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Africans Must Stop Procrastinating


Understanding brings awareness, for to be aware is to be in control of one’s own destiny. The more aware one becomes however, it’s the more apparent it seems that humanity knowingly operates with a betrayal of wisdom. In order to save ourselves from all this confusion Africans, we must stop procrastinating. This may sound very philosophical but philosophy deals with subjectivity and subjectivity does nothing more than steer the mind away from awareness into a realm of confusion.

Life is pure, it doesn’t lie, and it is a thing that is objective. The process of living is a combination of both objectivity and subjectivity. When we procrastinate however, our minds become like giant nets that capture the subjective nonsense that flows like carbon monoxide from the process of living.

“Mayans Predict the World to End in 2012”, “Iran Developing Nuclear Bombs to Destroy the Earth”, “Mass killings Increasing”. I am not diminishing the importance of these daily news inundations but these things are all nonsense noises that get trapped in our procrastination net and steers our consciousnesses away from objectivity. That is because in a betrayal of wisdom we willfully neglect to analyze the root causes of Humanity’s ills. Instead procrastination comforts our laziness to seek greater awareness through knowledge and understanding.

How do we as Africans stop the procrastination? Professor MOmOH of the Dohgon University of Thought advises “stay away from philosophy and focus on truth”, but how can we when our consciousnesses are constantly being raked by the process of living? “Learning to concentrate is the answer to stopping the procrastination” he insists.  Procrastination relies on the senses but “CONCENTRATION is the ability to use The MIND, not the senses. When you use the senses, you focus and become limited and trapped. This is because the things that you focus on are material, so you become materialistic”.

Learning to concentrate properly will break your procrastinations. Africans, you can learn a very simple way to improve your concentration just by returning to your first culture, NUMBERS. Although we created Geometry, Trigonometry, and Calculus we are not talking about anything complex, we are talking about simple Natural Numbers arranged in a form that is designed to realign and strengthen your thinking ability by improving the communication of your two brain hemispheres.

If you are frustrated by the monotonous nonsense of the world that traumatizes your senses without providing any real answers then its time to return to numbers. Numbers are bound to neutralize the hypnotic rubbish and make you Spiritually and physically whole.