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ADOS Demand Reparations for Slavery

ADOS must continue to demand reparations for slavery from the American government. Their ancestors were violated and exploited when they were taken from Afraka against their will and forced to work without pay under extreme physical duress.

The economy of the United States was built off the benefits of this free labor and the government was complicit when America’s founding fathers classified Afrakans as not being fully human, therefore perpetuating the indignity of slavery.

At this point, it is not a matter if ADOS “should get” or “deserve to get” reparations because due to overwhelming evidence in their favor, any court of law would side with the ADOS.

ADOS is a term referring to the (American Descendants of Slavery) and while it’s not a new term its use has been gaining popularity on social media and in the press since those who identify by it have started questioning presidential candidates as to their views on the continuing call for slavery reparations.

Politicians have been making promises on reparations for decades so its not surprising that many current presidential candidates are proclaiming to be pro reparations. The funny part is that they all gain amnesia on the matter when they get into office.

Politicians may all default on their promises but that doesn’t mean that ADOS should stop trying. The only way to erode unethical thinking is to keep attacking the conscience of the unethical. Its a way of helping them become saner people.    

America is one of the most racially diverse countries on the planet but it wasn’t always that way. America was founded by the descendants of former British peasants.

Their ancestors along with British military under the command of British royalty captured the land from its native inhabitants then brought in enslaved Afrakans to plant and cultivate crops of food and other commodities to feed and enrich the British Empire.

After 150 years of slavery enriched the British peasants they decided to rebel against their colonial masters and start a country of their own. They engaged in a war of independence from Britain and won, after which they formed the United States of America in 1776.

Another 100 years go by in which America experienced tremendous economic growth to become one of the richest nations in the world. Most of the northern states of the country had slowly switched from using slave labor on farms to manufacturing jobs in factories.

The political climate also changed to a struggle between the North and the South so in order to diminish the power of the South, the North adopted liberal ideology and pushed to abolish Slavery. Civil war broke out and the North won which kicked off a whole new era of indignity against former slaves up until present day.

Slavery was abolished after the civil war but very little changed for Afrakans since they gained little to no rights in the eyes of the law. Afrakans could not vote since they were still not considered citizens, they could not own land or property of any kind, and they could not testify against whites in the courts since they were still not considered persons.

Whites could and did kill Afrakans in great numbers with impunity. It wasn’t until a 13th and 14th amendments were added to the constitution years later that Afro-Americans were given some rights under the law.

As far as compensation for slavery, no provisions were afforded to Afro-Americans upon abolition. In some regions of the country Afro-Americans were offered 40 acres of land and a Mule while some others they were promised homes and land on the plantations their families had lived and worked on for centuries.

Most of the promises either never came to pass or were revoked over time. Instead, former slaves were transformed into low wage laborers while having to pay rent to live in their homes.

It was a way of keeping the now Afro-Americans on the plantations since rent often accounted for 75% to 90% of their wages. Subsequently, many former slaves migrated to northern states to escape the cycle by finding other work.

make America great again

Is this when America was great for Black people?

Can it be argued that ADOS should seek reparations from the British instead of the American government since America was still a colony of the British Empire during the majority of slavery?

Both parties are responsible for slavery however, America wholeheartedly inherited and perpetuated slavery as a further means of enriching itself financially.

America had the chance to do the right thing but instead of fighting for the liberty of all men, the founding fathers fought to be just as unethical as their former masters, the British.

Can it be argued ADOS are just free loaders who after a century of freedom from slavery, haven’t learned how to attain any wealth and prosperity therefore, they want to be given it? Racists and other prejudiced people are often trying to use the example of immigration to belittle ADOS.

They try to point out that Italians, Irish, Jewish, Hispanics, East and South Asians have immigrated to America and become rich by pursuing the American Dream; why can’t ADOS do it?

What racists and many other immigrants who sympathize with them fail to acknowledge is the tremendous weight of racism, discrimination, and marginalization that ADOS have had to endure.

Other immigrants may experience hardship for a time but after gaining acceptance they join the ADOP (American Descendants of Peasants) in discriminating against ADOS in schools, the job market, housing, and in financial institutions.

Furthermore, America’s judicial system has become the new slavery system in which Afro-Americans are railroaded by crooked judges and lawyers into serving time for crimes they didn’t commit or that other races get away with, with just a slap on the wrist.

Thanks to new technology and social media, the injustices of the crooked are coming to light as we witness cops shooting unarmed Black people or trying to plant drugs on innocent individuals.

Can it be argued that ADOPs should not be responsible for how their ancestors lived 400 years ago? This is also a lame argument that white America uses to dismiss talk of slavery reparations. They say why should they be responsible through the taxes they currently pay for laws and beliefs their ancestors once practiced long ago.

In reality, America is a corporation, which is a stand-alone entity. America’s debt is a fictional sum of money that is managed by a financial institution that they control. They have to maintain that debt to co-ordinate with the world banking system.

The government takes in money through taxes and spends that money on such things as defense, infrastructure, and civil services. When the cost of their expenses exceeds their tax intake it is referred to as a deficit.

Prolonged deficits eventually contribute to the national debt when the government turns to the central bank to make up the difference between their tax intake and their expenses or to borrow money for emergencies, among other things.

The only way that reparations would affect regular citizens is if the government declared that personal taxes will have to rise to pay for such an expense. The government could simply avoid raising personal taxes by increasing taxes on businesses, especially businesses that once profited off slavery. There are plenty of them still around.

America is a country that prides itself on the rule of law. It is a form of accountability rooted in its founding father’s belief that they were civilized people engaged in building a civilized nation.

The problem with America is the ADOP’s xenophobic belief that America is a white man’s country. When inequities in society are pointed out they always find excuses to dismiss them.

In the case of the ADOS call for reparations ADOPs claim that the government cannot afford it due to the deep national debt. Some even try to say that America is already paying reparations to ADOS through the welfare system.

ADOS must continue to demand reparations for slavery. Although no amount of money could ever compensate for the brutality the ancestors of ADOS had to endure during their 300 years of slavery in America, compensation in the form of money has to be awarded.

Apathy on reparations is no longer an acceptable condition within the Black community because while ADOPs continue to publicly dismiss discussions on the matter, behind the scenes they are actively changing the history and accounting of slavery in order to thwart its potential legal ramifications.

They are doing so by changing history books and school curriculum to the narrative that slavery never existed in America and that what is being referred to as slavery was actually involuntary servitude in which Afrakans were simply unpaid laborers such as prisoners of war.