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Trump Pardons Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey

Trump pardons Marcus Garvey within the next 12 months. This is an intuitive prognostication based on our understanding of his personality. We know that he is a power-hungry demagogue who will do everything he can to maintain his presidency so that he can carry out his agenda of white supremacy. In order to be re-elected we know that he will try to cater to the desires of a wider group of African Americans aside from the brainwashed evangelicals whom he already controls. In fact, he is already in the process of appeasing Black America by pardoning several unjustly imprisoned Black people. In issuing a posthumous pardon to Marcus Garvey, Trump will hope to be seen as a person who is also sympathetic to Black America’s struggle for racial inclusion into the American Dream; the social condition whereby any hard-working person may achieve prosperity without being hindered by discrimination, marginalization, and racism.

Trump will pardon Marcus Garvey and point out that he is a better leader than Barack Obama because Obama never had the guts to instill the pardon during his presidency. He will believe that Black people are too dumb to see that all of the Black people that he is pardoning is for political gain. Fact is, if Obama had pardoned many of the Black people that he is pardoning now, all white America including many Liberals would be up in arms. They would accuse Obama of thumbing his nose at the judicial system by pardoning people simply because they’re Black like him. Furthermore, they would say that there is no reason for pardoning someone who was never a citizen.

The call for America to pardon Marcus Garvey is an initiative that has existed in the Black community and worldwide for many decades. In 2018 that call gained national attention when Roger Stone, a well-known conservative activist, lobbyist and right-hand man to Trump, expressed that Garvey should get a pardon. His support for a pardon for Garvey has left many Americans, both Black and white, baffled as to his motives. Stone knows that Marcus Garvey was stonewalled and wrongly convicted by the FBI but we know that his stance on Garvey is not due to his conscience. Could it be something more sinister involving the KKK and Jews?

Marcus Garvey was the most influential Black Liberation leader in American history. No other Black individual had the mass organizing ability he had in a time when Black Americans were still being lynched for simply staring at a white person. Born on the island of Jamaica in 1887, Marcus Garvey became a keen learner at an early age. He was an avid reader that dreamt of achieving greatness, not only for himself but for all people of Afrakan descent. The ancestors recognized the conscious eagerness within him and attached themselves to him to help guide and protect him. By the age of 20 Garvey was already involved in labor and political activism.

Before migrating to the United states in 1916, Garvey had already traveled, worked, and studied in several regions of South and Central America and England. He had also formulated many mechanisms to elevate the condition of Black people, one of which was the creation of an organization called the Universal Negro Improvement Association or UNIA. Once in America Garvey registered the organization there and began organizing Black people of all backgrounds to become empowered, self-determined, and self-sufficient. He collected monthly membership dues from people who joined the organization and used the money to start businesses for Black people to become self-sufficient and not relying on the white man for work.

By 1919 the FBI had taken notice of Garvey’s rapid rise as a leader in Black America. His organizations had over 2 million members and he owned several businesses including a shipping company called the Black Star Line. The FBI sent in spies, collaborated with other Black leaders who hated Garvey such as WEB DuBois, and devised plans to sabotage him. Subsequently, the FBI charged Garvey with mail fraud for failing to show proper accounting records for money collected through the (US Postal Service) for membership dues. Garvey was convicted and sentenced to serve 5 years in prison. After serving 2 years, his sentence was commuted by President Calvin Coolidge and was deported back to Jamaica where he received a heroes welcome.   

There is no hiding the fact that the prisons of America are full of Black people. The number one reason for this unconscionable situation is that imprisoning people has become a big business and who else to victimize but Black people. The whole system works because of the fact that racism still exists and is rampant within America’s judicial system. At the top of that system are organizations such as the CIA, the NSA, and the FBI. Roger Stone is a product of these corrupt systems that were not designed to but operate against Black people primarily to suppress our struggle for liberty unless we are subservient Christians and desire dependent buffoons.

There is also no hiding the fact that white supremacists hate Jews as much as they hate Blacks. Garvey also turned against the unethical ways of the Jews so after his trial and sentencing, Marcus Garvey lashed out against them. He accused them of being two-faced and the author of his troubles. Furthermore, he blamed Jews on the jury for convicting him and he blamed the judge, who was also a Jew, for giving him a harsh sentence. He accused Jews of hating him for meeting with and attempting to form an alliance with the KKK, a group he says do not hide the fact that they do not like Black people, unlike the Jews. In our view this was classic divide and conquer on the part of white supremacists.

Trump will pardon Marcus Garvey under this same premise. He will hope to gain the support of many more Black people than he did in 2016 and he probably will. What he doesn’t know however, is that real conscious Black people do not care if Marcus Garvey is pardoned or not. To us Marcus Garvey is already an icon whose legacy is greater than any leader America has ever produced. He did not take on and manage an existing enterprise. He built one from the ground up under the extreme distress of racism and discrimination from white supremacists and from jealous and envious Black leaders.  

Marcus Garvey’s spirit lives within us. It torments us to never rest until the Great Spirit of the Universe itself decides to intervene and cleanse the world of its iniquities.


Radical Islam And Other Insanities


Radical Islam is a term referring to the “state of mind” of Muslims who defend their religious beliefs using violence. The most prevalent form of violence that they use is acts of terror. Terrorism is the use of indiscriminate acts of violence against a foe, be they military or civilian.

Acts of terror are designed to break the spirit of an enemy as well as to create and maintain a long-term condition of fear within a population. While terrorism is now synonymous with radical Islam it has been used by all religions and cultures throughout history. Black people in America have traditionally recognized terrorism in the actions of the KKK and lesser-unjustified forms of Police brutality.

When politicians use the term Radical Islam to stigmatize a population they are doing it for two distinct reasons; 1) for political gain, and 2) for moral ideological superiority. What they don’t know is that all gods and the religions that support them are illusions of the human mind. Their first defense of their beliefs will be to say that “Liberty” is not an ideology but it is when it is indivisible under god. Again, using god as a crutch creates a state of mind where Liberty is subjective and not deserving of all within a multicultural society.

The human mind is a powerful thing. It facilitates states of being using interfaces. Religions are interfaces that in other words, are ways of living and determining purpose for ones life. Religions are great until they are used to destroy life such as in the cases of Race related killing and Radical Islam. Life is tolerant of human behavior but it is also self-correcting. When our illusions threaten to overwhelm Life our conscience steps in but when we become suicidal we can only look forward to a lot of death and destruction before sanity shows up again.