The Spiritual intelligence (Great Spirit) that is the universe created humans to exist in symbiosis with Life. Joy and contentment were Life’s default conditions but unfortunately, at some point in Life’s existence, Life switched from simply existing to a “quest for universal awareness”. And since Humans can never escape our physical bond to Life, Life uses humans to do its bidding. The prerogatives of Life fools us into thinking that we function using choice but choice is merely an illusion.

The Great Spirit created the human nervous system to function using Melatonin, which is the primary hormone that facilitates the states of joy and contentment. As humans slowly lost our connection to the Great Spirit, we became psychologically unbalanced. Life took over and compensated by producing its own happiness hormone known as Serotonin.

The only problem is that Serotonin creates dependent mental conditions (addiction) as a side effect of our need for Happiness. Happiness is a fleeting thing therefore, it creates want, desire, and discontentment. Too mush Seratonin also alters the character of most people, making them engage in risky and self-destructive behavior.

Life is a single conscious entity that is in control and manipulating humans in a quest to achieve universal awareness but contrary to religious belief, humans are not “hosts” to a foreign entity; we are the entity that is actively protecting every aspect of itself. Some Humans appear to be naturally unethical because they are ruled by Serotonin but when they harm Life, Life bolsters their Conscience in order to protect itself against its own mechanisms.

That is why when you see white people in strange places doing helpful things, you know that Life is awake and aware. In order to understand the Life Entity you have to observe the characteristics of all living things. In order to understand , you have to observe the characteristics of people, their Race and their culture. You will eventually notice that humans operate with an illusion of psychological independence while at the same time clinging to the comfort of groups.

Like Life, humans lack universal awareness so we are limited by a fear of the unknown. We hate, discriminate, are envious, greedy, and desire dependent but it is because of the Great Spirit why we are also compassionate, empathetic, and loving. The Great Spirit cares for Life and Life cares for itself. In humans, the sensation is described as love. It makes some humans mistake love for their god but the true god is the Great Spirit.

Now, remember when we said that the Great Spirit is a Mind that exists as abstract pure dark energy waves and the Life entity has also developed a mind by harnessing the collective consciousnesses of all life? Well is also developing a collective consciousness of our own.

The collective consciousness of is a baby consciousness that is struggling to achieve an identity. Humans themselves don’t know or won’t acknowledge that a human consciousness exists but we see it. We call it Humanism. 

Humanists typically do not believe in a creative force other than “chance” therefore they believe that they only exist by the chance of nature over Time. Humanism is an ideology that forces the mind to focus on the wants and needs of Humans and Humanity, often at the expense of the rest of Life. Invariably, Humanists believe that they are now the creative force that will shape the planet and the universe.   

Humanism has hijacked the original premise of “Human Rights Movement” which was once an effective tool in fighting Racism, Colonialism, and the exploitative tendencies of Capitalism. Human Rights has now become a shield for the unconscious. Now you have Gay Rights activists comparing themselves to the Civil Rights movement of the 50s and 60s, in which brave Afrakan Americans stood up to racism, discrimination, and police brutality.

Humanism gives Humans an arrogant sense of entitlement. For instance, Humanism makes people more willing to kill their brains with drugs because it is their individual right. Then when they become addicted and dysfunctional in society, they are defended by other Humanist sympathizers who help them by petitioning government to provide food, shelter, and safe places for them to get high.

Humanists will also defend the rights of people to explore their unnatural sexual desires such as pedophilia, homosexuality, incest, and bestiality. They do not believe that these things are unnatural therefore they focus on the “Right” of the individual to live according to their natural inclinations.

To them, it’s not about what is wrong or right, it’s about a pursuit of “happiness”. So, instead of acknowledging that things are going wrong in the genetic blueprint of human life, they’d rather defend corruption. Unless ethics are enforced  within humanity, blind Humanism will turn humans into a race of hormone-confused mutants.