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Beware of Prideless Black Sheep

prideless black people

A few years ago, I came across this South African man on YouTube. What he was doing fascinated me because he was simply going around giving away money to homeless people on the streets. I watched several of his videos before I got upset and stopped because i noticed that 90% of the people he was giving money to were white. His videos still pop up on my feed but I don’t watch them because I realize what he is actually doing. To me, Black people like him are prideless sheep.

Before I reveal what this Black man is actually doing, I will explain who he is and where he gets the thousands of Rands/Dollars he is giving away. In scanning several of his videos for info, I came to the understanding that he is a church pastor. That doesn’t mean that he is giving away his church money. He makes his money in a new and lucrative way but with an old-school twist. Essentially, this man is a YouTuber and he is using the power of doing a good deed, which is giving away money — to make more money. If you don’t know how he is making money on YouTube, see my post on (making money on social media).

So, what could be so wrong about what this good-hearted man is doing, you may ask? Well, ever since white South Africans were forced to relinquish power to South Africa’s indigenous Black population, South Africa has been considered a failed state. The whites who raped the wealth of the country for over a century have mostly taken their money and ran back to Europe and the West. A lot of the whites still there today are struggling to survive. You can see true white poverty just by watching a few of this man’s videos.

Does the fact that a lot of white South Africans are impoverished mean that Black South African’s are doing any better than them? No, definitely not! So, why isn’t this pastor going around giving money to his own Black people instead of whites? The reason why he is giving the vast majority of his money to whites is because he feels sorry for them. In other words, he is an apologist. Malcolm X referred to people like him as House Negros. He said that if the masters house caught on fire, a house negro would fight harder than the master to put out the fire and if the master got sick house negros would cry and say, “Master if you sick, we sick too”.

Black people, we need to wise up and stop this self-deprecating stupidity that is akin to the character of children. If you refuse to believe that there is no God that is coming to save you from poverty, desperation, evil, and hunger then take heed to that same religion you’re sacrificing your good sense to, which states that “God only helps those who help themselves”. Making money by showing sympathy to your former colonizers maybe a great hustle but if you’re not putting the majority of that money to use helping your own people then you will remain the prideless sheep your master trained you to become.

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