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Justice for Breonna Taylor Railroaded by House Nigger Syndrome

house nigger syndrome

Justice for Breonna Taylor has been railroaded by House Nigger Syndrome. The failure by Kentucky’s Black Attorney General to lay charges against police officers in her killing is proof that Black lives don’t matter and it is also just another example of why Black racial respect will always languish at the bottom of society even when we gain the power to make important changes ourselves.

Breonna Taylor was a bright, vibrant, and ambitious young Black woman who had everything going for her before her life was untimely snuffed out by three out-of-control Cowboy Police officers. The three officers broke into her apartment while executing a no-knock warrant in search of illicit Drugs as well as her ex-boyfriend, whom she not only broke up with long before but was already in Police custody.

Breonna’s current boyfriend, who was with her in her apartment thought they were being burglarized so he fired a warning shot to scare the intruders. The three Police officers then opened fire like they were engaged in a fire-fight in Iraq, shooting Breonna at least 6 times. After the smoke cleared and Breonna laid dying, the three officers offered her no first-aid and did not call for Ambulance assistance. Breonna subsequently died like a Dog.

The injustice over the killing of Breonna Taylor began immediately as the police department went into cover-up and subversion mode. First, they tried to say her death was the fault of her boyfriend for firing on the officers then they attempted to get her ex-boyfriend to implicate her as an accomplice in his drug dealing activities. The final injustice came a few days ago when after more than six months of pressure from the Black community to lay charges against the officers, Kentucky’s Attorney General, a Black man himself, announced that the officers will face no criminal charges.

What is House Nigger Syndrome?

House Nigger Syndrome refers to a derogatory mental condition in the Slavery history of America. The term would not have come about if the slaves who were chosen to work inside the houses of the masters did not change their own behaviors toward other slaves, better known as “Field Slaves”. To be fair, there were also other slaves who were labelled as House Slaves due to animosity over the fact that they were mixed bastard children of white masters but the first kind is more important to this discussion. Over hundreds of years of slavery, house slaves became mentally different from field slaves; intentionally by masters and personally by the privileges they grew accustomed to having.

The free-will of slaves were broken by force first then kindness second, similar to breaking a Horse. House slaves were further indoctrinated to be loyal. They practiced the religion of their masters because it encouraged subservience as well as passivity.  Masters felt safe in leaving their Plantations on business because their house slaves would protect their property and family as well as keep a list of field slaves who got out of line when the master wasn’t around.

Today’s house slave is known as a House Nigger. He gains all the personal power of those of a white person but because he has been trained to believe that the white way is the only way he doesn’t consider his Race in anything he does. In fact, he only knows that he is Black when he looks in the mirror. He believes that Black people are suffering because they refuse to accept Jesus or when a Christian experiences racism or police brutality its because its Gods will. Even worse, when they are killed at the hands of racists or other acts of evil, they forgive without seeking retribution.

Now, lets analyze the mentality of Kentucky’s Black Attorney General to see if he fits the bill of a House Nigger. In his press conference, the Attorney General stated that “They” meaning those seeking Justice for Breonna Taylor, do not understand Kentucky. What the F does that mean? Did he mean that since crime and violence are rampant in some areas of Kentucky, the jobs of Police officers are so stressful that they should get a pass? Or does he mean that Kentucky is an old southern traditional state where Black people have been so well trained to give authority a pass that he himself cannot do the right thing for fear of being lynched.

I believe that it is the second reason. He loves his job, his white wife, and he also has ambitions of running for political office so he doesn’t want to jeopardize any of them. Therefore, he has completely glossed over the facts of the case in order to please white Kentuckians, in effect railroading justice for Breonna Taylor.