Do You Know Why You Are Failing In College?


The Dohgon do not subscribe to that slogan because we know there is a better way to address AfRAkan education. We presents 11 Ways To Correct The Deception:

0. PROCRASTINATION. “Time and Tide wait for no one!” … but you believe Time and Tide will wait for you because you doubt yourself, so you support the wasted mind theory. This theory makes you wait then lose FORESIGHT. Get out of the FEAR. Become pro-ACTIVE and acCOUNTable. Learn to COUNT again with Dohgon COUNTS, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,8.

1. DISTRACTIONS. Disorganized thinking is the main cause of distractions because you believed in the wasted mind theory. Now you are forgetful as well as absent-minded. The easiest way to solve this problem is to constantly recharge your Neural Capacitance to be competitive once again. Our Dohgonite “Challenge-Me Numbers Game” will resolve you and your best friend’s qualms as you play this game just as you’d play a chess game. Recharge your mind with Efficiency (no errors) and SPEED. It’s how to forever cure your Procrastination and Distractions disease. Then, notice your Cs turn to A grades.

2. LACK OF MOTIVATION. The wasted mind theory creates the fear to clearly define your purpose. A purposeless person has no motivation. Become a Dohgonite to learn how.

3. SCATTERED FOCUS. The wasted mind theory generates the epinephrine factor. This hormone increases heart rate, constricts blood vessels and dilates air ducts. Immediately, anxiety explodes with the fear that something is about to go wrong. The search for that something scatters focus, resulting in:

4. BAD CONCENTRATION. To cure this, you must CHANGE your thinking. Our very Powerful Wonder Wheels Games will help you discover that “Your Mind is Your Greatest Resource!” Play our Cycle of Focus Game Wheel to determine the ratio of your memory capacity to time. You’ll be amazed to learn how much your memories and grades improve as your game time improves.

5. ELIMINATE THE FEAR OF SUCCESS. Adopt this Dohgon WISDOM: “Your Mind is Your Greatest Resource!” Now, discover your own individual Numbers Resource with our DNI Test. This test is designed to measure the communications that happen at your DNA level.

6. BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE. “Your Mind is Your Greatest Resource!” This is the thinking that will put you at the top. Start with our FFINDDing Yourself Study to FIND your own Power Numbers.

7. WIPE OUT SELF-DOUBT. Go take your next test, and learn it’s not studying hard that makes the grade, but wiping out the doubts. The reason? You are now studying with Understanding. Get our Dohgon Diagnostic Meditation Clock, and see how quickly you succeed.

9. INSECURITY BECOMES SECURITY. Discover the Power of The EYE, I mean The Powerful Right EYE of HERU. Get our HOW TO READ YOUR MIND BOOK.

8. CONFUSION TO PROFUSION. Confusion is a result of immaturity. Profusion is a result of Understanding. Confusion makes you greedy. Profusion makes you give freely. Get our Memory-Mind Matrix book to free your MIND!

10. INSTABILITY TO STABILITY. No more Lack of Confidence! No more Self-Doubt! No more Insecurity and Confusion! Why, because “Your Mind is Your Greatest Resource!” Come get your Dohgon NUMBERS and Books.

The Dohgon University of Thought is a school dedicated to private research and consulting. Our specialty is the science of effective mental concentration management. Professor MOmOH KNOWS EVERYTHING!