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Black Consciousness vs Black Liberation

black thought

Black Consciousness vs Black Liberation; what is the difference and which one is best for Black people? We believe that both are important and go hand in hand but without Black Consciousness Black Liberation is a completely useless endeavor. Here is why.

The vast majority of Black people who are waking up, abandoning religion and the system of popular culture are seeking Black liberation. Like the constitutional motto of the United States declares, Black people want “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Unfortunately, they realized long ago that that motto was not meant for them because while other races eat from the table of opportunity, they have to fight for the scraps that fall off.

Our struggle therefore has to go one step further. We have to unify socially, politically, and economically if we are ever going to be able to get a seat at the table of equal opportunity. In the past, our leaders have tried to unify us using many tactics. They have tried to get us informed and educated by creating black colleges, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations. They have tried to unify us with religion and social organizations. They have tried to empower us by creating Black owned businesses for us to build wealth in our communities.

Our leaders have also tried to increase our political power by encouraging us to vote and get involved in the political process. We can’t say none of that has worked, however we still find ourselves struggling to be respected as human beings. We believe that our failures are based on our general level of consciousness as to reality and how the world works. In other words, we will never achieve Black Liberation until we focus on how to become truly conscious Black people.   

Black consciousness is an active process by which Black people are using their conscience as a motivator to gain mental strength. Mental strength involves increasing one’s self-discipline and self-motivational abilities. With the strengthening of those qualities a black person can then go about improving their personal health and the health of their communities by gaining knowledge of self, their history, and how the world works.

Without knowledge of self and self-discipline, Black Liberation is just a wishful mental and physical pursuit in which Black people are trying to gain freedom from government oversight so that we can expedite our own destruction. We may hate the government and police but we all know that if they didn’t exist all hell would break loose. Racism is still a big factor because without true racial unity, they will continue to do what they want to us without consequence. They don’t respect us because from the way we kill each other, they know we don’t respect ourselves.

Our young men want to be liberated to smoke weed and get high all day as well as impregnate as many women as they want without taking care of their children. Our young women want to be liberated to destroy their skin with bleaching creams, butt implants, and hair chemicals because it will be nobody’s business but their own. Their primary source of making money will be in catering to the various desires of their peers such as selling drugs, prostitution, and partying. As long as we don’t understand that our two primary mental states are Desire and Conscience we will continue to degenerate as a race.   

Take the example of predominantly Black societies in many areas of the world. Common people are in constant disputes against authority. To us, authority always seems to represent oppression and while colonialism has played a huge role, colonialism is fading while crime, violence, and corruption is on the rise. It is disappointing to witness because building productive societies will always require some level of oversight. The only way that Black societies will be able to successfully function in this new age is to raise the level of consciousness of the people within the society.

The HERU Interface’s participation in the struggle for Black Liberation is through Black Consciousness and Consciousness is about self-improvement. We are not coons are self-haters who blame ourselves wholeheartedly for our own condition. We also make no apologies for the white man’s continued racism, discrimination, and oppression of Black people worldwide. We are proud Black Afrakan people who will continue to fight for liberation by targeting the consciences of all races including our own.

Black Is Not Beautiful

beautiful black women

Black is not beautiful. Beauty is a mechanism which is a tool that the Life Entity uses through Desire to encourage its creations to reproduce. Most people fail to understand this so they allow their psyche to be driven by their senses, which results in self-hate and self-destructiveness. People hung up on beauty can be classified as being Desire Dependent. Afrakans must conquer this mechanism, our psychological stability depends on it.

A mechanism is an intentional process in which an action is performed in order to produce a desired outcome. Mechanisms can exist in all aspects of reality. They can be mechanical, physical, chemical, or abstract. Beauty is an abstract mechanism, which means that beauty is subjective and whatever the characteristics that determine beauty are in relation to race and culture, they all provide the same purpose to Life. Therefore, beauty is a tool that works best when people are unconscious and desire dependent.

We know that beauty is a mechanism because we recognize that Life is a single conscious entity. It is the collective awareness of every living organism on Earth and it is in full pursuit of universal awareness. Humans function in reality using our senses. Our senses react to stimuli from the outside world and feed the information to our Brain for processing. Some stimulations trigger the release of Dopamine in our brain to produce a sensation of pleasure. Memories of strong stimulation from such things as beauty, music, drugs, sex, and even food build up in our memory banks. If we cannot experience these things over and over again, we use our memories to satisfy our desires in times of Want.

The main reason why people cannot see that beauty is a mechanism is because they either operate using religion or popular culture. Religious people do not recognize beauty as a mechanism because they view beauty as a gift from their god. Secular society cannot recognize the mechanism because people are trained to believe that “life is what it is”. They believe that people have to learn to accept their looks and develop their own psychological crutches. At the same time, they are also trained by pop culture to celebrate and admire others who win the “beauty lottery” at birth or through the good genes.

A very popular saying insists that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” but is it? All races are susceptible to desire fulfillment based on beauty. However, some physical characteristics that one race may consider attractive may not be considered attractive in another race. Beauty can also be cross-racial and cross-cultural. As races naturally interact with each other, race mixing will occur; sometimes out of curiosity but mostly because of desire manipulation. If left unchecked the physical characteristics that determine one race from another will eventually become indistinguishable. Some people may say that is a good thing for race relations but is it?

In a perfect world race mixing based on desire and beauty wouldn’t be a problem but this is an imperfect world we live in. People are actively engaging in racial prejudice and racial genocide every minute of the day in every country on the face of the Earth. If AfRAkan people are not conscious about preserving our racial identity we will definitely go extinct as a race. Colonization has already been responsible for the widespread rape and unwanted siring of mixed breed Black people all throughout the Americas and the Afrakan continent. 

Furthermore, through multiculturalism, the unconscious among us are engaging in cultural and racial genocide. Their life is theirs to live of course. On one hand they are right but, in many cases, they are only seeking to breed with the dominant race because they think it will produce “better” offspring able to compete in the dominant race’s unethical culture. Some others are even attempting to diminish their blackness by bleaching their skin, installing weaves and wigs to hide their natural hair, or getting surgeries to diminish their noses, lips, and high cheek bones. They become like the oppressor, self-absorbed and vain believing that they are better than others.  

All this focus on unnatural beauty has created a condition we call Desire Dependency in Black people. Desire dependency is a condition that creates numerous psychological problems for us because the ideals of beauty are Eurocentric. Without a strong conscience Black people who live by religion and secular culture have become susceptible to desire and because others control popular culture and the tools to manipulate it, such as money and information, they also have power over your emotions. Beauty as a mechanism is not an existential problem for the Life entity therefore Black people are left to manage our psychological problems ourselves.

Fortunately, there are still Black Conscious AfRAkans who, though they might not recognize the intricate workings of Life, value their racial identity. They use mind over matter to rebuke the desire manipulations of popular culture. They maintain pride in their dark skin, their kinky hair, and their unique physical features. They are unknowingly fighting back against the mechanisms of Life but their actions are key to the overall Black Consciousness movement.

Black women and man; We are not insects who are easily attracted to colorful plants. We have advanced cognitive abilities which we need to use if we truly desire to escape the mechanisms of Life and the manipulations of popular culture. We must make a conscious effort to love ourselves; it’s the only way to return our youth to valuing the qualities of the Afrakan race and it is one of the ways of ultimately preserving our longevity.

Black is not beautiful; Black is powerful, electric, magnetic, capable, compelling, dominant, dynamic, energetic, impressive, influential, potent, robust, and mighty.

Desire Dependency and its Detrimental Effects in Black Communities

desire dependency

Desire dependency is a condition in which the thoughts and actions of a person are dictated by their Senses and not their Mind. While some desire dependent people may still be able use their mind in some capacity they cannot consciously override the hormones that their Senses induce as a reaction to stimuli. In essence they become addicted to feeling good; some by using drugs and others by engaging in behaviors they know are bad but that will satisfy their need to feel good.

Life is a conscious entity that uses mechanisms to achieve its goals. Like Life, Humans were created by the Spirit of the Universe to exist in a state of balance with joy and contentment. The mental facilitator of such a condition is Melatonin. However, as Life endures hardships it relies on another facilitator called Serotonin. Both are hormones or neuro-transmitters that trigger the production and release of Dopamine in the brain which makes humans either experience the sensation of “joy” and/or “Happiness”.

Humans have the ability to consciously regulate or override the release of Dopamine in our Brains. We can do so by weighing the consequences of our actions (conscience) as we experience them. Love is one measure of desire that helps us determine if we desire one thing more than another. Desire dependency occurs when humans become slaves to feeling happy. In other words; desire dependency is an addiction.

All humans function with a certain level of dependency and use different reward mechanisms to achieve happiness. Some humans use money and power to feel happy and some feel happy helping others. Black people who kill and destroy society are desire dependent addicts. They are desire dependent because they put their own happiness over the emotions of other people and the preservation of Life itself. It is a dilemma for Life but, Life works on a slow wavelength genetically. It is slow to recognize problems and also slow to correct them but since humans are a part of life we can actively correct problems.

The only problem with humanity correcting the problems it faces is that humanity does not recognize that Life is a conscious entity (a god). Humanity functions independent of Life by ideology because they lack awareness of Life as an entity. They think that humanity is everything so they create systems to support their beliefs such as religion and superstition.  When these humans kill by way of war, greed, exploitation, and ignorance they excuse it as “self preservation”.

How did Black people get so desire dependent that it drives us to engage in self destructive behaviors? The reasons are several but the basic reasons have to do with religion, culture, and education. Religion is used as a tool to keep people in line by guilt and morality. Culture functions best when it induces people to pursue happiness and uses education to support sub-systems that feed ideologies around religion and culture.

Black people who are successful within these systems are usually super religious or deeply embedded professions that prop up the main culture. They compromise their racial identity to fit in or create new classifications for themselves because they want to be seen as other (New Black, Dark White). All these things are due to desire dependency but they never consider that life could be different because they are too busy trying to fit in.

The Black people who are seen as low-lifes in society are the drug dealing murderers, the drug addicts, the self destructive welfare mothers, and the non-child support paying fathers who have 6 children with 6 different women. These are the people who have become tools to the mechanisms of Life without knowing it. Drugs take the place of internal hormones by artificially releasing Dopamine into the brain. Drug dealers feed on addicts by supplying their need to feel good and will murder men women and children as they compete to make money to also feel good in society.

Men who have multiple children are also tools to a sinister mechanism in Life. Sex also releases Dopamine so men who are addicted to sex perform a natural function for the reward of feeling manlier about themselves. They fool unsuspecting women who are looking for comfort (also to feel good) into having sex. These men often form relationships with women for one thing (sex) but after the women get too serious or get pregnant they leave. Some women will even try to use pregnancy as a tool to trap men in relationships but it often doesn’t work. They end up depressed and lonely then try to improve their appearance by way of skin bleaching, hair weaving, and surgery to attract someone else.

It’s a wicked system of unknowingly helping Life to learn and grow while satisfying ones desires. The only way to break out of desire dependency is to recognize the mechanisms in Life and use them to our advantage. We may come to the realization that Life doesn’t really care about us since its using so many mechanisms against us but that’s not true. We are Life so what Life does is instinctual until we become conscious enough to take control. Recognize that the ultimate reward for helping Life will be to exist forever in Spirit form.

Black People Will Only Survive With A New Way Of Thinking

Observation: Never discredit Religion. The psychology behind it is very important.

History reveals that religion is greatly responsible for civilizing the most violent race of people in the history of the planet; the Caucasian. How, and what has that got to do with Black people, you might be asking?

Religion acts on the human conscience to build moral fiber and strengthen self discipline to control desire. Remember the phrase; “The lord is my Sheppard. I shall not want”? Early philosophers realized that “want” is the human Achilles heel and it can be controlled through fear while a greater desire is coveted.

Through the Middle Ages religion was perfected by the Kings and Priests of Europe and used to control their populations as well as to conquer and colonize most of the other races on the planet. Today the physical shackles are long gone while the mental shackles are slowly fading away. Black people are still being killed by Europeans in great numbers however, the vast majority of us are being killed by our own Black brothers and sisters. We have become the replacement killers.

It is evident that while religion civilized Europeans to a great extent certain unethical traits still remain. Black people also realized long ago that the love, harmony, and idealism that religion promotes is limited. The faithful are still hanging on but many Black, especially the young are abandoning religion in record numbers. This has proven to be detrimental to the race because there is nothing to control the “wanting” that is a driving force of Life.

Without self discipline a lot of Black youth have become so Desire Dependent that their morals are nonexistent. They have become drug addicts, prostitutes, con artists, and downright killers. For desire Black women sacrifice their bodies with silicone, bleaching creams, and hair extensions. Most inner city streets have become war zones with Black people scared to come out of their homes because of other Black people.

So what is the solution; a new religion? No, the solution is not a new religion. We have tried other religions but while some have helped our self discipline they are flawed because they hold Blacks subservient to their own version of illusionary gods. Black people will only survive with a new way of thinking and percieving the world. This new way of thinking must help us to conquer the desire in us by helping us to control our own minds.

We need to realize that all desires are generated by chemicals our Brain that are produces by sensory stimulation. We love music which is based on Hearing. We desire beauty which is based on Sight. We crave food which is based on Taste and Smell. We lust for sex because it is the epitome of Touch. There is also a sixth sense called intuition which is developed by learning to concentrate (control and unify the senses). At the height of intuition you can actually prognosticate (predict outcomes).

Professor MoMoh, operator of the Dohgon University of Thought teaches how to concentrate to open your 3rd eye. Once you learn how to control your own Mind you will no longer need religion to comfort your disconnection from the Spirit of the universe.

Only Foolish Black People Bleach Their Skin

Only foolish Black people bleach their skin! That’s right. We don’t care what the excuse is;

“I’m not happy”
“I have bad skin”
“I can do what I want, it’s my body”

You are foolish because you haven’t taken the time to understand why you are Black. Instead you allow your mind to be enslaved by desires of a false reality. That is why joy will be fleeting for you and you will die only happy in the folly of your ignorance.

How many Black people know that they are the original Humans, the only true source of pure Human DNA? Not many. Instead they believe what others tell them that they were created by some Santa Claus looking man called God or they evolved from Monkeys. Not many Black people know that they were specifically designed by the intelligence of the Universe, 99% of which exists in and is rich with Pure Dark Energy Waves.

Pure Dark Energy Waves is the essence or either of the Universe. It sustains us by entering our Minds at night through our Pineal Glands to produce hormones that function to regulate our Brain and Body functions. Those hormones also have healing properties that repair our Cells at the DNA level. Every Cell in our bodies function in darkness but since most Black people have been fooled by others into worshiping Light they have become blinded by the Light and think that in order to live Light is all they need.

The more you are fooled by the Light (physical Light, not the symbolism for knowledge) it’s the more foolish you will become. Your minds will become further isolated from the healing Energies of the Universe like them and you will continue to compensate by relying on religious fantasies that hold you subservient to them because it is their creation. You will continue to hate yourself because you wish to be white like them.

You are foolish because you believe that Time and Tide is linear which means that others control you and it will never change therefore, the only way to fit in is to become like them mentally and physically. The Black man has become a slave to this desire and lusts for the white woman. The Black woman thinks that in order to compete against the white woman they have to bleach their skin. Both Black men and women come up with all sorts of excuses for their skin bleaching foolishness.

Black people, stop the madness of bleaching, whitening, and lightening your skin and have some pride in your race. You had civilizations long before any other race of people. In fact, those other races of people once had to come to you to learn how to become civilized. Any knowledgeable Black person who takes pride in his or her heritage would never try to change what the Universe gave them therefore only foolish Black people bleach their skin.