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What Is The Devil’s Reign?

Devil's reign

What is the “Devil’s Reign”? According to religion, the Devil’s Reign is the period of time that we are currently living in. It is a period of time/history where god gave the devil freedom to inflict death and destruction in the world to purge the non-believers from the true believers. That is why there is so much evil, death, and destruction in the world and the only way to be saved is through faith and righteousness. Nonsense!

God and the Devil are anthropomorphic representations of human behavior. God represents the good qualities produced by our Conscience and the Devil represents the bad qualities produced by our Wants and Desires. 

We think beyond religion and atheism therefore, although we don’t believe in a god, we are wiser than to believe that we don’t have a creator. Our creator is the abstract Pure Dark Energy that is the Universe. The concept of a god is a being that comes into a realm that already exists and creates things. For example; where did god exist before creation? 

We refer to our creator as the Great Spirit, which is a Mind of infinite proportions. It created the physical universe through a process we call the Dohgon Egg of Creation. Then it created lifeforms for one single purpose and that is to experience creation.      

The Great Spirit creates humans as empty vessels. At the instant of inception, the Great Spirit inserts a spark of energy into every human being. That spark of energy is known as our Soul and Soul energy begins to grow into maturity. Soul energy also generates a Conscience in humans, which regulates our Instincts.

Instincts are pre-programmed directives that help us navigate creation. They are; Desire, Fear of Death, Will to Live and Spiritual Inclination. Fear of death encourages us to protect our life, will to live encourages us to survive at all costs, desire encourages us to seek happiness, and spiritual inclination makes us believe that our lives are purposeful.  

Out of all the basic instincts, Spiritual inclination is probably the most important. It comforts our fears by maintaining a presence in our psyche. Over hundreds of thousands of years this Spiritual inclination is what we used to create gods.

As mentioned before, a god is an anthropomorphic (a physical character created to depicts an idea) representation of Goodness. First, we believed that powerful things in our environment such as Volcanoes, Thunder, Lightning, the Sun and the Moon had control over us.

In the next stage of our development, we created Idols and Deities for comfort and protection. We perceived that our Idols and Deities had power depending on the things that happened to us in daily life. Subsequently, we began to worship our Idols and Deities believing that our life could improve if we pleased them.

The third thing we did was to give our Idols and Deities moral authority over us. It was good in a way because morals that were once subjective (not easily agreed upon) became objective. Take the 10 Commandments for example. They are indisputable if we believe that they are dictated by a higher power.

Unfortunately, Idols and Deities were destroyed time after time, mostly through tribal conflicts. The period of Idols and Deities lasted until Hebrew Slaves in Egypt used Egyptian spiritual beliefs to create a Mystery God. The same mystery God that the Romans used to create Christianity and the Arabs Islam.

The Devil represents all bad things in life. He is a way to explain grief, sorrow, and sadness but most of all, he is a scapegoat for the unwanted fruits of our Desires. Desire is the opposite of Conscience and the key driver of human cognition.

Unfortunately, our Wants and Desires have overridden our Conscience so now we function primarily to feed our Desires in order to be Happy. This is the true Devil’s Reign and anyone can be a Devil; man, woman, black, or white. As long as you function without giving conscious thought to your actions; you are a devil. 

Actually, you are a servant of Life, which is a single conscious Entity. Life the Entity is on a quest to achieve Universal Awareness and all living things are its tools. Life will take you in any direction you Desire to go until death exhausts you. Then Life will simply recycle your physical essence and start over,   

The Devil’s reign is a world where everyone is functioning primarily to make themselves Happy without giving second thought to their actions or the feelings of other people but devil energy can be defeated. All you have to do is listen to your conscience and practice Fairness, Equity, and Accountability in your daily life.

Conscientious living is like a drop of water that exists for a short time before it eventually evaporates. But if that drop of water joins with other drops of water they will build a stream that gains the power to erode land and move mountains. Conscientious living can steer the collective consciousness of Life itself and evil will reign no more.

How Do We Fit Into This Precious Miraculous Life?

How do we fit into this precious miraculous Life? This is a question that is asked daily by people in search of clarity and meaning.

“Search”, because no thought is ever brought into reality without a purpose. “We”, meaning Humans because although we are a part of Life and have a certain level of self awareness our vision is not quite clear so we think ourselves unspecial and not a good “fit” for the reality we live.

How do we live? We live day-in and day-out preoccupied with finding Happiness. And until we die we persevere by faith (mostly the blind faith of religion or wishful thinking) hoping for a better tomorrow but each tomorrow we say the next day will be “the day” when Life makes us Happy by revealing the answers to all questions we ask.

What is Life? Life is an entity whose only mission is to survive. Life learns as it goes and so far it has learned that in order to survive it cannot be stagnant in an environment that is as harsh as the world it exists in. Life survives therefore by self preservation and through the acquisition of knowledge.

“We” Humans are the sharpest tools in Life’s kitchen. But while we are fully entrusted with acquiring knowledge for Life, we are not trusted with its preservation. Life protects itself from Human Free-Will by an installed safety-net called Conscience.

We are the most self aware of Life creations. We are driven by chemicals in our Brain that control our emotions. Emotional stability is to be content and contentment requires a certain level of happiness. Have you ever heard the term “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”? That term relates to the mission of Life itself.

A pursuit begins at a point of wanting which is perfect for the tools that Life equipped us with for its pursuit of knowledge and our pursuit of happiness. Life’s tools are Curiosity and Risk while ours are Want and Desire for Happiness.

Some might say that Life is lost because of the condition of Humanity but I don’t believe it is. I have seen a video of a Snake trying to eat its own tail. Without enough awareness we are like that snake. We never become aware that we are consuming our own tail because limited self awareness makes us act without forethought.

If you are seeking answers to the many questions you ask about your precious miraculous Life why don’t you ask Professor MOmOh, the man who knows everything.