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Screen time vs. nature — ScienceDaily

Even rural kids today spend more time in front of screens and less time outdoors, according to a new study of middle-school students in South Carolina.

Researchers at North Carolina State University and Clemson University found that gaps between screen time and outdoor time were most pronounced for girls, African American students, and eighth graders.

“Middle school can be a turning point for many activities because priorities shift and young people’s lives become more and more structured. This often results in fewer opportunities for outdoor recreation,” says Lincoln Larson, assistant professor of parks, recreation and tourism management at NC State, and co-author of a journal article about the research. “This is a problem because connection to nature plays a positive role in young people’s…

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Nature up close: Back to Africa

By “Sunday Morning” contributing videographer Judy Lehmberg.

I’ve been singing John Denver’s “Leaving on a Jet Plane” for weeks in my head. “I’m leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again.” Well, actually I do; I’ve got two whole months in South Africa and Kenya — seven weeks in Kruger National Park, South Africa, and then 10 days in Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

In the early 1970s my father’s company got a contract to do the infrastructure for South African television. He spent most of those years in South Africa, and even married a South African woman. A little over a year after I graduated from college, he asked me if I would like to come live with them in Johannesburg. Oh my gosh, yes! Just before Christmas of 1975 I found myself quitting a great teaching job and packing…

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Black Nature: Four Centuries of African American Nature Poetry (9780820334318): Camille T. Dungy, Elizabeth Alexand…

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Three Poachers Are Eaten By Lions At South African Nature Reserve

A group of poachers who broke into a nature reserve in South Africa to hunt for rhinos have been attacked and eaten by a pride of lions.

It wasn’t long ago that the body of David Baloyi was found in Mozambique after he was devoured by the predators and now the MailOnline reports that the same has happened to at least three illegal hunters.

The gang were attempting to slaughter a herd rhinos for their horns but came off second best at the Sibuya Game Reserve near Kenton-on-Sea, South Africa.

It has been reported that a head and other body parts were recovered from the area on Tuesday (July 3), along with three pairs of shoes.

A vet was required to tranquilise six lions so that police could go inside and recover the remains.

Staff at the nature reserve also found high powered hunting rifles with…

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The nature and function of African traditional sculpture

By Job Joy

 African sculpture takes many forms and offers huge insights into the cultures and tribal community from whence it came.

African sculptures are most often figurative, representing the human form and fashioned primarily from wood, but it can also be stylized, abstracted and carved from stone. It can span centuries and be as ancient as the advent of tools. It can also be as modern as right now, today, where it is lauded and appreciated as contemporary art form.

Traditional or tribal African sculpture typically may be religious or spiritual in nature, dealing primarily with the human form and sometimes animals or mythical objects. They show creative spirits and skills that exhibit good balance, craftsmanship, and attention to detail and finishing – an essence of design that…

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The changing nature of India’s Lines Of Credit to Africa

The many success stories of Indian LOC funded projects, which has been welcomed positively by Africa, indicates the point that African countries have over the years remained the primary beneficiary of Indian development assistance through LOCs.

Source: Solar Electric Light Fund — Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Africa’s centrality in India’s foreign policy initiatives has consolidated over the years, primarily driven by economic interests and the quest for international recognition. Indian efforts to contribute developmentally to Africa have lately come to the forefront of its policy engagement with these countries with a promise to become more central in the years to come.

India has a long-standing development cooperation policy. Four main techniques embody India’s development cooperation,…

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