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Life Is So Unfair

Life seems so unfair yet Life has never made any promises to us. Our greatest gift is Life so when Life doesn’t go our way we cannot blame Life. We can only make the best of the Life that we are given. Life has its own purpose which we help to fulfil and in turn Life hopes that we find our own happiness. Unfortunately when bad things happen to us we believe that Life is unfair.

The Great Spirit that is the Unverse made all of us with wants and desires which keeps us in constant pursuit of happiness but fuels progress. However, we have the ability to concede that real happiness is a fleeting thing and if we cannot achieve all our hopes and dreams in life we still have our family and friends who care very much about us to comfort us.

I am sorry for your sickness and your physical loss and though you may no longer feel whole in the physical it is not the end of Life. Yes, it would be foolish not to worry since Life is desperately afraid of death in all its incarnations. For that reason humans are desperately in search of answers to all the disease and ignorance that is constantly trying to destroy our presence here in life.

My SSTR, please know that when you are unhappy or in pain the your Spirit is doing all it can to assist you in achieving happiness again. Think positive and your Spirit will never leave you on your own here. 

Your BRTHR IntegRAl