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Nigerians More Afraid of Police than Criminals, This is Why


Nigerians are more afraid of the Police than criminals, this is why. What does it say about a society when people fear the police more than the criminals? It means that the society is broken and the level of consciousness within the society needs to be elevated. Unfortunately, that can only be achieved using a completely new way of thinking that only concepts such as the HERU Interface of Black Consciousness can provide.

Police brutality in Nigeria has been a concern among Nigerians for a very long time. The situation has now come to a crisis as anti-police brutality protesting (#ENDSARS) against the country’s special anti-crime unit, better known as SARS, has turned into all out violence. Dozens of protesters have been killed by the police, special forces and the Army and the protesters have returned the favor by burning down numerous police stations, businesses, and government offices.  

If you are like me looking in from the outside, you might feel that it’s terrible that the police are killing innocent protesters but how did the situation get so terrible? The truth is that the whole of the society is to blame. The SARS force was created as a result of the senseless violence that permeates Nigerian society. There are several types of feared criminals that people used to dread more than the police.

The first type of criminals that are prevalent in Nigerian society are Ritualists. They kidnap people on a regular basis then dismember their victims and sell their body parts to people who then use the body parts in their own rituals. Who are the customers, you might ask? The customers are everyone from preachers and business people to everyday citizens who couldn’t give a damn about their neighbors. This is a real sickness within the society.

The second most feared criminals are bandits who kidnap business people, politicians, and anyone they suspect of having family wealth. Kidnappers will kill their victims even after receiving their ransom demands so no one ever wants to encounter them. The third type of feared criminals in Nigeria is the robbers. They mostly prey on businesses and Banks but they will rob anyone for their cars, cell phones, and cash.

All three types of criminals usually operate in gangs. SARS was created as a special task force to focus on investigating these criminal gangs while allowing regular police officers to focus on other crimes. Over time, the tactics that SARS used to gather evidence became corrupt. They would detain and torture suspects in order to extract information in their investigations but when the suspects died during the interrogation, their bodies were dumped. When SARS took down gangs, they often extra-judiciously killed all the suspects. Eventually, they began to be perceived as lawless criminals themselves with no accountability to anyone. Women often accused them of rape and men of battery without just cause.

So, how did the Police become just as bad as the criminals? We can’t compare them to American Police because we know that most instances of Police brutality in North America is due to racism. The answer is that they lack morals and accountability but that explanation is still too simple isn’t it? The fact is that the whole of Nigerian society is to blame. They are suffering from a deficiency of conscience.

Before Nigerians condemn me for sounding self-righteous, I also believe that the whole world is suffering from a deficiency of conscience. I’m also from a country with one of the highest murder rates on the planet. We also had a special force we called ACID that became corrupt and called out by Amnesty International. The force was disbanded but crime and violence only continued. Today there are over 1000 murders in Jamaica every year for the past 20 years. This is in a population of only 3 million people, not even the size of some Nigerian cities.

Human cognition only operates in two states; conscience and desire. Conscience is an energy field that connects us to the Great Spirit that is the Universe. The more attention we give it, the more it grows to strengthen our empathy, care, and concern for other people. These are the building blocks of our morals.

Desire on the other hand, is an energy field that grounds our Soul to the Earth. It induces us to seek out the pleasures of life which provides us with a false sense of happiness. Everyone, including preachers override their #conscience in order to enjoy the pleasures of life. That is why you see Preachers buying multi-million-dollar Jets, fancy Cars, luxury Houses, and designer clothes.

#Nigeria now has some of the richest preachers in the world while the vast percentage of the population is poor. It tells everyone in society that money is king therefore they are doing anything to get rich. If a deceiver comes to them and tells them that the best and fastest way to get money is to kill a woman, boil her vagina and breasts and eat them, they will do it. The ritualists then gets rich from selling deception to hundreds of people.

The only problem is that people who go to ritualists don’t see that it’s their money that is making the ritualists rich. They think that it’s because the ritualist is also eating body parts to gain power. The result is that the whole society, from top to bottom, is now spiraling downward into a whirlpool of depravity. Policing will get weaker and the criminals stronger, then after the population cries out another SARS force will be created. This cycle will continue until we begin to learn about then pursue our true purpose as Human beings on this planet.

CSI 2057 the Omulu

26-year-old Ravon Stephenson was the top running back in the 2056-57 NFL season. He had led the Falcons to two consecutive Superbowl championships and had recently signed a new Billion Dollar multi-year contract. It was now days past the start of training camp for the upcoming 2057-58 season and Ravon was nowhere to be found. Rumors and gossip on Holo media soon turned into hysteria and at the urging of his family, a police investigation into his whereabouts was launched.

Atlanta PD detectives Ndami and Miller were soon assigned to investigate Ravon Stephenson’s disappearance. They compiled analytics, “dat” for short, which consisted of extensive holo, video, audio, and other surveillances to narrow down that Ravon’s last appearance was 1:36PM on Saturday, July 21st from inside his own apartment. So, after taking statements from several of his family members, a few of his close friends, and his agent, they went to visit Ravon’s multimillion-dollar condo in downtown Atlanta.

The apartment seemed to be in pristine condition except for a broken class table in the middle of the living room and a Football Helmet close by the broken glass on the floor. A physical altercation of some kind had obviously taken place but there was no Blood and while most people’s homes were equipped with security surveillance, Ravon either had none or it was removed.  

“Thin Air”, says detective Ndami. “Impossible to escape Dat in this day and age. I fear that our guy has been ghosted”.

“Sure seems that way”, replied detective Miller.

“Should we even bother prolonging the investigation?” Ndami asks rhetorically.

Frustrated by the inevitable, Miller responds sarcastically. “You probably were still in primary school when we used to have to tag every god dammed item in a crime scene, take thousands of photos, and dust everything down to find the smallest particle of evidence that might not even result in a viable lead. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when I could exercise my investigative skills. I was one of the best. Omulu can’t solve every damn crime you know.”

“No it can’t but I’ll bet criminals back in the day didn’t have vaporizers”, Ndami replied in an equally sarcastic tone.

“I’ll go get the kit. You set up the cameras”, she says as she heads out the door.

Detective Ndami leaves the apartment, returns to their car where the petite Afrakan with a no nonsense attitude fetches a small black briefcase from a hidden compartment. She returns to the apartment just as Miller had finalized his 3D camera set ups. Ndami placed the small briefcase on the ground and proceeded to open it up.  

“The door is secure. Close those blinds”, she tells Miller. Miller takes a trip around the large living room to close all the blinds. When he was done only the internal lighting lit the room, not for any purpose other than to eliminate any outside surveillance of their activities. The general public does not know how the Omulu works therefore they don’t know how to hide from it as yet. Detective Ndami reaches into the black case and retrieves a narrow pen-like object.

“Okay, get the Helmet”, she tells Miller. Miller puts on a pair of black surgical gloves, picks up the Football Helmet and holds it up in front of Ndami. Ndami raises the pen-like object to the Helmet and pulls the cover off it on one end then the other. The object was approximately 5 inches in length with a fuzzy white surface.

“Careful now”, cautions Miller.

“I know”, Ndami replies. “If I drop it we both get vaped.”

Ndami then touches the tip of the pen-like object to the Helmet and scribbles it across it as if to color on the Helmet but only in areas where she knows Ravon may have touched it. She then takes the object away from the Helmet as Miller backs away. He puts the Helmet back on the ground then reaches into the briefcase to retrieve a Lighter. He held the Lighter close to Ndami’s hand and sparks it lit.

“Hold it steady now”, he advises her then touches the lighter to the top of the pen-like object. The object does not appear to ignite but the tip begins to melt under the heat of an invisible flame. The white fuzz changes into a glossy transparent substance that falls as it slowly consumes the object. The top of the object also begins to disintegrate and disappear at the same time.

“Hold it as long as you can”, Miller encourages Ndami but this time the much younger Ndami does not acknowledge his encouragement. She has done the Omulu many times in the 15 years since it was gifted to humanity by the Dohgon so to her, Millers constant encouragements seems patronizing and frustrating. She kept focused on the disintegrating object as gloss oozed down. When the glossy ooze had almost reached her fingers, Ndami let the object go and it floated away from her.

“I don’t even understand why that thing only works for women”, Miller complained.

“Sheeee, time for action”, Ndami replied.

Both detectives watched in silence as the object continued to burn until the white fuzz had completely disintegrated. When only the glossy ooze remained, it continued to hang in midair and pulsate. Suddenly the bubble of soap-like liquid expanded to about the size of a beach ball. Before long images begin to appear on the ball’s surface. They were images of Ravon.

Ravon’s radiant face and smile morphed into an image of him running with a football. Then it turned from a still image into a life-like hologram that moved in real time. Suddenly his image began to invert into a perspective from his vision and voices began to emit out of the glowing ball.

Unfortunately, the Omulu had confirmed that Ravon was dead but at least detectives Ndami and Miller could now see how he died. The Omulu was about to replay the last few hours of Ravon’s life, from where he spent them to who he spent them with. All detectives Ndami and Miller had to do then was to sit back and take notes.