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Trump Voters Think Men Face More Discrimination Than Women, LGBT People, And African Americans, Survey Finds

The results of the poll also point to an increasingly polarized electorate.

In a wide-ranging survey conducted by YouGov and the Economist, a large chunk of Donald Trump voters said that men in America face more discrimination than women, LGBT people, African Americans, or people belonging to other minority groups.

The poll surveyed a total of 1,500 American adults, asking them a wide range of questions from their views on issues of national importance to the performance of Trump as well as that of the key people in his administration. The survey also included questions which pointed to what Americans think of Trump’s temperament, his ideology, and whether or not they approve of the decisions he has taken over the course of his nearly…

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READ THE DOCUMENT: JB Pritzker campaign workers file lawsuit alleging racial discrimination …

The lawsuit filed Tuesday alleges that African-American and Latino campaign staffers "are herded into race-specific positions where they are expected …
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Kanye West, Kim K and the Link between Racial Discrimination among African American Women

Superstar rap artist, producer and fashion guru Kanye West is known across the globe. As an artist he has crushed billboard charts, dating back to older albums like College Dropoutand the Graduation. He has produced hits for many powerhouse artists like Mariah Carey and Little Wayne. If you ever have an extra $1,000 or more to spend, you have a shot to land one of the most coveted shoes on the market, The Yeezys designed by Kanye and made by Adidas.

West is also married to reality television and actress, Kim Kardashian. West who is No stranger to controversies and criticisms, his wife has her on set of critics, steaming from her marriage to West, body implants and demeanor that some say, closely resemble that of African American. Growing up rich and multi racial, many argue she could not…

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Sioux City's first African-American teacher talks candidly about struggles and discrimination

SIOUX CITY — When Evelyn (Walker) Freeman walked into her Lincoln Elementary School third grade classroom in 1955, she knew how significant it …
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Southington included in lawsuit alleging housing discrimination by Liberty Bank

The center found “that Liberty Bank had the widest racial lending disparities in refinance denials for African-American and Latinex applicants …
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Changing the rules of the game: Sean Donaldson on discrimination in sports | Sports


Sean Donaldson

Sean Donaldson, middle, answers questions from locals following his presentation. 

On Tuesday, Ames Public Library welcomed…

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