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Eight Holland America Line ships set on Caribbean cruises from Fort Lauderdale and Tampa in …

Angelos is the news editor for TravelDailyNews Media Network (traveldailynews.gr, traveldailynews.com and traveldailynews.asia). His role includes …
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Holland America Line Makes Caribbean Air Credit Offer for Canadian Residents Through End of September 2018

Receive up to CAD300 in air credit per person to use from ANY Canadian gateway on Select 2018-19 Caribbean cruises

SEATTLE, Aug. 30, 2018 /CNW/ — Holland America Line is offering a Caribbean Air Credit promotion for Canadian residents through Sunday, Sept. 30, 2018. The air credit can be used from any Canadian gateway toward select 2018-19 Caribbean cruises that cover eastern, western, southern, tropical, holiday and partial Panama Canal itineraries, as well as sailings to Cuba.

To receive greater benefits, travelers taking advantage of the Caribbean Air Credit can combine the offer with 124 Caribbean cruise departures available under the Explore4 promotion. Through Explore4, guests booking any category stateroom will receive a Signature Beverage Package valued at US$1,400 per…

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Cruise the Caribbean with Holland America Line

Think of the Caribbean. Brilliant sunshine, aquamarine waters and secluded beaches no doubt come to mind. But, the region is surprisingly diverse, in its geography, cultures, heritage and even language.

Without a doubt, the best way to explore the Caribbean is by cruise. And, the best cruises offer an array of island visits, activities and adventures.

All are abundant on Holland America Line’s Caribbean cruises.

Holland America has made a name for itself with its Caribbean offerings. Selections include the Eastern, Western and Southern Caribbean and combinations thereof. Itineraries call on a number of islands, each bearing traces of their own unique histories. In Willemstad, Curaçao, the ornate pastel buildings reflect Dutch colonial roots, combined with a Spanish and Portuguese…

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Summit addresses how slavery, racism still affect people – Entertainment & Life – Holland Sentinel

Trauma and its generational effects were the topic at hand Tuesday at Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance’s Summit on Race and Inclusion.

Joy DeGruy, Ph.D., an internationally known researcher and author, was the keynote speaker at the event, which took place Tuesday, May 15, at Hope College.

“We’ve been kind of keeping a pulse on … the landscape of the national dialogue around race, and there seemed to be questions and people struggling with connecting history to present-day racism and how race-relations are being actualized present-day,” said Latoya Booker, executive director of LEDA.

“And so we thought it was really important to be able to bring a keynote speaker that has not only multiple…

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Junis impressive as Royals beat Tigers 1-0 for 1st win – Sports – Holland Sentinel

DETROIT — With another postponement looming as a possibility, Jakob Junis and the Kansas City Royals breezed to their first victory of the season.

Junis took a shutout into the eighth inning, and the Royals beat the Detroit Tigers 1-0 on Tuesday. On a chilly, rainy day — with snow a possibility on Wednesday — Kansas City and Detroit played nine innings in 2 hours, 17 minutes.

The Royals were the last team in the American League to earn their first win. They already had one game called off because of the weather, on Sunday at home against the White Sox. This one had the potential to be dicey, but although some light rain had fans leaving the lower bowl of seats in the third inning, there were no delays.

“At the…

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Black Pete Is a Racist Tradition

Black Pete is racist

Black Pete is a racist tradition that the Dutch need to acknowledge and abolish.

The so-called Holiday Season is a time of happiness and celebration for many. However, as conscious Afrakan people we do not care for religious traditions or the characters depicted in them and under normal circumstances we wouldn’t care to speak about them here. However, this particular tradition involves a stereotypically negative portrayal of Afrakans, which we find offensive.

If you haven’t heard about Black Pete before he is a fictional character who, in Dutch tradition, is the companion of Saint Nicholas, otherwise known as Santa Claus. He is like the cheerful Elves who help the Santa Claus of western tradition; only this elf possesses distinctly negative characteristics, both psychologically and physically.

Physically, Black Pete is depicted with charcoal black skin, wooly hair, and thick red lips. His attire is clownish and varied and he carries a sac full of coal. His defenders claim Black Pete is a harmless depiction of a Moor. Others claim that Black Pete is really a white person whose skin gets black from sliding down chimneys. (I guess the soot in chimneys can make white people’s hair get woolly and their lips turn red.)

Psychologically, Black Pete is a mischievous deceiver. Although he travels with Santa Claus, the epitome of kindness, he is depicted as the opposite. He hides in the shadows; he plays tricks on children, and he gives out lumps of coal as treats. In recent times however, his character has been changing to become more cheerful and he gives out candy instead of coal. (I guess the Dutch know that change is possible; they just have to grow some conscience.)

Historically, there have been many stories told about the origin of Black Pete but the most common story is that Saint Nicholas rescued the Moorish Black boy from the streets in his native Spain. As an act of gratitude the Moorish boy decided to stay and serve his rescuer. (Doesn’t that sound like so many European stories that depict a civilized white man saving a helpless Black person from certain doom. Stories such as Robinson Caruso and Friday but I digress.)

As proud Afrakan people we despise all negative depictions of our race especially by other races. The world is changing and all unjust, unethical, and racist traditions will be dealt with. The collective consciousness of humanity is growing with knowledge. Those who resist change by using Ideology to suppress their Conscience will be forced to change; if not be us then it will be by the Spiritual essence of the universe.

*** The writings on this website are personal thoughts and opinions that are in no way endorsed by the Dohgon University of Thought. I am IntegRAl MAAT, a student of Dohgon Spirituality