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Trump Punishing Africans for Having a Savior Mentality

savior complex

Recently, the U.S. government announced new travel bans on people entering the United States from five countries, four of which are African nations. These new travel bans expand the previous list of countries Trump has deemed a threat to the national security of America due of their large Muslim populations. Some say Trump is just trying to please his predominantly white racist supporter base but we have a different analogy of his actions. Trump’s new travel ban punishes Africans for having a savior mentality.

Trump has stated from the beginning that he intends to put America first. That does not mean that they intend to stop being the world’s police force. What it means is that the white Christian base of America needs to be strengthened therefore they are temporarily circling their wagons to rebuild their Fort. All cowardice Christians in other countries will have to fend for themselves for the time being. If they unite all the European Christians, they might not even come back for Africans at all so African Christian better be prepared for the worst.

Recently, HERU returned from one of America’s security meetings and this is what it saw. Trump was being briefed on a number of terrorist incidents in Africa. In one of the incidents a shirtless Christian sat in a shallow pit. His hands were tied and his head was bowed. Behind the man in the pit stood a group of Muslims one of them wielding a long sharp machete. They prayed to their devil god to reward them for their obedience in ridding the world on the non-believers.

The man in the pit seems to also be praying to his devil god, probably saying some nonsense like, “Jesus is my lord and savior, no weapon formed against me shall prosper”. He was obviously waiting for a divine intervention. The Muslims finished praying and the one with the machete delivered a vicious chop to the neck of the Christian. The Christian flinched in disbelief and Trump almost ran out of the room. After delivering several more chops that severed the head of the Christian, the Muslims rejoiced in further prayer.

“Turn it off!”, Trump orders his advisers. “I’ve seen enough. How can they not call this a shit-hole place?” His advisers just looked at each other and didn’t respond. They knew he would be riled up but it was their plan all along. All they needed was the right man to put their white supremacy agenda in motion and now they’ve found him.

“Isn’t their government doing anything about these terrorists”, Trump continued?

“That’s just the point”, one adviser answered. “We give these people tons of money and support but these governments are controlled by Muslims so they’re not serious about stopping the violence.”

“Cut em off”, Trump yelled. “Start by extending the travel ban.”  

“But a lot of people in these countries love you”, one adviser smirks sarcastically? “They see you as their savior; their world messiah. They want you to come and clean up their countries for them.”

“They’re cowards, cut them off! Let them solve their own problems. Get Homeland working on extending the travel bans now!”, Trump yelled as he storms out of the meeting.

HERU vision faded and the situation became clear. The real reason why Trump has extended his travel ban in Africa is because he sees that African Christians as cowards. They are depending on a savior mentality but how can he blame them? They don’t know the truth of reality that religion is a scam. This is the dilemma of the developing world. We get colonized and brainwashed into pacificity for the purpose of exploitation so when trouble arises, we don’t know how to save ourselves; we look to the sky or our colonial masters for salvation.  

Africans, understand that if a god existed people would not need Nuclear weapons to defend their freedom. Israel, God’s so-called chosen land and people would not need to develop and maintain the 4th most powerful military in the world. The more we wait on saviors instead of solving our own problems, its the more we are seen as useless eaters suitable only to be used as pawns in other races struggle for religious world domination.

*HERU vision is a fictional account of an imaginary event however, the video described is real.