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Understanding Reality

There is a Great Spirit that produced everything in the physical universe. That Spirit produced the Elements, and Life, and through Life it produced Humans. Human understanding is limited for a purpose because before we can ever hope to understand the Great Spirit we must first understand ourselves and Life.

Life was created balanced but fell out of balance. Now Life is on a quest to understand itself in order to re-gain balance. Like water conforms to any surface Life seeks ease of existence. It hates hardship yet it will thrive through all adversity. Life is the most resilient force in the physical universe. Since I am Life my aim is to gain a deeper understanding of Life/Ankh/Self, assist it and help it to flourish and grow. That should also be the purpose of all Humans but I also understand that some Humans remain unbalanced for a purpose.


  • Life is made useful/fulfilling by the acquiring of knowledge. To stop learning is to relinquish your free will and live in fear as fear is one of our basic survival instincts.
  • There is only me and what I can do with my Brain. I can enrich my brain with knowledge and assist Life. I can allow others to indoctrinate my brain with their beliefs. (Religion and philosophy and be an hindrance to Life) (ideology is an hindrance) I can scare myself by believing that evil ghosts can posses me. I can kill my brain with drugs while attempting to satisfy my selfish desires.
  • No one has all the answers to Life, Nature, and the Spirit (except Prof MOmOH) therefore Humans learn as they go.
  • Do not fear 666, it is the Number of Life. It represents the base element CARBON. 6 Electrons, 6 Neutrons, and 6 Protons. How else to hide truth than to vilify it and associate it with evil.
  • The Pineal Gland is a conduit to the Spirit. Keep it functional and your Soul will remain whole.
  • The only Truth in nature is Numbers, Natural Numbers.
  • Humans mistakenly refer to the Great Spirit as their god but the Elecro-Magnetic Spectrum precedes human gods.
  • I will strive to be acCOUNTable to the Great Spirit, Life, and Humanity.

320ro equals 1 Heqat (sensory unit) which is the sum of all the senses as represented by the all powerful Eye of Heru.

To the “Buzz Collectors” (the protectors of their way of life), realize that you are tools fashioned in ignorance, purposed to be self serving. A risk equipped with a conscience as a safety-net and a appetite tempered by the threat of self destruction. You’re playing a dangerous game that you cannot win. So how can you play without losing? Simple, you keep playing.

To the Religious Psychopaths; realize that you are engaging in a corrupt form of self discipline. Your god is an anthropomorphic representation of your deepest desires. Life uses Desire as a mechanism therefore you are serving Life, not the Great Spirit. Life will take you in any direction you want to go. Once corrupt it leads to self destruction.

If you both destroy this world however, only the AfRAkan Spirit will survive. Our Ancestors exist above the level of ghosts.

*** The writings on this website are personal thoughts and opinions that are in no way endorsed by the Dohgon University of Thought. I am IntegRAl MAAT, a student of Dohgon Spirituality