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Beware of Money Spell Rituals

money spells

They say that money is the key to end all woes. The only problem is that money doesn’t come easily. Ritualists however, have found an easy way to make money using money spells. If you are struggling and is seeking ways to make money, you need to beware of money spell Ritualists, the state of your Soul depends on it.  

Money spells are made up mantras and schemes intended to assist people in acquiring money without trading or working for it. Some of these schemes are based on religious prayer, some are derived using basic psychological understanding of human nature, and some are created from demon worship. However, the most dangerous forms of money spells involve scamming ritualists.

The first form of money spell is derived from religious scriptures and concepts and are very common in society. They are an extension of the basic religious belief of some people that a god is listening to their prayers and asking for financial prosperity goes hand in hand with other basic human needs such as good health and protection from evil. Some of these people may also seek the favor of saints and other deceased religious figures instead of petitioning god directly.

The second form of money spell is derived from a basic understanding of human Psychology but since most people do not understand their own minds, this knowledge remains obscure. Most people therefore believe that these spells also originate from religion. These spells involve conditioning the mind to attract wealth through positive thinking, visualization, and affirmation. The popular book “The Secret” laid the ground work for numerous other self-help books and Gurus who now make millions of dollars coaching people on how to achieve their dreams.

The third form of money spell is derived from demon worship. It is no secret that there are unexplained phenomenon occurring everyday in society. These things that we cannot explain are often attributed to evil Souls better known as Demons. Notice that I didn’t say Spirits because Spirits cannot be or do evil. Demon worshipers covet the favor of these beings because they believe that Demons will grant them powers.

Ritualists are people who make a profession out of practicing all forms of money spells for personal profit. In actuality they are nothing but scammers disguised as good people gifted with secret magic powers. They make money by scamming people into believing that they can attain riches using his or her secret gift. Their whole scheme works by exploiting the ignorance, gullibility, and suffering of people.

Aside from most people’s ignorance of the Spiritual realm, there is one obvious reason why Money Spells are scams. That reason involves asking yourself one basic question; if money spells really work then why would scammers charge people money when they themselves could use their special powers to get their own money? You can try for a million years but you will never find a rational answer to this question.

If Money Spells really worked, I believe that those practicing it would be the most good hearted, altruistic, and compassionate individuals in society. There would be no need to charge people to end their suffering by gaining financial prosperity. In fact, the secret of how to make money doing Money Spells is to become a scammer yourself.

Understand that most people are very gullible due to a general lack of understanding of reality. They believe that a god exists and that god will relieve all suffering if you just believe in him with all your heart. People also believe that the reason why they still suffer even though they believe in god with all their heart is because of another entity known as the devil. This is all nonsense and is the main reason why most people fall for money spell scams.

Life is a voluntary experience that you will never be able to control until you understand what you truly are. Humans are the physical incarnation of omnipotent energy beings known as Spirits. A Spirit enters physical reality at the inception of a new lifeSpiritual energy then generates a Soul within some living things such as insects, animals, and humans.

Unfortunately, if Soul energy is not properly developed it can never reincarnate after a living organism dies. That Soul energy will become trapped in limbo and continue to exist indefinitely as a ghost. Ghosts must then depend on the energy of the living to survive. When evil Souls attach themselves to people, the character of those people become unethical and immoral. Money Spell ritualists are therefore the apprentices of evil Souls. They do not and will not gain any powers from evil Souls. Instead, evil Souls have enslaved their minds into doing evil so that when they die their Soul will also become trapped in limbo.

If you are involved in making money selling Money Spells, I would advise you to change your wicked ways before its too late. Life is a very pleasant experience for some and extremely unpleasant experience for most. The reason why is because we are born without knowledge and must learn as we go. The suffering of the majority will only change as we gain knowledge about our existence and consciously work to improve Life for the betterment of the whole.

Our Spirits can abandon this realm and go on to countless other realms in the universe but as an omnipotent creative and collective force, their only ethical option is to continue to fight to make Life a more pleasant experience for the infinite amount of Souls they create. Avoid money spells and Ritualists by choosing to strengthen your will-power and by increasing your knowledge. If we all learn to help each other instead of exploiting each other suffering will surely end.