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Spiritual Benefits of Alligator Pepper

Alligator pepper, also known as Grains of Selim or Guinea pepper, is a West African spice made from the seeds of the Aframomum danielli plant. It is often used in traditional African medicine and spiritual practices, and is believed to have various spiritual benefits.

One of the most notable spiritual benefits of alligator pepper is its ability to protect against negative energy and evil spirits. In many African cultures, alligator pepper is used in spiritual rituals and ceremonies to ward off negative energies and provide protection to the individual or community. It is also used as a purifying agent, helping to cleanse the body and mind of negative thoughts and emotions.

Alligator pepper is also believed to have powerful spiritual properties that can help to bring good luck and prosperity. It is often used in traditional African rituals and ceremonies to attract positive energy and bring blessings to the individual or community. In some cultures, alligator pepper is also used to help bring clarity and focus to the mind, making it a helpful tool for meditation and spiritual growth.

In addition to its spiritual benefits, alligator pepper is also believed to have various medicinal properties. It is often used to treat a wide range of ailments, including digestive issues, respiratory problems, and skin conditions. It is also believed to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a helpful tool for overall health and well-being.

Overall, alligator pepper is a powerful and versatile spice that is widely used in African spiritual practices and traditional medicine. Its ability to protect against negative energies, bring good luck and prosperity, and promote overall health and well-being make it an invaluable tool for spiritual growth and development. So, it can be a great addition to your spiritual practice.

Famine Devistating Somalia Again

Somalia is being devastated by famine again. Is it more proof that Africans lack perception or are there hidden factors at play?

Major news sources are reporting that Somalis is in the midst of another deadly famine yet neither the United Nations or the Somali government has made a famine declaration yet. Hundreds of men, women, children, and livestock have already died of starvation and the drought that is affecting the region is getting worse. Drought in the region is not new yet there never seems to be any preparation for their inevitability.

Of course, there are lessons to be learned in all situations but some might say that the midst of despair is the wrong time for conjecture. They will also say that this is the time to take action to help Somalians in anyway we can. I say this is the perfect time for analysis because we need to address the stereotype that Black people lack perception.

Major online news outlets have comment sections on their websites and these comment sections are filled with racists who love to bathe their brain cells in the Dopamine that spewing hatred for Black people produces. Yesterday, I was on one news website that I won’t mention, reading an article on the Somalian drought. After the article there were many comments and if you were to read comments about African famines 10 years ago, these comments would be the same because the hate never changes.

I saw comments like, “If we keep feeding them, they will keep breeding. Let’s send them birth control instead of food.” And the classic, “Why can’t they learn how to grow food?” The sensible thing to do as a Black person would be to ignore the racism as we always do but I for one, hate to hide my head in the sand like an Ostrich. I know that aside from the hate, there are many truths in what these devils are saying.

What is perception and why do Africans seem to always be ill-equipped to handle disasters?

Perception is defined as the process or state of being aware of something by way of one’s Senses. Alternative words for perception include; awareness and consciousness. Therefore, to say that a person lacks perception means that they do not process information well or they are not intelligent. When a person is described as being perceptive, it means that they are insightful, intuitive, and most of all; wise. We all know that Africans are very smart people so why does the rest of the world label Africans as not being perceptive?

Contrary to popular belief, famine is not caused by drought; famine is caused by lack of preparation. Drought is caused when a prolonged lack of precipitation (rainfall) results in a lack of vegetation growth. Human life depends on other life such as plants, animals, and insects. Without rain, all these lifeforms cannot exist in a region. Somalia is no stranger to droughts. The country is located in a region of Africa where rain might fall only a few times per year or not at all. When rain doesn’t fall for several years at a time, the situation is referred to as a drought.

The wise thing to do when you live in a drought-stricken region is to prepare for drought. People who live in cold climates call it “making Hay when the Sun shines”. In Somalia’s case, it would be stockpiling enough food for themselves and their animals in the rainy seasons. The truth of the matter is that Somalians have being doing that; however, several other factors are contribution to the famine this time. The real contributors of the famine in Somalia this time are Climate Change and prolonged Islamist sectarian Wars.

Black People Will Be Eating Lab Grown Meat Soon

lab grown meat

Black people will be eating lab grown meat soon. If you haven’t heard, the FDA has recently approved Lab Grown Meats as being safe for human consumption in the United States. This means that while most people will choose to avoid it because they either fear it or don’t like the idea of artificially sourced foods, it will be forced on Black people in covert ways. This is not conspiracy or a plan to kill off Black people; its just Capitalism at work.

Scientists have been experimenting with producing meats of various sorts in laboratories for decades. As the technology improved, so did the quality of the meat. The real breakthrough came with the introduction of Stem Cell Technology. Now scientists are able to grow large portions of meat that looks, feels, and tastes like real meat from animals. The only thing left now is to convince society that Lab Grown Meats are safe to eat.

Stem Cell Technology involves taking specific cells from the developing Embryo of an animal and growing those cells in a laboratory. Those cells will never grow into an animal because they are only the cells of the specific tissue of the animal, such as the muscles. As the cells grow and multiply, they are infused with proteins, fats, sugars, vitamins, and minerals. If you’re asking yourself; “what about the Blood that gives most meats a red color?” well, you can count on food dye for that.

Eating Lab Grown Meats might sound dangerous but society has been consuming Genetically altered foods for a very long time. GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) is the term that was given to foods that are grown after their DNA was altered. Such alterations are done to make foods either grow faster, grow in atypical environments, or more resistant to disease, pesticides, insects, and other pests. The top 6 GMO foods people eat and don’t realize are; Soy, Corn, Canola Oil, Sugar, and Milk so the next time you go to the grocery store, read the labels.

If you don’t want to eat Lab Grown Meats, what is the solution? Black people can avoid Lab Grown Meats by doing several things. The 1st solution is to read meat labels at the grocery store because, until LGM becomes widely accepted and consumed in society, white people will demand to know where and how it is sold. The 2nd solution involves giving up Fast Foods, which are often highly processed. That means that the meat they use contains a lot of fillers such as Fat and Soy.

The 3rd solution is to go Vegetarian, Vegan, or any one of the other labels given to people who don’t eat meat. The same vitamins and nutrients that are found in meats can also be found in most vegetables. All we have to do is get over the meat-loving propaganda that society constantly pushes. The 4th solution to avoiding the coming Lab Grown Meat agenda is to get into government and help to implement food policies in society.

There is a very good reason why most of the Black people who are in government don’t fight to change policies that they know will disproportionately affect the Black community. That reason is indifference. A good example of indifference can be observed in the American Hispanic community when it comes to Hispanic migrants. Most of them are fully on board with white supremacist policies to keep new Hispanic migrants out.

The #1 reason for their indifference is that they don’t want to jeopardize their own position as established Americans. This is the same reason why Black politicians don’t rock the boat. The 5th and most sensible solution to avoiding Lab Grown Meats is to set up food distribution networks with Black Farmers. This will require self-discipline, unity, and sacrifice but it could work.

The best example of a minority group of people controlling their food from the farm to the table are the Asians but while there are more Black farmers than Asian, there aren’t as many major Black-owned supermarkets. This forces Black farmers to conform to the regulations of the distribution networks. In other words, it means that if the distributors stop buying meat from Black farmers, they will be forced to cut or stop cattle farming.

Make no mistakes about it, Lab Grown Meats will find their way onto the breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates of Black Americans in a few months. Some Black people will avoid it, some will view it as a conspiracy and sign of Revelations, and some will stand in line for hours at McDonalds, Popeyes, KFC, and other fast-food joints waiting to get a taste of their new irresistible Lab Grown Meat Burgers. If you don’t want to eat Lab Grown Meat then start implementing your own evasive solutions now.

Afrakans are the most Genetically Advanced Humans

advanced african dna

Afrakans are the most genetically advanced humans. This is a scientific fact that most people don’t know about because schools don’t teach it, the news doesn’t spread it, and the information is not available to 99% of the population. The organizations that discovered this astonishing scientific fact have suppressed the widespread distribution of this information from the world for several reasons; the most crucial being the fact that it goes against the globally accepted scientific theory of Evolution.     

In the early 1990s, Geneticists from nine prominent universities around the world were assembled by the American Association for the Advancement of Science to work on a special project headed by Yale University. The Human Genome sequencing project was already well under way and new discoveries in DNA science were being made every day. The goal of this particular group was to take the new DNA discoveries and study the genetic differences between the racial groups of the world. In 1996 the organization patented and copywrited the group’s findings however, it was never publicized.    

Several years later, DR Edward Robinson, a Black research scientist stumbled upon the research document and discovered the shocking secret behind its suppression. DR Robinson pointed out that the document was clouded in scientific jargon so unless you are a Geneticist, you will never be able to understand it. Although he understood it, he took it to several other colleagues to confirm what he found. What he found was that the document revealed that Afrakans possessed the most advanced DNA of all the racial groups of the planet.

The document is called; Global Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium at the CD4 Locus and Modern Human Origins and it can be found here; 

DR Robinson then went on to research the Geneticists involved and the organization that employed them. He discovered that during their research in studying the DNA of the various races and cultures of the world, the Geneticists formulated a theory based on their preliminary findings, that different groups and races of people have small differences in their DNA. They found that although the different people of different races they tested all had 6 DNA series, the number of DNA within each Series is different. Whites have a particular number of DNA in a Series and Asians have a different number of DNA in a Series. They formulated a theory that the greater the number of DNA in a Series that exists within a group, it’s the smarter a person of that group has the potential to be and it’s the greater the probability of genius within people of that group.

Having blinders on that bound them to the scientific theory of Evolution, the Geneticists decided to test their new DNA Series theory by extrapolating it to include our nearest DNA relatives, Primates. They tested Orangutang DNA and found it only has 3 DNA series. They tested Gorilla DNA and found it has 4 DNA series. They tested Chimpanzee DNA, which is an Ape and found that it has 5 DNA series. At this point they were very happy because they already knew that Apes are smarter than Gorillas and Orangutangs and humans are way smarter than all of them.

The next step in the Geneticists research was to study the DNA of all the different races and cultural groups all across the world. They tested the DNA of Europeans from the English, French, and Germans over to the Russians and found they all had 6 DNA Series. They tested the DNA of all Asians, South Asians, Australians, and Polynesians and the results were the same. They tested the DNA of Native Americans from Eskimos in the north to the natives of South America and placed their findings from around the world on a map and called the map the “Intelligence map of the world”.

In all, they tested 116 different human groups and found their DNA series numbers. They found that all the groups from all over the world have 6 DNA series but when they finally went into Africa they were blown away because all the people of Sub-Saharan Africa (Afrakans) had 9 DNA series. It is important to note that Afrakans are different from North Africans, who originate from the Middle East and all have 6 DNA Series. The Geneticists were stunned so they concluded their research without presenting any new theory on the significance or importance of the number of DNA Series in determining the intelligence of racial groups.

We don’t have to guess why the findings that Sub-Saharans (Afrakans) have a significantly higher number of DNA Series than all the other racial groups of the world means. It threatens to disqualify the theory of human Evolution itself, which states that humans evolved from Primates. Evolutionary theorizes that Apes evolved into humans in Africa and other humans evolved from Afrakans. If the theory of Evolution is correct then how could Afrakans have a more advanced DNA structure than non-Afrakans?

DR. Edward Robinson gives his own theory on how such an anomaly is possible. He states that God made humans and placed them into the “Womb” that is Africa to develop into fully mature beings. Some humans left the womb too early so they never developed Melanin. Instead, their bodies compensated for their lack of Melanin by developing adaptations to suit the various environments they found themselves in. Those adaptations affected their physical as well as their emotional characteristics. According to him, this also answers the ago-old question of how Afrakans are able to survive the adversity of hundreds of years of slavery, colonization, and discrimination without completely collapsing as a race. Its because we have the psychological capacity to handle it, he states.  

I’m not a Geneticists but I can use my Afrakan Intelligence to extract common sense from knowledge that is presented to me. I do not ascribe to religion, Gods, or Evolutionary theory; therefore, I have my own opinion on why Afrakan DNA is more complex than other humans. Melanin is a hormone that protects the skin from the harsh effects of the Sun however, no matter how many generations white people live in Sub-Saharan Africa they will never develop Myelinated skin.  That is why North African Arabs still have pale skin after living on the African continent for centuries.

Afrakan DNA grew in complexity because we have a greater connection with the Spiritual essence of the Universe through our Pineal Gland. The Pineal Glands of people of other races are Calcified and a Calcified Pineal Gland cannot produce Melatonin properly. Melatonin is a hormone that repairs and enhances DNA. Melatonin does not necessarily make people smarter or we wouldn’t still be enslaved by the centuries of religious and cultural indoctrinations inflicted on us by other races. In fact, some of the smartest Afrakans still believe that a white God is their lord and savior. Melatonin simply makes us more resilient in the face of adversity.  

Afrakans can avoid DNA deterioration by maintaining de-Calcified Pineal Glands. This is achieved by reducing white-noise radiation, which are the artificial noise, light, and smells from technology. Avoid unethical religions and cults that steer our minds toward selfishness and the exploitation of other people. Avoid eating foods that are a pleasure to your taste but which are no good to the Cells of your body so they cause disease. Respect the importance of darkness, which is an essential condition in the Pineal Gland’s production of Melatonin. Sleep in complete darkness and void of other unconscious sensory stimulations.




History authenticates itself and reveals the fabricated fables and mystery. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the BLACK DIAMOND whose magnificent spark, no hands darkens it with the dark. “Any nation who abused and refused to pay homage to her genius leaders is a mere code for hackers to hack,” said by Osman Abraham Lincoln (Lincoln X). This axiom holds the front and back of the nation’s future and filled every crack.

     Osman Abraham Lincoln from Ghana, West / Africa has done it again. This time with the Spoken Word Poetry from his new Spoken Word Poetry Album called DANTABAN (THE CIRCLE WITHIN CIRCLES), paying the massive homage at the Temple of OSAGYEFO DR. KWAME NKRUMAH, the Man among mortal men. The title of the Spoken Word Poetry dedicated to Kwame Nkrumah is: THE MAN (KWAME NKRUMAH).
      As Kwame Nkrumah Birthday is on 21 September, let us use Lincoln X’s SPOKEN WORD POETRY (ANONWENE) to celebrate DR. KWAME NKRUMAH this year and the years ahead of us and posterity to come.
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Black History Month vs African Immigrants

Austin Chenge

Black History Month vs African immigrants, why does a disconnect exist. Also, why don’t most African immigrants feel that Black History is important considering the obvious whitewashing of not only American history but world history as well?

A few weeks ago, a candidate running to be governor of Michigan vowed to end Black History Month in the state if he is elected. His stance on Black History Month is not new as many white politicians have uttered similar views before. What is astonishing is the fact that he is a Black man of Nigerian heritage. His stance has caused an uproar among ADOS (American Descendants of Slaves) who feel that African immigrants are always disrespecting them.

There is no hiding the fact that the political climate in America has grown to become extremely volatile over the past ten or so years. The majority of Americans used to dwell near the center of the political spectrum. Now most have drifted towards opposite ends and guess which end most African immigrants have chosen to support. If you guessed the Right, you are correct and there are several reasons why, the number one reason being that Africans are blinded by religion. The cannot see that if it wasn’t for Liberal immigration policies white people wouldn’t let them into America in the first place. 

There are serious rumblings of a tribal war about to break out between ADOS and African immigrants over this and similar social issues which ADOS view as a pattern of disrespect towards them by African immigrants. Cooler heads must prevail because we are all familiar with the white man’s tactic of divide and rule. We must recognize that we are all coming from similar colonial circumstances. Ever since African countries began to gain their independence from colonial rule, the tactic of maintaining control over Africans have changed. You no longer see white heads of state and white soldiers, now you see missionaries and Aid workers.

The white man was once the most feared creature in many African countries. Not even the mighty Lion had the ability to strike fear in the hearts of Africans like him but now he is considered a savior. When tribes go to war against each other, he is there as the peace maker. When drought causes famine and millions of Africans starve, he is there with food. When poverty forces Africans into desperation and they risk their lives crossing Arab territory to get to Europe, he is there to help. Don’t think that all this help comes without a price though; the price is Christian indoctrination.

What happens when every good thing you know of in life, including religion, comes from the white man? The result is that you begin to believe that he was sent by your god to be your savior. When you luck-out and get a chance to immigrate to the great land of infinite riches and opportunity, you feel you owe a debt of psychological loyalty to the white man for being able to dwell among him because he must be chosen.

On the flip side, you become racially disconnected with ADOS because you feel that they are only suffering in America because they don’t appreciate the white man. Now you do your best to impress them by dressing up your children in stupid little Elf outfits and pose in front of a brightly lit Christmas tree as if to say, “Look, I am different from the unappreciative ADOS. I am loyal. Vote for me to be Governor and I will do your bidding.”

My intent is not to bash Africans, just to expose the unwise actions of some. This is only my opinion of why the animosity between Black Americans and African immigrants exist. I know that there are millions of Africans who sympathize with the struggles of Black Americans to gain respect as true Americans. There are also plenty of ADOS who are doing similar things to divide the race because they are also blinded by religion which they view as having precedence over racial unity.

All Black people, no matter our various nationalities, need to understand the importance of Black History Month because I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase, “A people without a history is like a Tree without roots.” History is not on our side so the more we allow others to manage our history, its the more our history is eroding away.  

How To Knock Out Your COVID-19 Fears

fruits of evil

How to knock-out your COVID-19 fears, lower your anxiety levels and gain renewed optimism about life in general. The HERU Interface is a new Afrakan Spiritual belief system that is helping Black people discover who they really are and what their true purpose as a human being is. This is essential information that will help us survive the challenges of this new age.

COVID-19 is a viral epidemic that the world has not experienced in generations. It has even been deemed a pandemic by the World Health Organization due to the fact that it has spread all around the world. Entire countries are being locked down and their citizens are being urged to stay in isolation to prevent spreading or becoming infected by the virus.

People’s fears and anxiety have risen to just below the level of panic and hysteria so governments are doing their best to maintain social order in their various countries. The primary cause of all the fear and anxiety is a general lack of knowledge about the virus, how it is spreading, and how to prevent contracting it. Second to that, most people are searching for ways to ease their fears and anxiety until the virus disappears.

As knowledge about the virus grows, people are becoming more equipped to fight it. “Fear of death”, is a human instinct that is actively warning individuals to not become too complacent or gullible about the severity of the sickness. In order to alleviate fear and anxiety, most people are turning to their various religions. Unfortunately, most religions in the world today are so senseless that they are literally dangerous to our health.

Religion is one of humanity’s most powerful creations. It is a belief that an all-powerful God is guiding the lives of humans therefore, that God deserves to be praised. The psychological effect of religious belief fosters many good behaviors in humans but it also causes many bad behaviors such as wars, hatred, and religious self righteousness, which leads to forced religious indoctrination.

The most dangerous behavior encouraged by religious belief is the reliance on Faith rather than Scientific Facts. In a time where we see entire nations being quarantined to prevent people from interacting with each other and spreading the virus, there are religious leaders who are encouraging their followers to gather in churches, mosques, and other places of worship because their faith in God will protect them.

If your Common Sense is pulling you away from the senseless behavior of religious people and you are seeking an alternative Spiritual belief system that is guaranteed to alleviate all the fears and anxiety you will ever have in life, I invite you to check out the HERU Interface. It is not a religion or cult since there is no membership to join. There is also no God, Idol, or Deity to worship, praise, or covet favor from. The HERU Interface is a new way of thinking and perceiving life.

Based on the acronym Highest Exponential Reasoning and Understanding, the HERU Interface encourages the active use of one’s Conscience to manage one’s Desires. Most people find this to be a difficult task due to the fact that we have been trained to function using a “survival of the fittest” mentality that encourages an all-out “pursuit of Happiness” but once you understand what you are, it becomes an easy task.

What are you?

You are the physical incarnation of a Spiritual omnipotent being. Every living organism has 3 distinct properties; physical, Soul, and Spirit. Your Physical body is a chemical structure that is born, grows to maturity, and dies. Your Soul is an energy field that is generated by your Spirit while it inhabits your body. Your Spirit is your omnipotent energy that also forms the collective intelligence that is the Universe.

Why do people not know what they are?

99% of people do not know what they are because one; they do not pay attention to their Spirit and two; they do not know the language of their Spirit. Its like walking in the jungle and hearing Birds chirping when in actuality, the chirping is the tribes people warning each other of your presence. Spirit is pure energy and energy can only communicate by manipulating energy. Spirit is the voice of your conscience or the strange dreams your have.

Since our Spirit cannot directly communicate with us, we exist at the will of life and are susceptible to whatever life throws at us. We could get killed at any time or we could live to be a hundred years old. We could get raped or be a rapist, a murderer, a drug addict, or anything that our Desires produce or other people subject us to. Even worse, you could die a victim of another Spiritual incarnation such as a wild animal or Corona-virus.

Not to get too confusing but yes, a Coronavirus, just like any other living organism is a physical manifestation of a Spirit. A virus is not an evil thing; we just perceive it as evil because it is incompatible with us so it endangers our health. Spirits are incapable of being evil. They simply incarnate in whatever organism life is producing and operate according to the instincts that the Great Spirit dictates the lifeforms to be.

It is therefore up to us as conscious beings to regulate the number of dangerous organisms’ life is producing so that life will be a beneficial experience for all our future incarnations in this realm, we call Life. Imagine if Life only produced Viruses, Life would be short lived and useless and it may never diversify and develop into complex organisms.

What is your purpose?

Your primary purpose as a living Soul is to experience Life for all its worth because your Soul reincarnates. In one life you could be poor and in another life you could be rich. In one life you could be a dog and in one life you could be a virus. Would you rather experience life as a human or a virus? Your secondary purpose therefore is to try to make life a better place for the next time you return.

There is a great awakening happening in the world. You can either learn how to join in this awakening or you can remain tied to the unfulfilling cycles of life. Remain tied to life and continue to comfort your fears with religion while you pursue happiness. You will never know any better but it wont matter because “ignorance is bliss”.

A better choice is to join the great awakening and be comforted by knowing that you are a Spirit that can never die. You can experience life over and over and experience increased joy each time but only if you begin to fight the devilish ways of unconscious people who are manipulating life in devilish ways to cause life to produce killer viruses like Covid-19.

Simply knowing the truth of your existence won’t help you unless you increase your knowledge about the world. Learn about the devilish ways of unconscious people and how to disarm them as you protect yourself against their evil ways. Their Soul is evil because of the state of life and not their Spirit so lets take the Bull that is life by the horn and steer it in a more ethical direction.

New Coronavirus Potentially More Deadly for the Black Communy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 6 months you should have heard about the New Coronavirus by now. The New Coronavirus is a deadly respiratory virus that so far has infected tens of thousands of people in China as well as dozens more in several countries around the world.

Roughly 200 people have been confirmed to have died from the virus while hundreds more are in critical condition in hospitals. All Black people need to become informed about the new coronavirus for several critical reasons.

The virus has no cure, it is highly contagious, and it can kill you before you even know you have it. We all need to increase our knowledge of this new Coronavirus in order to alleviate confusion and fear in the Black community.

Coronaviruses are not new; they were first recognized in humans in the 1960s and are recognized to cause minor respiratory ailments such as the Common Cold and the Flu. Biologists say Coronaviruses originate in animals and are harmless to humans in most cases however, in some rare cases some strains of Coronaviruses are deadly to us.

In the past 20 years the world has been impacted by two separate and deadly strains of Coronavirus. They were known as MERS and SARS and if you remember the fear and panic that they caused then you need to treat this new Coronavirus because unlike MERS and SARS, there are no vaccines or antiviral drugs that are approved for its prevention or treatment.

The World Health Organization or “WHO” for short, has declared the virus a public health emergency of international concern. This means that health ministries in all countries must inform their citizens about the virus as well as to take steps to prevent its potential spreading.

The WHO is also reporting that the new Coronavirus originated in Wuhan, China in illegal meat markets where wild animals are slaughtered and sold without inspections. Such meat markets are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses as well as to facilitate their transmission to humans.

The entire city of Wuhan has been quarantined by the Chinese government to prevent the virus from spreading. In various countries where the virus has been confirmed, those infected have also been hospitalized and quarantined.

All other people who have traveled to and from China in the past few months have been informed to undergo medical examinations to confirm that they are not carrying the Coronavirus.

In all crisis’s there are mischievous people who will take the opportunity to spread conspiracies, propaganda, and misinformation. Don’t be caught up in these types of unconsciousness behaviors by helping to spread fear and distrust in society.

For instance; some people in social media are already spreading conspiracies about the Corona virus saying that the virus cannot infect Black people or the virus is a man-made biological warfare tool designed to attack China.

These types of nonsense conspiracies take away from the fact that a lot of Chinese food vendors are operating using very unhygienic practices that need to be changed and brought up to global standards.

Instead of helping the Chinese to work on improving their overall health system, conspiracies will instill a victim mentality in them and reinforce the belief that foreigners have never liked their choices of food in the first place, such as eating Dogs, Cats, Snakes and even Bats.

Victim mentality is then being reinforced by the actions of racists people who are spreading racist propaganda about all Asians in the wake of the Corona virus.

The New Corona virus is potentially very deadly for Black communities. We don’t like to pay attention to the news, We don’t eat healthy, we depend on religious illusions to keep us safe, and we are very susceptible to misinformation and propaganda.

As you can all tell, this new respiratory virus is in the class of MERS and SARS, which killed thousands of people worldwide so don’t be fooled in thinking it cannot infect you. Increase your knowledge of the virus, pay attention to official news reports, and do not give life to conspiracies and propaganda. Be aware to stay safe.

How to Fight the Rise of Pandemics Such As COVID-19


New Afro-Conscious Social Network

Afro conscious social network

New Afro-Conscious Social Network

Afro-Conscious Media (ACM) has just launched a new Afro-Conscious Social Network website. The primary goal of our new social network is to provide a space for Black and Afrakan people of all cultures and nationalities to share their ideas, connect with others, and make new friends. The network’s secondary objective is to cultivate a narrative that will build and maintain Mental Consciousness to counteract the Spiritual, Educational, and Social digression of the Afrakan race.

Afro-Conscious Media is a Black owned organization that has been striving to build Awareness of Cultural, Political, Spiritual, Economic, and Social issues that are essential to our rise as self-determinate people on this Earth. We understand that as long as we continue to adopt the social beliefs of others, we will remain second-class and never develop the mental capacities to survive the challenges of an uncertain future. A future that is also largely being created by others.

In essence, Afro-Conscious is a space dedicated to Conscious Thought; it is not a space to promote things that cater to Desire such as; colorism, overt sexuality, or perversion as there are plenty of places already available to do that. We also strongly discourage the promoting of Scams, mental Manipulation, Cultism, and Consumerism, which are all forms of corrupt unethical thinking.

If you are not interested in self-improvement or increasing your awareness of the world around you then Afro-Conscious is not for you. Afro-Conscious encourages the building of Respect for cultural diversities as we are all one people, we just adopted the cultures of our colonial masters and have forgotten the respectful ways of our Afrakan ancestors.

Join us in building a strong Afro-Conscious community where we can learn and share new ideas, connect with others, and make new friends. Join Afro-Conscious

Man Punishes Lady for Stealing by Jamming Bottle into Her Vagina

Man Punishes Lady for Stealing by Jamming Bottle into Her Vagina

A Shocking video has drawn massive outrage on Nigerian Social Media with many calling for the Police to investigate and bring the culprits to book.

The video posted online by a Twitter User, “@shetti_official” shows a group of young men molesting an unclad lady by inserting an empty coca-cola bottle in her private parts.

According to eyewitness reports, the lady allegedly stole a mobile phone and the men decided to ‘punish’ her by carrying out the Dastard act.

Come on Black people. The levels of depravity we are witnessing on the continent has got to stop.

Source and video here