Afrakans are the most Genetically Advanced Humans

advanced african dna

Afrakans are the most genetically advanced humans. This is a scientific fact that most people don’t know about because schools don’t teach it, the news doesn’t spread it, and the information is not available to 99% of the population. The organizations that discovered this astonishing scientific fact have suppressed the widespread distribution of this information from the world for several reasons; the most crucial being the fact that it goes against the globally accepted scientific theory of Evolution.     

In the early 1990s, Geneticists from nine prominent universities around the world were assembled by the American Association for the Advancement of Science to work on a special project headed by Yale University. The Human Genome sequencing project was already well under way and new discoveries in DNA science were being made every day. The goal of this particular group was to take the new DNA discoveries and study the genetic differences between the racial groups of the world. In 1996 the organization patented and copywrited the group’s findings however, it was never publicized.    

Several years later, DR Edward Robinson, a Black research scientist stumbled upon the research document and discovered the shocking secret behind its suppression. DR Robinson pointed out that the document was clouded in scientific jargon so unless you are a Geneticist, you will never be able to understand it. Although he understood it, he took it to several other colleagues to confirm what he found. What he found was that the document revealed that Afrakans possessed the most advanced DNA of all the racial groups of the planet.

The document is called; Global Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium at the CD4 Locus and Modern Human Origins and it can be found here; 

DR Robinson then went on to research the Geneticists involved and the organization that employed them. He discovered that during their research in studying the DNA of the various races and cultures of the world, the Geneticists formulated a theory based on their preliminary findings, that different groups and races of people have small differences in their DNA. They found that although the different people of different races they tested all had 6 DNA series, the number of DNA within each Series is different. Whites have a particular number of DNA in a Series and Asians have a different number of DNA in a Series. They formulated a theory that the greater the number of DNA in a Series that exists within a group, it’s the smarter a person of that group has the potential to be and it’s the greater the probability of genius within people of that group.

Having blinders on that bound them to the scientific theory of Evolution, the Geneticists decided to test their new DNA Series theory by extrapolating it to include our nearest DNA relatives, Primates. They tested Orangutang DNA and found it only has 3 DNA series. They tested Gorilla DNA and found it has 4 DNA series. They tested Chimpanzee DNA, which is an Ape and found that it has 5 DNA series. At this point they were very happy because they already knew that Apes are smarter than Gorillas and Orangutangs and humans are way smarter than all of them.

The next step in the Geneticists research was to study the DNA of all the different races and cultural groups all across the world. They tested the DNA of Europeans from the English, French, and Germans over to the Russians and found they all had 6 DNA Series. They tested the DNA of all Asians, South Asians, Australians, and Polynesians and the results were the same. They tested the DNA of Native Americans from Eskimos in the north to the natives of South America and placed their findings from around the world on a map and called the map the “Intelligence map of the world”.

In all, they tested 116 different human groups and found their DNA series numbers. They found that all the groups from all over the world have 6 DNA series but when they finally went into Africa they were blown away because all the people of Sub-Saharan Africa (Afrakans) had 9 DNA series. It is important to note that Afrakans are different from North Africans, who originate from the Middle East and all have 6 DNA Series. The Geneticists were stunned so they concluded their research without presenting any new theory on the significance or importance of the number of DNA Series in determining the intelligence of racial groups.

We don’t have to guess why the findings that Sub-Saharans (Afrakans) have a significantly higher number of DNA Series than all the other racial groups of the world means. It threatens to disqualify the theory of human Evolution itself, which states that humans evolved from Primates. Evolutionary theorizes that Apes evolved into humans in Africa and other humans evolved from Afrakans. If the theory of Evolution is correct then how could Afrakans have a more advanced DNA structure than non-Afrakans?

DR. Edward Robinson gives his own theory on how such an anomaly is possible. He states that God made humans and placed them into the “Womb” that is Africa to develop into fully mature beings. Some humans left the womb too early so they never developed Melanin. Instead, their bodies compensated for their lack of Melanin by developing adaptations to suit the various environments they found themselves in. Those adaptations affected their physical as well as their emotional characteristics. According to him, this also answers the ago-old question of how Afrakans are able to survive the adversity of hundreds of years of slavery, colonization, and discrimination without completely collapsing as a . Its because we have the psychological capacity to handle it, he states.  

I’m not a Geneticists but I can use my Afrakan Intelligence to extract common sense from knowledge that is presented to me. I do not ascribe to religion, , or Evolutionary theory; therefore, I have my own opinion on why Afrakan DNA is more complex than other humans. Melanin is a hormone that protects the skin from the harsh effects of the however, no matter how many generations white people live in Sub-Saharan Africa they will never develop Myelinated skin.  That is why North African Arabs still have pale skin after living on the African continent for centuries.

Afrakan DNA grew in complexity because we have a greater connection with the Spiritual essence of the through our Pineal Gland. The Pineal Glands of people of other races are Calcified and a Calcified Pineal Gland cannot produce Melatonin properly. Melatonin is a hormone that repairs and enhances DNA. Melatonin does not necessarily make people smarter or we wouldn’t still be enslaved by the centuries of religious and cultural indoctrinations inflicted on us by other races. In fact, some of the smartest Afrakans still believe that a white God is their lord and savior. Melatonin simply makes us more resilient in the face of adversity.  

Afrakans can avoid DNA deterioration by maintaining de-Calcified Pineal Glands. This is achieved by reducing white-noise radiation, which are the artificial noise, light, and smells from technology. Avoid religions and cults that steer our minds toward selfishness and the exploitation of other people. Avoid eating foods that are a pleasure to your taste but which are no good to the Cells of your body so they cause disease. the importance of darkness, which is an essential condition in the Pineal Gland’s production of Melatonin. Sleep in complete darkness and void of other unconscious sensory stimulations.


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