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Celebrity make up artist and prosthetic specialist reveals how you can create a masterpiece 

A Gold Coast make up artist has revealed how she creates her gory make up looks for film and television.

Rebecca Allen, 30, told FEMAIL that a prosthetic make up look can take anywhere from half an hour to three hours.

‘It depends entirely on the look. If it’s a small wound it’s a shorter process,’ she told FEMAIL.

‘If it’s a full face and hands, it can take a couple hours or longer and usually more than one artist will be there to help cut down the time the poor actor or stunt double has to sit in the chair.’

Rebecca Allen, 30, told FEMAIL that a prosthetic make up look can take anywhere from half an hour to a few hours (pictured right)

Rebecca’s love for make up started when her sister was running late to her formal and Rebecca ended up doing her make up in the salon…

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Norwegian Cruise Line joins Royal Caribbean, Celebrity in hiking service charges

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Get ready for higher daily fees when sailing with Norwegian Cruise Line. 

Effective April 1, the company is hiking the service charge it tacks onto final bills by 3.6% to $14.50 per person, per day for passengers staying in most cabins on most ships. Passengers in suites on most ships will pay $17.50 per person, per day — a 3% rise.

Service charges for most cabins on Norwegian’s two all-inclusive vessels, Norwegian Sky and Norwegian Sun, will rise by more than 5% to $19.99 per person, per day. Passengers in suites on the two ships will pay $22.99 — a 4.6% rise. 

With the increase, a family of four in a standard cabin on most ships will pay more than $400 in service…

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What Do a South African Fitness Craze, Tour de Houston, and a Celebrity Trainer Have in Common?

If you live in Houston and you want to work out, this is your weekend. Between the grand opening celebration of South African-based SWEAT 1000’s first U.S. location in the Heights, the 13th annual Tour de Houston cycling event, and a visit to Revolution Studio by celebrity trainer Jason Wimberly, there are more ways than ever to burn off all that green beer you’ll imbibe on Saturday. Just give yourself some time to digest, or … well, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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SWEAT 1000 comes to America by way of the Heights

Brothers Andrew and Paul Rothschild made the 8,794-mile sojourn from South Africa to Houston to celebrate the opening of the United States’ first SWEAT 1000 at 725 W. 18th St. Houston couple Ana Barron Strouse and Jordan Strouse partnered with SWEAT 100, the…

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Understanding Sexual Abuse


Women are saying they’re not surprised at the scope of the sexual abuse allegations being lobbied against numerous high profile celebrities. Women also say it’s about time as most men in positions of power act no different. These are troubling times but in order to understand the prevalence of sexual abuse in society we first need to Understand Life and its key mechanism; Desire.

Sexual abuse is much more than men acting badly. It’s also not a transgression that is perpetrated exclusively by men. Sexual abuse has to do with nature and the human ability and/or willingness to manage it. In other words, people who abuse others sexually are acting on their natural sexual inclinations; they just don’t care about the ethics of their actions.

Nature is Life and Life functions by mechanisms. The key Life mechanism in humans is Desire. Desire has too parts, the craving and the reward. Our cravings are our Triggers and our rewards are our Hormones that facilitate sensations of pleasure. Two common reward hormones are Dopamine and Serotonin. Important to know is that too much of anything will make you an addict, naturally and artificially.

A trigger ingredient in a substance is what causes artificial addiction. For example, the natural Trigger in Marijuana it THC. Once THC enters the Brain it triggers brain neurotransmitters to release Dopamine creating a sense of pleasure and euphoria. Addiction occurs when the neurotransmitters get damaged from too much triggering. They get stuck into calling for more THC until they are fulfilled over and over.

Natural addiction occurs when we become obsessed with a natural instinct such beauty or sex. In Sex addiction the trigger is the physical sensation of (touch), which released the pleasure hormone. Therefore we (desire) to experience the feeling over and over in an obsessive manner. So, if sex is natural how does it result in aggressive and abusive behavior? The problem is the result of a deficiency of Conscience.

Conscience is a mind force that is developed by consciously practicing three things in daily life; fairness, equity, and accountability. As one’s conscience develops so does one’s self discipline, willpower, ethics, and moral fortitude. The result is that when the natural inclinations of nature arise within us, we will have several tools to manage it.

People who engage in sexual abuse have weak consciences. They do not have enough self-discipline to control their sexual desires but they somehow manage by the fear of the consequences of the laws of society. However, in positions of power they become narcissistic and will take advantage of the vulnerabilities of their victims. They know that their victims will either fear the consequence of speaking out or will reluctantly trade sexual favor for personal gain.

Are you in a sexually abusive situation or have you been sexually abused in the past? Now that you understand the essence of sexual abuse it’s time to speak out. Summon up your courage and join the throngs of people who are saying “no” to sexual abuse. Speaking out will serve to raise the level of consciousness pertaining to all other unethical aspects of life on a whole.