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Kenyan Cult Pastor Kills Dozens of His Followers

A Kenyan cult pastor is believed to be responsible for the deaths of dozens of his followers. Police have so far dug up 21 bodies, which includes men, women, and children and are investigating the disappearance of 58 more of his followers. The pastor, who operated a Christian church in the coastal town of Malindi for several years was taken into custody but was released pending further investigation. However, it is alleged that the followers died of starvation after being instructed by the pastor that they could meet and talk to Jesus but only after a period of extreme fasting.

This is very sad news, which unfortunately is not unusual in Africa or anywhere in the world where organized religions are practiced. I will boldly state that all religions are nothing more than cults. Some are more extreme than others but all serve the same purpose, which is to decieve. Most religious people are trained to become so faithful to their religions that they will die not knowing that they were deceived by Demons. That is why evil persists in this world. If you don’t want to be deceived by cult pastors and lose your Soul to demons, this is what you need to do.  

Demons love Black and African people because we are the most Spiritually aware people on Earth. The #1 reason for our spirituality is because we have the most active Pineal Glands, which harnesses Spiritual energy from the universe and turns it into Melatonin to heal and enhance our physical bodies. We were the first humans to permutate from the spiritual to the physical realm to inhabit this Earth. Unfortunately, due to our own unaccountable behaviors, we produced offspring whose souls cannot return to the spiritual realm after death so they’re stranded in the Grey Zone and remain here as ghosts. Stronger ghosts develop into Demons.  

Most people believe in a Devil but just like there is no God, there is also no Devil. Instead, what exists are millions of demons who live off the energy of the living and work 24/7 to corrupt us so that our Souls will become trapped in the Grey Zone just like them. Demons appeal to our Desires for sexual pleasure, riches, and power. Most of all, Demons thrive off sadness and despair but since they cannot directly tell people to do evil, they focus on maintaining bad energy levels around people who have weak Consciences.

The best way to avoid being deceived by a demon, such as the pastor in Kenya, is to understand that you don’t need to compete to go to heaven. Heaven is actually an illusion that was invented by ancient religious philosophers who were trying to control and maintain power in society using Fear. The God of religion is also an illusion that shares more characteristics with demons than the actual creator of life and the universe. The true creator of life and the universe is the Great Spirit, which requires no praise or competition for its favor because that is not what existence is about.  

People are physical representations of omnipotent Spirits and life is simply a realm in which our Spirit sends a portion of its energy into for experience. When Spiritual energy reacts with living tissue, Soul energy is created. Soul energy grows when we pay attention to our Conscience, which is the energy of the Great Spirit reacting with our Soul energy. Conscience encourages us to live morally and Ethically with nature and other people.

Two things can happen to our Soul energy when our physical body dies. 1) If our Soul is strong, it will return to the Universe to become one with our Spirit. If our Soul wants to return to life, our Spirit will arrange to reincarnate it into life again. 2) If our Soul is weak, it will get trapped in the Grey Zone and either fade into obscurity or seek to live off the energy of people as a ghost or demon.

The Kenyan pastor who encouraged his followers to kill themselves was definitely possessed by demons. He encouraged his followers to do something that he hadn’t done. That is a deception that was done for the single purpose of taking their money. When we fall victim to cults, all we are doing is filling up the Grey Zone and increasing evil on Earth. It’s time to abandon the senseless practices of coveting the favor of Gods, chasing Desires, and living Unethically. The only way to change this world is to start living Conscientiously.

Searching for a Black Identity

Black Hebrew

Are you a Black person searching for an identity? This is a message to all Spiritual non-religious Black people; if a belief isnt ethical, leave it alone.

A lot of Black people refuse to examine reality in a critical way. As a result, they’ve chosen to live according to unethical ideologies and fragment themselves based on religion, ethnicity, and nationality. If you do not wish to rely on unethical religious and spiritual ideologies to comfort your existence and you value your indigenous African ancestry then don’t subscribe to Unethical religious beliefs; you will end up crucified like Kanye and Kyrie.

There is an increasing number of Black people who are calling themselves Negro Hebrews. The Black Jews or Negro Hebrews, subscribe to the belief that a god created them to be his chosen people. Unfortunately, they also believe that their God has been punishing them over the past 2000 years because of their own disobedience. By the way, this kind of thinking is a common victim mentality crutch that people develop to comfort their status while they search for redemption from their God. All people who’ve created Gods or worship Idols do the same thing.

Similar to the Moors and the Indigenous Black Americans, the Negro Hebrews claim that they are not Africans though they once inhabited parts of Africa in the past when God drove them out of Israel into exile. Then as part of further punishment they ended up as slaves in America. Damn; What an unethical God they must have! There are three primary reasons why a lot of Black people think like the Negro Hebrews. Those reasons are due to ignorance, Desire dependency, and manipulation by Ghosts and Demons.

Recently, we’ve seen the consequences of a couple of prominent people sympathizing with the plight of the Negro Hebrews by attacking the people who control Judaism. Kanye West and Kyre Irving are currently hanging on sacrificial crosses with the Blood of their courage, which is their money, slowly draining out. They will remain crucified on those crosses as examples of what will happen to Black people who don’t know their place. Some people are hailing them as heroes but we know that they are unwise because wisdom is based on a formula.

Dohgon professor Momoh thought us that the formula for Wisdom is Knowledge divided by Understanding. The problem with most people’s Understanding is that although they might gain excessive amounts of knowledge, they cannot gain Wisdom from it because they don’t know how Understanding works. In order to Understand things, you first need to understand how your own Brain and Mind works. Specifically; how your Hormones (Brain) control your Behavior (Mind) but before we can understand our Brain and Mind we first need to understand the source of our cration.

Dohgon Spirituality teaches that the true creator of Life is the Great Spirit that is the Abstract Pure Dark Energy of the universe. It not a God because it does not create things to gain praise and obedience from its creations. The Great Spirit simply creates lifeforms so that it can experience physical existence. The best way for the Great Spirit to experience existence is to occupy its creations. The Spiritual energy that occupies some living things, such as animals and humans, creates a Soul within them.

Souls develop into individual abstract entities that take on a variety of different personas. If a Soul is developed with good ethical energy, it may join the energy of the Great Spirit and reincarnate into physical reality limitless times or it may attach itself to other people to help develop that person’s Soul. If a Soul develops with bad unethical energy, it may die along with its physical host or it may also live on by attaching its energy to another living person. In essence, that bad Soul will help to corrupt another living person.

People’s minds function in two states, which are Desire and Conscience. Conscience is the force of the Great Spirit acting on the Human Soul. Desire is the force of Life acting on the Human Soul. These two forces are supposed to be balanced and that state of balance is known as unconditional Love. Ghosts and Demons cannot directly affect Human Conscience but they can affect Human Desire. Therefore, the way they corrupt Human Conscience is by encouraging Human Desire. Enhancing Human Desire tips the Mind into Desire Dependency.

Desire Dependency corrupts Human Conscience allowing Ideology and Inequity to override Truth, Ethics, and Morality. People will then struggle to treat each other using Fairness, Equity, and Accountability. Some people might say, “well Religion does all those things”. No, they don’t. Religion only encourages those things among the people of a particular religion. People outside of the religion are either shunned or initiated into an indoctrination regime.

We are not afraid of being crucified but we will never do it to sacrifice our Souls to Ghosts, Demons, or unethical Gods. We know that Ghosts and Demons cannot destroy our Souls because our Spirits exist above the level of those entities. We also know that our mission in this life is an Ethical one. It is to rebalance existence by encouraging enough Black people to use their Conscience as much as they can.  In the mean-time, Black people can avoid being crucified like the Negro Hebrew by abandoning the belief in unethical Gods. When we think ethically and pay respect to your African ancestors, we will attract good Souls who will repel the Soul-destroying energy of Ghosts and Demons.

Afrakans are the most Genetically Advanced Humans

advanced african dna

Afrakans are the most genetically advanced humans. This is a scientific fact that most people don’t know about because schools don’t teach it, the news doesn’t spread it, and the information is not available to 99% of the population. The organizations that discovered this astonishing scientific fact have suppressed the widespread distribution of this information from the world for several reasons; the most crucial being the fact that it goes against the globally accepted scientific theory of Evolution.     

In the early 1990s, Geneticists from nine prominent universities around the world were assembled by the American Association for the Advancement of Science to work on a special project headed by Yale University. The Human Genome sequencing project was already well under way and new discoveries in DNA science were being made every day. The goal of this particular group was to take the new DNA discoveries and study the genetic differences between the racial groups of the world. In 1996 the organization patented and copywrited the group’s findings however, it was never publicized.    

Several years later, DR Edward Robinson, a Black research scientist stumbled upon the research document and discovered the shocking secret behind its suppression. DR Robinson pointed out that the document was clouded in scientific jargon so unless you are a Geneticist, you will never be able to understand it. Although he understood it, he took it to several other colleagues to confirm what he found. What he found was that the document revealed that Afrakans possessed the most advanced DNA of all the racial groups of the planet.

The document is called; Global Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium at the CD4 Locus and Modern Human Origins and it can be found here; www.nature.com/articles/5201368 

DR Robinson then went on to research the Geneticists involved and the organization that employed them. He discovered that during their research in studying the DNA of the various races and cultures of the world, the Geneticists formulated a theory based on their preliminary findings, that different groups and races of people have small differences in their DNA. They found that although the different people of different races they tested all had 6 DNA series, the number of DNA within each Series is different. Whites have a particular number of DNA in a Series and Asians have a different number of DNA in a Series. They formulated a theory that the greater the number of DNA in a Series that exists within a group, it’s the smarter a person of that group has the potential to be and it’s the greater the probability of genius within people of that group.

Having blinders on that bound them to the scientific theory of Evolution, the Geneticists decided to test their new DNA Series theory by extrapolating it to include our nearest DNA relatives, Primates. They tested Orangutang DNA and found it only has 3 DNA series. They tested Gorilla DNA and found it has 4 DNA series. They tested Chimpanzee DNA, which is an Ape and found that it has 5 DNA series. At this point they were very happy because they already knew that Apes are smarter than Gorillas and Orangutangs and humans are way smarter than all of them.

The next step in the Geneticists research was to study the DNA of all the different races and cultural groups all across the world. They tested the DNA of Europeans from the English, French, and Germans over to the Russians and found they all had 6 DNA Series. They tested the DNA of all Asians, South Asians, Australians, and Polynesians and the results were the same. They tested the DNA of Native Americans from Eskimos in the north to the natives of South America and placed their findings from around the world on a map and called the map the “Intelligence map of the world”.

In all, they tested 116 different human groups and found their DNA series numbers. They found that all the groups from all over the world have 6 DNA series but when they finally went into Africa they were blown away because all the people of Sub-Saharan Africa (Afrakans) had 9 DNA series. It is important to note that Afrakans are different from North Africans, who originate from the Middle East and all have 6 DNA Series. The Geneticists were stunned so they concluded their research without presenting any new theory on the significance or importance of the number of DNA Series in determining the intelligence of racial groups.

We don’t have to guess why the findings that Sub-Saharans (Afrakans) have a significantly higher number of DNA Series than all the other racial groups of the world means. It threatens to disqualify the theory of human Evolution itself, which states that humans evolved from Primates. Evolutionary theorizes that Apes evolved into humans in Africa and other humans evolved from Afrakans. If the theory of Evolution is correct then how could Afrakans have a more advanced DNA structure than non-Afrakans?

DR. Edward Robinson gives his own theory on how such an anomaly is possible. He states that God made humans and placed them into the “Womb” that is Africa to develop into fully mature beings. Some humans left the womb too early so they never developed Melanin. Instead, their bodies compensated for their lack of Melanin by developing adaptations to suit the various environments they found themselves in. Those adaptations affected their physical as well as their emotional characteristics. According to him, this also answers the ago-old question of how Afrakans are able to survive the adversity of hundreds of years of slavery, colonization, and discrimination without completely collapsing as a race. Its because we have the psychological capacity to handle it, he states.  

I’m not a Geneticists but I can use my Afrakan Intelligence to extract common sense from knowledge that is presented to me. I do not ascribe to religion, Gods, or Evolutionary theory; therefore, I have my own opinion on why Afrakan DNA is more complex than other humans. Melanin is a hormone that protects the skin from the harsh effects of the Sun however, no matter how many generations white people live in Sub-Saharan Africa they will never develop Myelinated skin.  That is why North African Arabs still have pale skin after living on the African continent for centuries.

Afrakan DNA grew in complexity because we have a greater connection with the Spiritual essence of the Universe through our Pineal Gland. The Pineal Glands of people of other races are Calcified and a Calcified Pineal Gland cannot produce Melatonin properly. Melatonin is a hormone that repairs and enhances DNA. Melatonin does not necessarily make people smarter or we wouldn’t still be enslaved by the centuries of religious and cultural indoctrinations inflicted on us by other races. In fact, some of the smartest Afrakans still believe that a white God is their lord and savior. Melatonin simply makes us more resilient in the face of adversity.  

Afrakans can avoid DNA deterioration by maintaining de-Calcified Pineal Glands. This is achieved by reducing white-noise radiation, which are the artificial noise, light, and smells from technology. Avoid unethical religions and cults that steer our minds toward selfishness and the exploitation of other people. Avoid eating foods that are a pleasure to your taste but which are no good to the Cells of your body so they cause disease. Respect the importance of darkness, which is an essential condition in the Pineal Gland’s production of Melatonin. Sleep in complete darkness and void of other unconscious sensory stimulations.


The Black Consciousness Revolution Will Be Televised

black consciousness revolution

The Black Consciousness revolution will be televised and white supremacists will not be able to do a damn thing about it. That is because media will always be a tool to help us gain unity through social organizing. Every conscious minded Black and Afrakan person on Earth will know that they are physical incarnations of omnipotent Spirits whose purpose here on Earth is to wrestle the cognition of the Life entity away from the evil ones and steer it in a more ethical direction in order to make this realm a better place.

I’m sure that most people have heard the popular statement, “the Revolution will not be televised”. It is the title of a song by Gil Scot Heron in which he states that the Black struggle for liberty will not be broadcasted on TV or Newspapers because there will be no commercial benefit in it for them. Furthermore, commercial media is run by oppressors who will not allow people to see, gain sympathy, or become inspired by the initiatives that are taking place during the Black consciousness revolution.

Unfortunately, in the 1980s Gill Scot Heron did not foresee the diversification of the media and how it will be taken out of the control of the elite. Technology took the music industry out of the hands of big corporations and it has taken the telling of history away from racists. In time, the revolution for Black liberty will be televised 24/7 because broadcasting will not need commercial sponsorship.

Humans are social creatures therefore communication will always be our best method of socializing. When one method gets locked another one will emerge until we learn to regain the psychic abilities of our ancestors. Mass communicating through Television is no different from communicating through telekinesis, they both involve using coded waves of energy. When the oppressors banned the revolution from TV and Newspapers, the Internet and Social Media emerged to fill the void. Now their TV stations and Newspapers all all losing money and going bankrupt.

Eventually, they will ban us from Social Media but we will find other mediums to spread our messages to burn the fog of Ideology from Black people’s minds because too many of our people are still sleeping. We know that this world is supernatural, that is why 99% of us believe in Gods, Angels, and Demons. The only problem is that most of us have lost our way and have become mentally enslaved by religions, cults and the survival of the fittest for the sake of happiness prerogative of popular culture.

As a result, many of us are fighting to become better Christians, Muslims, Jews, and Buddhists than those who created those religions. We are also willing to fight to the death to defend the comforts that maintain our happiness as a form of mental slavery. Many of us will become like the white supremacists who attacked the United States Congress on January 6th, 2021 because many of us also believe that our oppression is caused by the grand deceptions of the Elite. Do you see that even their revolution, no matter how stupid and hypocritical it is, is being televised? Wake up to the truth!

The truth is that Life is a single conscious entity that is on a quest to achieve universal awareness. When we tell people this, most still don’t understand what we mean but picture a flock of birds flying in the sky or a school of fish swimming in the Ocean. They twist and turn in all directions in perfect co-ordination but how do they know why or where to turn? The answer is that they are simply following the crowd. If the leader makes a mistake and flies into the engine of an airplane, all of them will die because their independent thought was temporarily compromised.

This flock mentality is a consciousness all on its own and since humans are social creatures, we have also developed a flock or crowd mentality. We use our crowd mentality for comfort, security and survival. This crowd mentality in humans is known as humanism while the flock mentality for all of life is what I refer to as the Life Entity. All life is connected through an invisible but intelligent energy field, from the smallest Amoeba, Plants, Insects, Animals, and Humans.

Black people, we must shed our self-destructive mentality that we developed when Life defaulter our consciousness into survival mode and we sought happiness in all forms of unethical ways. We must learn to harness communication in all its various forms so that we may develop a super consciousness based on fairness, equity, and accountability. Only then will we be able to also harness and steer the consciousness of the behemoth that is Life.

Justice for Breonna Taylor Railroaded by House Nigger Syndrome

house nigger syndrome

Justice for Breonna Taylor has been railroaded by House Nigger Syndrome. The failure by Kentucky’s Black Attorney General to lay charges against police officers in her killing is proof that Black lives don’t matter and it is also just another example of why Black racial respect will always languish at the bottom of society even when we gain the power to make important changes ourselves.

Breonna Taylor was a bright, vibrant, and ambitious young Black woman who had everything going for her before her life was untimely snuffed out by three out-of-control Cowboy Police officers. The three officers broke into her apartment while executing a no-knock warrant in search of illicit Drugs as well as her ex-boyfriend, whom she not only broke up with long before but was already in Police custody.

Breonna’s current boyfriend, who was with her in her apartment thought they were being burglarized so he fired a warning shot to scare the intruders. The three Police officers then opened fire like they were engaged in a fire-fight in Iraq, shooting Breonna at least 6 times. After the smoke cleared and Breonna laid dying, the three officers offered her no first-aid and did not call for Ambulance assistance. Breonna subsequently died like a Dog.

The injustice over the killing of Breonna Taylor began immediately as the police department went into cover-up and subversion mode. First, they tried to say her death was the fault of her boyfriend for firing on the officers then they attempted to get her ex-boyfriend to implicate her as an accomplice in his drug dealing activities. The final injustice came a few days ago when after more than six months of pressure from the Black community to lay charges against the officers, Kentucky’s Attorney General, a Black man himself, announced that the officers will face no criminal charges.

What is House Nigger Syndrome?

House Nigger Syndrome refers to a derogatory mental condition in the Slavery history of America. The term would not have come about if the slaves who were chosen to work inside the houses of the masters did not change their own behaviors toward other slaves, better known as “Field Slaves”. To be fair, there were also other slaves who were labelled as House Slaves due to animosity over the fact that they were mixed bastard children of white masters but the first kind is more important to this discussion. Over hundreds of years of slavery, house slaves became mentally different from field slaves; intentionally by masters and personally by the privileges they grew accustomed to having.

The free-will of slaves were broken by force first then kindness second, similar to breaking a Horse. House slaves were further indoctrinated to be loyal. They practiced the religion of their masters because it encouraged subservience as well as passivity.  Masters felt safe in leaving their Plantations on business because their house slaves would protect their property and family as well as keep a list of field slaves who got out of line when the master wasn’t around.

Today’s house slave is known as a House Nigger. He gains all the personal power of those of a white person but because he has been trained to believe that the white way is the only way he doesn’t consider his Race in anything he does. In fact, he only knows that he is Black when he looks in the mirror. He believes that Black people are suffering because they refuse to accept Jesus or when a Christian experiences racism or police brutality its because its Gods will. Even worse, when they are killed at the hands of racists or other acts of evil, they forgive without seeking retribution.

Now, lets analyze the mentality of Kentucky’s Black Attorney General to see if he fits the bill of a House Nigger. In his press conference, the Attorney General stated that “They” meaning those seeking Justice for Breonna Taylor, do not understand Kentucky. What the F does that mean? Did he mean that since crime and violence are rampant in some areas of Kentucky, the jobs of Police officers are so stressful that they should get a pass? Or does he mean that Kentucky is an old southern traditional state where Black people have been so well trained to give authority a pass that he himself cannot do the right thing for fear of being lynched.

I believe that it is the second reason. He loves his job, his white wife, and he also has ambitions of running for political office so he doesn’t want to jeopardize any of them. Therefore, he has completely glossed over the facts of the case in order to please white Kentuckians, in effect railroading justice for Breonna Taylor.

Beware of Cultists


Beware of Cultists; they are unconscious, unethical, deceivers and killers. They not only perform animal sacrifice for self-ingratiation, they also use all forms of trickery to exploit innocent and gullible people for money and/or body parts which they will either sell or use in rituals to try to make themselves or their clients stronger, richer, or satisfied with their services. Black consciousness does not support occultism because occultism is based on desire driven practices designed to extract favor from abstract entities.

Cultism comes in many forms and has existed within societies globally since the beginning of recorded time. Cultism is a ritualistic practice in which individuals, groups, and even entire cultures attempt to covet favor from the idols and abstract entities they create for comfort, protection, and favor. We don’t deny that abstract entities exist but fortunately for humanity, our man-made abstract entities are not as powerful as the abstract entities that control Life and the Universe.

The HERU interface recognizes several abstract entities however, we neither idolize or worship any of them. We simply respect the ethical ones and ignore the desire driven ones to avoid giving them power. The first and most important abstract entity is the Great Spirit that created the universe and everything in it. The Great Spirit does not require our obedience but it actively influences us through our Conscience. Simply put, the Great Spirit is a Mind and it is what encourages humans to think consciously.

The next and exponentially less powerful abstract entity is Life. Life is the collective awareness of every living organism in the universe. Life was created by the Great Spirit, however upon gaining consciousness, Life began a quest to attain universal awareness simply because it wants to know what it is. Life drives it incarnations using several mechanisms, the most powerful of which are desire and fear of death.

The following two abstract entities are also made by the Great Spirit. They are Spirits and Ghosts. Spirits are the omnipotent energies of former living Souls. A Soul is the energy field generated by a single lifeform. Souls either transform into Spirits or Ghosts depending on the weight of their Conscience. Ancient Egyptians believes that the Heart was Conscience but Conscience is a property of one’s entire Soul. Ghosts therefore are immature Souls who remain trapped on Earth after a lifeform dies.

Gods and Devils are the next abstract entities and both are man-made. Gods are either abstract or physical idols that humans have created for comfort, courage, perseverance, and strength. In other words, gods give humans a sense of purpose to our otherwise meaningless lives. Most Gods have been good for humanity, specifically the mystery god of the Jews which the Romans adopted and transformed into Christianity. Numerous cultures now practice the perceived moral principles of their Gods through their various religions.

Unfortunately, the mechanisms of the Life entity acting within all humans, are too strong for most religious leaders so they become corrupted by Desire to over-exaggerate what their god desires of them or they begin to exploit people in the name of their gods by raping children, extorting and robing money to enrich themselves. If you didn’t get it yet, Desire is the mechanism that is getting mis-represented as the other man made abstract entity; the Devil. After all, it is only human nature to blame someone else for our own faults.

There are many evil entities but the collective evil energy humanity creates is the entity that is referred to as the Devil. The Devil represents all the bad and undesirable aspects of existence. Although the Devil is abstract its energy has become an influential force by way of the bad energies we feed it in daily life and through occult practices. That is because evil energy is a contagious disease. When one person does evil to another person evil energy is also generated in the other person, especially when they have substituted true Spirituality with a god. In essence, doing good to others produces goodwill among men while doing evil produces an overall evil society.

The Devil is also responsible for humanity’s ignorance of the Great Spirit. The Devil is not a very powerful entity since it is man-made, however evil energy traps the human mind into relying on ideology and the mechanisms of Life; namely Desire rather than Truth. In such a condition the mind twists life into a (pursuit of Happiness) whereby we live to quench our Desires for sex, money, beauty, heaven, and ultimately a paradise in death next to our imaginary gods. 

Occultists are ignorant of the dangers of engaging with abstract entities and the mechanisms of Life. All they know is that certain ritual practices seem to work in their favor. They work because Ghosts and Evil entities are attaching entities that use humans to enter and manipulate the physical world. This is the reason why we as Black people have such a hard time progressing in life. We are victims of evil therefore we self-hate and perpetuate evil throughout our communities. We use Desire Dependency to destroy our women sexually and emotionally and our women reciprocate the favor by hating us, hating themselves, and corrupting our children.

father kills own son for money ritual

In many areas of Africa today cultism is running rampant. Innocent men, women, and children are becoming victims of ritual practicing thugs who terrorize entire communities. Average men and women are turning to cultists to try to get themselves out of impoverished conditions while some others simply do it for greed. Decades ago we used to only hear of cases involving Albino people being targeted by ritualists for their genitals but today the situation has gotten a thousand times worse. Cultists have taken what used to be the tribal ritual sacrifices of animals such as chickens and goats to a new level where not even innocent children are safe from harm. One man was arrested recently when neighbors discovered that he had killed his own son and dismembered him to sell to ritualists for money.

In another case, a Nigerian pastor was arrested by police in the killing of a 19-year-old lady for money ritual. In his confession, blamed his actions on the Devil and his quest to solve poverty that had bedeviled his family for years. He explained that he had decided to give ritual practice a try after learning occult ritual techniques from an acquaintance. He visited several graves in the area and exhumed three corpses which he then used to prepare concoction in order to attract money to no avail.

The failure of those concoctions made the pastor desire a fresh human sacrifice which he thought would be more effective. He and another accomplice then kidnapped a 19-year-old woman. They took turns raping her and after they killed her, they also took turns sleeping with her dead body. They then cut her head, fingers and toes off, ground up the fingers and toes to mix concoctions to drink. They buried her body but kept her head which they licked and kissed every morning expecting an inflow of money. All they got was arrested by the police.

Black Conscious minded people need to acknowledge and understand the forces that affect reality so that we may avoid being either taken advantage of or killed by Cultist Devil worshipers. Cultists worship Desire and Desire is a mechanism of Life therefore what they are unknowingly doing is trying to trap your soul in the grey zone of Ghosts ad Demons, never allowing you to transit to the Spiritual realm where they cannot go.

What is the HERU Interface?

HERU Interface

What is the HERU Interface?

The Heru Interface is a new operating system for human consciousness. An interface is a bridge between two platforms or devices that facilitates communication and interaction. For that reason, an interface can be considered an operating system. Common interfaces for operating computers are Windows and Mac OS. Common operating systems for understanding life and reality are religion and science.

The word HERU is an acronym that stands for Highest Exponential Reasoning and Understanding. It is an acronym that was defined by Professor Momoh of the Dohgon University of Thought. It is such a fitting description for how to use your Mind to control your Brain that we have adapted it as a moniker for our cause.

The word Heru is synonymous with the “Eye of Heru” symbol that has become a pop culture icon. From TV network icons to body art, the Eye of Heru is recognized and admired universally as a symbol of knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Without true wisdom, its use is purely one-dimensional however.

The word Heru is also a translation for the Greek word Horus. Heru was a protector god in Egyptian mythology. He was symbolically depicted as a man with a Falcon’s head. Falcons are predator birds that roam high in the sky and possess very sharp vision to spot the smallest prey on the ground. They were therefore characterized as being “all-seeing”.

In order for something to be “all seeing” it has to possess universal awareness. Unfortunately, there is no entity that knows everything except the Great Spirit that created the Universe. We do not recognize that spirit as god because all gods are limited by the ideologies that describe them. Gods also require praise and obedience while the Great Spirit requires nothing.

We recognize the Great Spirit as abstract Pure Dark Energy. Science also recognizes it (in part) as the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum. It cannot exist in the physical world but it acts to regulate and manipulate it. Simply put, the Great Spirit is a Mind. It transforms its abstract energy into physical matter through a special process that is defined in Dohgon Science.

The Carbon core of Stars are portals between physical and abstract realms. The Great Spirit first created the Elements and Life then through Life it created Humans. Humans and some other aspects of Life exist as a Duality because we are both physical and Abstract. We can tap into the Great Spirit using the energy generated by electricity passing between nerve endings in our Brains. That energy creates the Electro-Magnetic field we call our Minds.

At some time in its existence Life switched from simply existing to a pursuit of Universal Awareness. Life is using every tool at its disposal to achieve its ultimate goal including sacrificing parts of itself. Life is bound to the physical therefore it can only manipulate by physical means using Mechanisms centered on Desire.

The only reward for Human activity is Happiness, which is facilitated by the hormone Dopamine. That is why all human activity is now centered around a constant Pursuit of Happiness to the point of Addiction and death. We want and desire beauty, pleasure, wealth, prosperity, good health, and ultimately to live forever.

The Great Spirit is active within us in the form of Conscience, which is the only balance for Desire. Conscience transforms Desire into Love by inducing brain cells to produce Oxytocin alongside Dopamine. Conscience also encourages Fairness, Equity, and Accountability in the human psyche.

The pillars of Conscience are the foundation of true Black Consciousness. You can never be too Conscious but you can be Desire Dependent, which means that you are a servant to Life. In such a condition your Mind is ruled by the Desires of Life. You will want and desire unnatural beauty, sexual pleasure, power, and anything else that gets your Dopamine flowing.

The Heru Interface is a new way of thinking and perceiving the world. It encourages people to think consciously instead of unconsciously. Unethical thinking is a byproduct of the mechanisms of life but since we are bound to Life we need to help Life to flourish and grow in an ethical way instead of in the corrupt and unethical ways we are witnessing today.