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Spirituality and Empowerment in Free African American Women Writers | H-Announce

Northeast Modern Languages Association

Seminar Deadline extended until 10 07 18

Spirituality and Empowerment in Free African American Women Writers

This seminar explores antebellum African American women spiritual writers Jarena Lee, Zilpha Elaw and Rebecca Cox Jackson in the context of the fluid, intercultural and transatlantic religious movements of their era.  Their writing reflects both the opportunities and the limitations spirituality made available to free African American women during a period of radical religious populism between the 1820s and the Civil War. 

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Faith & Spirituality of Black Millennials Explored in Upcoming Documentary 'gOD-Talk'

According to Besheer Mohamed, a senior researcher at Pew, young adults of the African-American community are distinct from others in their …
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Creating a space for black millennials to discuss their spirituality

Like other African American millennials, Brown, 33, author of “Crystal Bliss: Attract Love. Feed Your Spirit. Manifest Your Dreams,” is charting her own …
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Philly’s 43rd Odunde Festival celebrates African spirituality and cultural connection : Community : WHYY

Ask most Philadelphians to name a holy place and the Schuylkill River is unlikely spring to mind.

But at the Odunde festival in South Philly on Sunday, that tributary of the Delaware became a kind of altar as practitioners of Ifa, a belief system related to the Yoruba religion of Nigeria, processed to the South Street Bridge where about a hundred people gathered to celebrate Osun, the river goddess, as a way to welcome the Yoruba new year.

Mostly wearing white and yellow dresses and tunics, their hair covered by colorful wraps, fedoras, and sunhats, the crowd sang and danced down South Street, led by the rhythm of drums and shekeres — West-African shakers made from gourds. After reciting prayers thanking Osun, small children, alongside grandparents and cousins, were…

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Nigerian chief speaks on African spirituality in Germantown | News

GERMANTOWN >> It is not every day that a West African chief speaks at a Northwest Philadelphia venue when he is town for speaking engagements at Temple University in North Philadelphia or in Center City.

That is why Ife Changa, of Germantown, made it a point to be at the lecture at the MKA Institute, 5535 Germantown Ave., Germantown, on a recent Tuesday evening. For her, hearing Nigerian Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon was one of the highlights of her 25-year journey exploring indigenous African faiths.

Changa readily admitted she has never been initiated into any particular African faith. She was first introduced to West African spirituality when her husband and her when to a traditional Haitian Voudon…

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African spirituality vs christianity

Africa South of Olupona, Jacob K. All of these religions are African derived religions having different names in different countries. If a man converted to Christianity, spiritual faith was not the only issue determining Oct 09, 2012 · The title of this post alone will put some branches of the Christian church …
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