great spirit

The fabric of what is consists of four layers; , Elements, Life, and Humanity.

is the abstract Pure Dark Energy Waves (PDEW) from which Matter infinitely emerges and returns. It is also the thing that holds the universe together by way of the forces it produces in the physical realm. Often referred to as the Electromagnetic Spectrum, it produces major forces such as; Magnetism, Electricity, Gravity, strong and weak nuclear energies. These forces also act in producing Light, Heat and Pressure to regulate the atmosphere that sustains Life on Earth.

Although cannot exist in the physical universe it acts to regulate it. Any living thing that has a Pineal Gland can communicate directly with the Spirit but without heightened awareness it is a one-way communication or if your Pineal Gland is calcified there will be no communication at all so your DNA deteriorates. Total darkness activates the Pineal Gland so our Minds can communicate with with the Spirit. The gland converts abstract energy into physical matter in the form of Melatonin which guides us Spiritually as well as to heal our Soul (living tissue).

Furthermore, we deteriorate physically because we are not aware of the Spirit and its healing properties. Instead we rely on creations of our imagination (gods) to comfort our lack of awareness. Light and other White Noise Radiation should be eliminated when we sleep as well as avoiding mind altering Drugs and engage in unaccountable behavior which further isolates our consciousness from the rest of Life.

Spirit is the creative force behind the universe. If such a thing as a god existed Spirit would be it but we are wiser than to try to describe such a force with our limited human perception.