by encouraging it’s awareness to be more conscientious. We can do this by resisting the mechanisms of Life as much as we can and by resolving to live ethically.

In the process; beware of unconscious Humanism. It is the pursuit of human Rights over established Ideologies. Humanism is not an overall bad thing, however Humanism can be used to support and defend the perversions which result as byproducts of Desire Dependency.

Beware of Socialism, it’s incompatible with human nature. Although it is an attempt at social Consciousness, Socialism originated as a backlash to Inequity. The problem with Socialism is that the mechanisms of Life; namely greed, laziness and the inability of most people to control their own Minds, quickly move in to corrupt Socialism even when it is imposed on a society.

Beware of Prophets and Scholars. No one has all the answers to Life, Nature, and the Spirit therefore Humans learn as we go. Gain your own knowledge and use Common Sense and Conscience to determine Truth. 

The Pineal Gland is a conduit to the Spirit. Keep it functional and your Soul will remain whole.

The only Truths in nature are Natural Numbers with Zero being the most important natural number.

Humans mistakenly refer to their various gods as the Great Spirit but the Great Spirit requires no obedience. It simply acts on the human Conscience to encourage Conscious Thought. Conscious thought is what we use to produce religions, which are compilations of moral teachings and exaggerated fables. Conscience also acts on Desire to produce empathy, care and concern, and Love.

A better alternative to religion is Spirituality but without a basic understanding of the Great Spirit, most people who claim to be Spiritual are still enslaved by the mechanisms of Life. The result is that they will try to relive the failed Spiritual practices of their ancestors. 

320ro equals 1 Heqat (a sensory unit). 1 Heqat is the sum of the gravety given to incoming information by our Brain. For instance; Sight is 2ro squared. See the Eye of Heru image above for the formula. 

To the Buzz Collectors (spies) who come here as self-appointed protectors of your way of life. Recognize that you are mearly tools fashioned in ignorance (ideology), purposed to be self-serving and a RISK equipped with a conscience as a safety-net and an appetite tempered only by the threat of self-destruction. Your leaders are playing a dangerous game that they cannot win; their military strategists know this. However, they also know that the only way to play without losing is to stailmate the game indefinitely.

To the Religious Psychopaths. Realize that you are engaging in a corrupt form of self-discipline. Your god is an anthropomorphic representation of your deepest desires. Life uses Desire as a mechanism therefore you are serving Life, not the Great Spirit. The Life entity will take you in any direction you want to go. Once corrupt, it leads to self-destruction.

If you both destroy this world however, only the AfRAkan Spirit will survive. Our Ancestors exist above the level of ghosts and will permutate on this world again; in Time.

*** The writings on this website are personal thoughts and opinions that are in no way indicative of the Dohgon University of Thought. I am IntegRAl MAAT, a student of Dohgon Spirituality. I vow to remain acCOUNTable to the Great Spirit on my quest to understand Life and Humanity.

“I Write What I Like” Steve Biko