RASHIDA STROBER – The World’s 1st Dark Skin Activist

is the first to bring dark skin to the internet and . She is the reason anyone on any platform speaks about dark skin. is the woman who made skin an issue by creating the science of dark skin activism in 1998. She was the first to bring dark skin to the internet in 2009. went viral reaching millions in 2015 with her commentary on Kendrick Lamar. She is the originator of commentary of men who discriminate against dark skin women. Afterwards, she was hated for speaking unapologetically on darkism, even receiving death threats. People said ‘ what the is a dark skin activist”? People ridiculed Rashida for calling herself “,” yet  today many emulate her, never giving credit, but the fact remains, the first and only dark skin activist, put dark skin on the map.  has been robbed and stolen from by many so please be sure to credit her as the source for anything you get from this website. She thanks you kindly.

Her main website is at http://www.darkskinisbeautifulcampaign.com/bio

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