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Beware of Cultists


Beware of Cultists; they are unconscious, unethical, deceivers and killers. They not only perform animal sacrifice for self-ingratiation, they also use all forms of trickery to exploit innocent and gullible people for money and/or body parts which they will either sell or use in rituals to try to make themselves or their clients stronger, richer, or satisfied with their services. Black consciousness does not support occultism because occultism is based on desire driven practices designed to extract favor from abstract entities.

Cultism comes in many forms and has existed within societies globally since the beginning of recorded time. Cultism is a ritualistic practice in which individuals, groups, and even entire cultures attempt to covet favor from the idols and abstract entities they create for comfort, protection, and favor. We don’t deny that abstract entities exist but fortunately for humanity, our man-made abstract entities are not as powerful as the abstract entities that control Life and the Universe.

The HERU interface recognizes several abstract entities however, we neither idolize or worship any of them. We simply respect the ethical ones and ignore the desire driven ones to avoid giving them power. The first and most important abstract entity is the Great Spirit that created the universe and everything in it. The Great Spirit does not require our obedience but it actively influences us through our Conscience. Simply put, the Great Spirit is a Mind and it is what encourages humans to think consciously.

The next and exponentially less powerful abstract entity is Life. Life is the collective awareness of every living organism in the universe. Life was created by the Great Spirit, however upon gaining consciousness, Life began a quest to attain universal awareness simply because it wants to know what it is. Life drives it incarnations using several mechanisms, the most powerful of which are desire and fear of death.

The following two abstract entities are also made by the Great Spirit. They are Spirits and Ghosts. Spirits are the omnipotent energies of former living Souls. A Soul is the energy field generated by a single lifeform. Souls either transform into Spirits or Ghosts depending on the weight of their Conscience. Ancient Egyptians believes that the Heart was Conscience but Conscience is a property of one’s entire Soul. Ghosts therefore are immature Souls who remain trapped on Earth after a lifeform dies.

Gods and Devils are the next abstract entities and both are man-made. Gods are either abstract or physical idols that humans have created for comfort, courage, perseverance, and strength. In other words, gods give humans a sense of purpose to our otherwise meaningless lives. Most Gods have been good for humanity, specifically the mystery god of the Jews which the Romans adopted and transformed into Christianity. Numerous cultures now practice the perceived moral principles of their Gods through their various religions.

Unfortunately, the mechanisms of the Life entity acting within all humans, are too strong for most religious leaders so they become corrupted by Desire to over-exaggerate what their god desires of them or they begin to exploit people in the name of their gods by raping children, extorting and robing money to enrich themselves. If you didn’t get it yet, Desire is the mechanism that is getting mis-represented as the other man made abstract entity; the Devil. After all, it is only human nature to blame someone else for our own faults.

There are many evil entities but the collective evil energy humanity creates is the entity that is referred to as the Devil. The Devil represents all the bad and undesirable aspects of existence. Although the Devil is abstract its energy has become an influential force by way of the bad energies we feed it in daily life and through occult practices. That is because evil energy is a contagious disease. When one person does evil to another person evil energy is also generated in the other person, especially when they have substituted true Spirituality with a god. In essence, doing good to others produces goodwill among men while doing evil produces an overall evil society.

The Devil is also responsible for humanity’s ignorance of the Great Spirit. The Devil is not a very powerful entity since it is man-made, however evil energy traps the human mind into relying on ideology and the mechanisms of Life; namely Desire rather than Truth. In such a condition the mind twists life into a (pursuit of Happiness) whereby we live to quench our Desires for sex, money, beauty, heaven, and ultimately a paradise in death next to our imaginary gods. 

Occultists are ignorant of the dangers of engaging with abstract entities and the mechanisms of Life. All they know is that certain ritual practices seem to work in their favor. They work because Ghosts and Evil entities are attaching entities that use humans to enter and manipulate the physical world. This is the reason why we as Black people have such a hard time progressing in life. We are victims of evil therefore we self-hate and perpetuate evil throughout our communities. We use Desire Dependency to destroy our women sexually and emotionally and our women reciprocate the favor by hating us, hating themselves, and corrupting our children.

father kills own son for money ritual

In many areas of Africa today cultism is running rampant. Innocent men, women, and children are becoming victims of ritual practicing thugs who terrorize entire communities. Average men and women are turning to cultists to try to get themselves out of impoverished conditions while some others simply do it for greed. Decades ago we used to only hear of cases involving Albino people being targeted by ritualists for their genitals but today the situation has gotten a thousand times worse. Cultists have taken what used to be the tribal ritual sacrifices of animals such as chickens and goats to a new level where not even innocent children are safe from harm. One man was arrested recently when neighbors discovered that he had killed his own son and dismembered him to sell to ritualists for money.

In another case, a Nigerian pastor was arrested by police in the killing of a 19-year-old lady for money ritual. In his confession, blamed his actions on the Devil and his quest to solve poverty that had bedeviled his family for years. He explained that he had decided to give ritual practice a try after learning occult ritual techniques from an acquaintance. He visited several graves in the area and exhumed three corpses which he then used to prepare concoction in order to attract money to no avail.

The failure of those concoctions made the pastor desire a fresh human sacrifice which he thought would be more effective. He and another accomplice then kidnapped a 19-year-old woman. They took turns raping her and after they killed her, they also took turns sleeping with her dead body. They then cut her head, fingers and toes off, ground up the fingers and toes to mix concoctions to drink. They buried her body but kept her head which they licked and kissed every morning expecting an inflow of money. All they got was arrested by the police.

Black Conscious minded people need to acknowledge and understand the forces that affect reality so that we may avoid being either taken advantage of or killed by Cultist Devil worshipers. Cultists worship Desire and Desire is a mechanism of Life therefore what they are unknowingly doing is trying to trap your soul in the grey zone of Ghosts ad Demons, never allowing you to transit to the Spiritual realm where they cannot go.