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Afrakans Are Coming Back To Life

Afrakans Are Coming Back To Life

Afrakans are coming back to Life, which will bring a new level of consciousness to the planet.

This is not a story about religion and false prophets doing fake healing. It also has nothing to do with medical phenomenon, mysticism

The Trump Effect On Black Consciousness

So America has elected Donald Trump for president, a man who has offended Black people while fuelling the flames of racism to reach a temperature that America hasn’t experienced in decades. What surprises most people but not me is that

Why Ghetto Scholars Are Important in the Black Community

There is a wave of consciousness sweeping over Black America. This wave is nowhere near cresting; it’s just beginning to generate momentum. Black people gaining knowledge about their true identity and abilities created this wave. Emerging out of this wave

6 Basic Principles Of Black Consciousness


Principles of the HERU Interface

Consciousness is the state of being self-aware. Black Consciousness is the state of being aware that the Black Race is under attack physically and psychologically so you take steps to protect it. Some