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Israeli leader visits Africa to restore relations with Chad | World


JERUSALEM  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the central African nation of Chad on Sunday to officially restore relations after nearly 50 years.

The visit and official announcement marked a milestone in Netanyahu’s recent policy of seeking out new allies among developing countries that have historically sided with the Palestinians at the United Nations and other international forums.

The visit comes after Chad’s President Idriss Deby visited Jerusalem in November during which the leaders discussed cooperation in agriculture, counterterrorism, border protection and technology. Netanyahu hailed what he called a “historic and important breakthrough” with the Muslim-majority country that borders Libya and Sudan.

“Israel is making inroads into the Islamic…

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Coups and murder: the sinister world of apartheid’s secret mercenaries | World news

Keith Maxwell, the self-declared “commodore” of the South African Institute for Maritime Research (SAIMR), liked to dress up on special occasions in the garish costume of a 18th-century admiral, with a three-cornered hat, brass buttons and a cutlass. Ordinary members of his organisation were expected to show up in crisp naval whites.

Gathered together in upmarket restaurants, or the quiet of the Wemmer Pan naval base in south-central Johannesburg, they had the air of eccentric history buffs. Maxwell talked about the group’s roots in a Napoleonic-era treasure-hunting syndicate, and told outsiders it was still focused on deep-sea exploration.

But appearances were deceptive. Beneath the bizarre trappings lurked a powerful mercenary outfit that members claim was entwined with the apartheid…

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‘Why African fashion will take over the world’ – Daily Trust

Dennis Osadebe is a talented Nigerian designer who is Chairman, D&D Clothing. He started off as a movie producer, then ventured into the construction industry and later D&D Travels and Tourism agency in Dubai. But with the growing trend of fashion in 2018, he turned his attention to fashion and set up D&D Clothing and Tailoring with the main office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Here, he talks about his clothing line and more. Excerpts:


What inspired the birth of the D&D fashion brand?

The fashion industry has always been my passion, I am a fashionista and that’s the main reason why, amongst many businesses, I chose D&D Clothing to specially focus on. After successful runways in Africa, Europe and the USA, D&D Clothing became popular and recognized in Africa and all over the world. I…

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African Union Cites ‘Serious Doubts’, Urges Delay to Final Congo Election Result | World News

President of Chad Idriss Deby talks to Republic of the Congo President Denis Sassou Nguesso during the High Level Consultation Meetings of Heads of State and Government on the situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia January 17, 2019. REUTERS/Tiksa NegeriReuters

By Aaron Maasho and Giulia Paravicini

ADDIS ABABA/KINSHASA (Reuters) – The African Union on Thursday called on Democratic Republic of Congo to suspend the release of the final results of its disputed presidential election due to its doubts over the provisional results.

The rare move from the group injects fresh uncertainty into the post-election process, which was meant to usher in the country’s first democratic transfer of power in 59 years of independence, but has been…

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African Union calls on DRC to delay election announcement | World news

The African Union has issued a surprise last-minute demand for the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s government to suspend the announcement of final results of the deeply disputed presidential election.

DRC’s constitutional court is poised to rule as early as Friday on a challenge filed by the election’s declared runner-up. Martin Fayulu has requested a recount, alleging fraud.

In a statement released late on Thursday, the AU said there were “serious doubts” over the outcome, and said heads of state and government agreed to “urgently dispatch” a high-level delegation to DRC with “the view to reaching a consensus on a way out of the post-electoral crisis”.

“The heads of state and government attending the meeting concluded that there were serious doubts on the conformity…

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African bloc urges world to respect DRC election process

A grouping of African states is urging the international community to respect Democratic Republic of Congo’s sovereignty and legal processes as its constitutional court is set to rule on a challenge to the presidential election results.

The statement also urges calm and comes after leaders in the Southern African Development Community met on Thursday on the disputed vote.

The declared runner-up, Martin Fayulu, filed a court challenge asking for a recount and accuses outgoing President Joseph Kabila of making a backroom deal with the declared winner, opposition leader Felix Tshisekedi.

The court could rule as early as Friday and is full of Kabila appointees.

Pressure from African nations is seen as having more of an impact on DRC’s government, which was annoyed by Western pressure during more than…

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