carbon 666

The fabric of what is consists of four layers; Spirit,, Life, and Humanity.
are the basis building blocks of Matter. They are Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Gold, Silver, and a lot more. In fact there are almost 100 known , some of which are man made. may stand alone but mostly they form Compounds when two or more Elements fuse together naturally or by man. Elements form through a permutation process in which Spirit or Pure Dark Energy Waves flux (see the formula for creation at the Dohgon University of Thought) to form sub-atomic particles that blink in and out of existence (quarks). If enough particles collect in one place they form Atoms.
Dohgons believe that the first element to manifest from the abstract pure energy realm to create the physical realm was Carbon. With 6 Proton Atoms, 6 Electron Atoms, and 6 Neutron Atoms, Carbon was able to transform into other elements by losing or gaining Atoms. Dohgons also perceive reality as a series of bubbles with the first Carbon element as the mother bubble that created Time. Time is present because everything rotates, never ending back in the same spot in Space/Time. Therefore, a Bubble is a Wave with its frequency defined by Time.
Scientists say that Matter cannot be created or destroyed. That is because they are not Professor MOmOh so they don’t know true Quantum Physics. Matter is being created and destroyed in our minds all the time because our minds are mini particle generators. Thoughts are abstract energy bubbles that may be stored permanently as memory particles depending on the amount and type of energy expended to create them. Over time those particles may fade and transform their energy back to waves.