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What is a soul according to Aristotle and Aquinas, and what is distinctive of the human soul?

Questions: What is a soul according to Aristotle and Aquinas? What is distinctive of the human soul? What does Aristotle mean by the soul in general? Is the human soul a substance and why? What does it mean to say that the soul is the form of the body?

Answers: We don’t care what Aristotle and Aquinas’s definition of the Soul is because we know it’s based on stolen AfRAkan concepts that they couldn’t understand. Instead they decided to philosophize about what the Soul really is.

A Soul is anything that is alive by the energy of the universe. That means that People, Trees, Animals, and even Bacteria are Souls. Souls can die and when they do their energy will return to replenish the cycle of Life.

Those philosophers also misunderstood that Soul and Spirit are not one and the same thing. That’s why many people today confuse the two in believing that the Soul is immortal like the Spirit. Soul is of the Earth and Spirit is of the Universe.

Spirit is the abstract energy of the Universe. It cannot be corrupted therefore it is incompatible with the Souls of the living unless a person’s consciousness is resonating at a higher frequency. Souls may also transform into Spirits after death in the same way.