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The Problem With Religion

Much respect to Religion for serving as a useful interface to manage the flaws of human nature. For two thousand years, religion has been able to harnesses the unethical nature of Europeans so that in their quest for world domination they didn’t drive Africans into complete extinction. Although some of us know different, the general consensus for their perceived empathy was the fear of retribution from their imaginary god.

Today most religions are in deep trouble. Christianity is faltering as it loses credibility and membership in Europe and Western countries. Its leaders are sending multitudes of missionaries into Africa to keep it afloat. Islam is in trouble due to the prevalence of its followers to engage in extremist and terrorist activities. A friend suggested that religion itself is not the problem; the problem is that people cannot follow the guidelines of their religions. I say no! The problem with religion is right there in the guidelines.

The problem with religion is that people do not understand their own Brain therefore they will never conquer the flaws of human nature. Ask most Christians what this line means and they wont get it right.

The Lord is my Sheppard, I shall not Want.

The key word in this line is “Want”. Want is a product of Desire and Desire is a base instinct of human nature. The main preoccupation of religion is to conquer the Wants and Desires of Life to focus on God. It is why religious people Fast and Pray in obedience to develop their self-discipline. This is all great stuff so what is the problem them? The problem is God/Allah/. Why? The presence of an illusionary overseer automatically creates (Want) all over again because everyone will covet it’s favor.

People Desire the paradise of heaven where they can chum it up with god. Some people even want him to give them a harem of virgins as reward for their faithfulness to him (very sad). People never really conquer their Wants and Desires; they just replace the object. They compete and overlook Goodwill toward others in order to be the most righteous, the most loyal, and the most faithful in the eyes of their god. In some religions the faithful will even kill others who do not agree with their beliefs and perceive it as a good thing.

Any Religion that teaches that people will gain favor for being faithful to another person or a god is useless in truly controlling human nature. Life is a better alternative. It created you, it feeds and sustains you, and it makes you happy in return for helping it to survive and thrive on its journey toward universal awareness. Life is neither jealous or praise hungry, it just requires understanding and respect.



What Does Whitelash Mean?


As the fallout from the results of the recent U.S election continues to settle and the world continues to debate about how Trump managed to pull off his surprising victory the general consensus among many political observers is that America experienced a “Whitelash”. The phrase, which is a play on the common phrase “backlash” that means to experience a harsh reaction to a trend, is simple enough to understand but what does Whitelash really mean?

Political experts explain Whitelash as white America fighting back against the trend of political correctness in society by multiple interest groups. They see themselves as the standard that America was built on therefore the decline of America’s standard of living is directly related to the increasing influence of new immigrants and liberal minded special interest groups. That explanation maybe concise for the general public but not us because we know what Whitelash really means.

In a previous article we explained how a lot of Black people voted for Trump due to Conscience Hijacking so we’ll explain Whitelash using the same logic. Due to the white man’s unethical nature most Black people have come to the conclusion that the White man is the Devil described in the religions he has indoctrinated the world into. According to Dohgon wisdom however, we know that the Devil is not a real person but a mental condition in which people become ruled by their Desires instead of being balanced by their Conscience.

Is it ethical for someone to hate another person because of his or her Race? Is it ethical for someone to hate another person because they feel that person is taking jobs away from them? Is it ethical for someone to hate another person because they don’t follow the same religious deception as them? The answer to all these questions is no; its not ethical. If someone feels hate because of these things then the problem is within his psychology and when he learns to change his feelings he becomes a more conscientious and sane person.

Many will deny it but White people have been in therapy for decades. Due to multiculturalism many have learned to let go of racial hatred and be more tolerant and accepting of different religions and cultures. Also, they have always been the leaders of the Capitalist culture they are spreading worldwide. The problem is, they have never let go of racist ideologies that take no more than a little nudging to bring back to the surface. Therefore, Whitelash is not white people rebelling against political correctness; Whitelash is white people rebelling against their conscience.