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Why Are People So Stressed?


Why are people so stressed?

We get stressed because we are very poor managers of our own thoughts. We allow our minds to wonder and dwell on meaningless or irrelevant things. The result is poor mental management skills. We are not saying that we have to stay engaged 24/7. What we are saying is that we need to know how to keep our minds fit in order to reduce stress. Our bodies react on the DNA level to everything we do. Therefore, stress is the result of hormonal abnormalities caused by us. When we allow our focus and concentration levels to diminish the result is lack of patience. Lack of patience produces anxiety and stress. Here are some of the reasons why we lack good mental management skills and how you can address them:

0. Poor CONCENTRATION; This is the major cause of mental mismanagement because we lack the continuous flow of ideas that make our thoughts complete. Think of this as a Muslim who has been on a fast all day. He breaks fast, yet he has not enough to eat in one sitting. He eats a little of something, then a few minutes later, his wife gets him a little of another something to eat, and so on. This person may need about 10 or more of these little bits of servings to satisfy his hunger. Under these circumstances, you know this Muslim will be edgy and discontent.

So, how do we CONCENTRATE? First, we have to know the neurotransmitter that makes us concentrate. Melatonin is that neurotransmitter. Melatonin has to be the Muslim’s wife. If you lack a good supply of this neurotransmitter, you will never Concentrate effectively because your serotonin production will consistently trigger one memory to override the present memory in use. Then another memory will get excited and overpower the one that overrode the first one. This is why your friends call you a scatter brain. How do you increase your Melatonin production? Dohgon Wonder Wheels and Dohgon COUNT are how!

1.Lack of PATIENCE “Haste makes waste!” Remember, whenever you do things in haste, you are not just wasting resources, you are also wasting your own efforts. A wasted effort manifests when we suffer from ERROR Catastrophes. These errors occur at the DNA level, meaning that our neural systems are not allowing enough Melatonin to be transmitted through cellular cytoplasm. This makes us anxious, and with anxiety comes stress. Also, with anxiety comes poor neural communications, and this affects us externally with what we hear, touch, smell, taste and see. A stressful person can never make a good manager. Those who force their way into leadership positions, are the ones who terrorize others into submission.

2. Poor FOCUS If your focus is poor, you will become a bad planner because you cannot even define what you are planning. If your planning is haphazard, how can you develop procedures and processes to execute the plan? When you start to see your failings open widely in front of you, you’d become so stressed as you scold yourself in HINDSIGHT about your illogical thinking conditions.

So, how do you improve your focus? You can improve your focus by becoming acCOUNTable to what you do. To be acCOUNTable is to COUNT each step or each hand movement you do. AcCOUNTability is how you overcome hindsight and bad focus.

For more insights on how to manage stress please visit The Dohgon University of Thought. We are a school dedicated to private research and consulting. Our specialty is the science of effective mental concentration management. Professor MOmOH Knows Everything!

No Time To Get High

no time to get high

“I don’t smoke Weed or Cess cause its bin known to give a brother brain damage and brain damage on the Mic don’t manage”

This is a lyrical quote from a song by the now very famous rapper/producer Dr. Dre. Has he followed that decree in the 30 years since he uttered those words? Who knows but even if he hasn’t, I don’t think it matters to him or most involved in the entertainment industry today. Weed smoking is more popular than cigarettes and with the laws surrounding Cannabis prohibition loosening up we can only look forward to higher levels of brain damage and Desire Dependency among Black people.

I, like most who grew up in the Hip Hop era have experimented with smoking weed at least once in my life. The pressures to be with the “in” crowd and be cool are too hard to resist. However, most of us grow out of the desire to be cool after realizing that getting high for recreational purposes is a waste of time.

Although it is illegal in most countries many people consider Cannabis to be a wonder drug. Many people profess that it relieves stress because it relaxes their muscles and calms their nerves. It is also known to relieve the nausea and pain associated with Cancer treatment. Some say it even helps them to think clearly and gain a deeper understanding of philosophical matters. Ingestable and absorbable forms of weed such as CBD are also gaining popularity. 

With so many benefits how could Weed be harmful? There is no doubt that Weed is beneficial in a lot of ways but too much of anything will make you an addict.

Addiction occurs when Neurotransmitters in the Brain responsible for releasing pleasure chemicals become damaged due to over firing. Damaged Neurotransmitters will keep calling (craving) for the active ingredient in the weed (THC) to make them trigger Dopamine, Serotonin and other pleasure chemicals. Unfortunately no matter how much Dopamine is released the Neurotransmitters will keep craving to be fired. Prolonged usage has also been known to cause anxiety, paranoia, and addiction in a lot of people.

Compared to its benefits some may say these are minor side effects however, the main problem with Weed smoking is that most Black people smoke it strictly for pleasure.

Too many of us are too preoccupied with self-gratification, self-pleasure, and time wasting. We are too unwilling to make sacrifices educationally in order to get ahead because we would rather get high. Then we blame others for keeping us down as a people not understanding that the true measure of a great people is the ability to recognize a problem and come up with useful solutions.

I’m learning my true purpose as an AfRAkan at the Dohgon University of Thought. That is why I have no time to get high.