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Morgan Stanley Prevails in Dismissing Class-Action Discrimination Suit

December 3, 2018

A federal judge in New York City has granted Morgan Stanley’s motion to dismiss a purported class-action lawsuit alleging discrimination in the way the firm allocated accounts to African Americans and women.

U.S. Circuit Judge Richard Sullivan acknowledged the “potentially-far-reaching consequences” for African Americans of the ‘serious” allegations, but ruled that three of the seven named plaintiffs in “Kathy Frazier et al versus Morgan Stanley” are required by their…

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Former TX Fire Cadet Files Discrimination Suit Against City

Nov. 03–A former Austin fire cadet has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the city of Austin arguing that the Austin Fire Department’s academy evaluated him unfairly because of his race and set up obstacles to make him quit.

Former cadet Damon Easter, who is black, was terminated in November 2016. The lawsuit claims that the Fire Department “steadfastly put up road blocks in an attempt to make his academy experience so difficult that he would quit.”

City officials said the reason was “a pattern of poor performance,” the lawsuit says. Interim Fire Chief Tom Dodds said he is aware of the lawsuit but the Fire Department does not discuss ongoing litigation.

Easter had joined the Austin Fire Department as part of a 2014 consent decree between the Austin Fire…

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Former employee files discrimination lawsuit against Wright museum

Detroit — A lawsuit has been filed against the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History in Detroit, by a former employee who claims he …
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Study: Hiring discrimination against African-Americans has not changed since 1989

“Since 1989, whites receive on average 36% more callbacks than African Americans, and 24% more callbacks than Latinos,” the researchers from …
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Asian Americans Suffer the Most from Racial Discrimination, Study Finds

Further analyses broke the results down by race to gain additional insights.

Surprisingly, African Americans were the least affected by racial discrimination across the three domains.

To explain this finding, the paper offers that due to a more heavily entrenched history of oppression in America, African American parents, and the community at large, engage in greater socialization efforts to prepare their children for racism compared to Asian and Latino families.

This rings true, at least anecdotally, for many Asian and Latino Americans, whose first-generation immigrant parents arrived in the country with hopeful hearts and the promises of the American dream firmly ingrained; in these households, racism tends to be an uncommon topic.

Perhaps for this reason, alongside the “perpetual foreigner”…

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Oregon Airbnb discrimination suit can proceed, judge rules

An Oregon class action lawsuit that alleges Airbnb allows discrimination against black users can move forward, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

The lawsuit contends the vacation rental website, which connects homeowners with travelers looking to rent a room, allows the homeowners to discriminate by requiring would-be guests to register with their full name and a photograph.

Attorneys representing three African American women argue the policy violates the Oregon Public Accommodations Act. The decades-old law prohibits restaurants, hotels and other businesses from turning people away based on characteristics including race.

Airbnb moved to dismiss the case, saying the women, who refuse to use Airbnb until it changes its photograph policy, haven’t proven discrimination. It also argues the…

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