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Queen of Sorrow

queen of sorrow

So, the head of the most powerful empire in modern “his-story” has died. The ethical thing to do when someone dies is to express condolences so I did but only for a micro-second before returning to the self-comfort provided by the way I really felt about her. To me, she was the Queen of sorrow.

There are many eternal truths in life and two of those truths are the existence of joy and sorrow. Joy and sorrow are opposite emotions because both cannot exist in a single person at the same time. Also, both emotions can be generated by natural and man-made circumstances.

Existence, as interpreted by self-righteous aggressor races, is naturally shrouded in sorrow (darkness) while joy is a pursuit that will come in the morning (light) of their gods return. In other words, they have successfully fooled most Black people into thinking that we are all born in sin and only obedience to their leaders, royalty and God will save us.

For those among us who remain fooled into thinking that colonization was a good thing because it helped us to find our way to and become obedient servants of a colonial Queen and an unethical God, I say wake up and smell the coffee. Black people are not born in sin; therefore, we never needed saving.

I’m sure most Black people like myself who don’t care for the royal family and what they represent have encountered royalty lovers in real life and on social media over the past few days since it was announced that the Queen had died. They will tell you that it’s not right to speak badly of the Queen, no matter the circumstance.

They will tell you that slavery and colonization is over and that the Queen was a good person who had nothing to do with the wrongs of her-story. They will tell you that the Queen had no political power anymore and was simply a figure-head who was using the cultural significance of the Royal family to do good in the world.   

Tell these people that although the royal family no longer possesses any political power, they still have major social influence due to the institution of white supremacy that they represent. Therefore, they preside over what the “unethical ones” view as a sorrow-filled world; a world that they themselves created. They will never get rid of the Royals because the Royals have a “duty” to maintain the cloak of deception that provides artificial joy to the indoctrinated masses.

Imagine if you were to wake up tomorrow morning and realize that your political and religious leaders have no plan except to maintain political, religious, racial, and financial power over the world and are only figuring things out as they go; what would you do? Would you feel joy or would you feel sorrow?

I think that most people would feel sorrow and wish to go back to sleep so that they could return to the comforting feeling of artificial joy that loving and admiring kings and queens provides. They’ve never challenged their cognitive dissonance or recognized that sorrow, like sin, are tools to keep them obedient. Therefore, they will now transfer their love and adoration for the Queen to the new King of Sorrow.