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Beware of the Arab Slave Traders

Slavery in Libya

As the flood of Afrakans trying to flee the continent for a better life in Europe increases a new form of injustice is coming to light. Many Sub-Saharan migrants are ending up as slaves in Libya and other North Afrakan countries. After numerous complaints from survivors about the existence of the internationally outlawed practice, CNN sent a news team to Libya to investigate.

What the CNN undercover team discovered was horrific. Not only was it true, the practice was rampant. This is a warning to all Afrakan migrants hoping to reach Europe by going through North Afraka; beware of the Arab slave traders.

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The unethical nature of some humans is boundless. Last year it was revealed that Arabs were killing numerous Black Afrakan migrants for their internal organs as part of the illegal organ trade. It would be incorrect to suggest that all Arabs are morally corrupt.

However, there seems to be a pattern when it comes to the treatment of Black Afrakans by other races. It can only be attributed to the fact that they view Black Afrakans as sub-humans, undeserving of empathy of condition and respect of personhood.

The condition and treatment of Black Afrakans will continue to digress until we learn to manage the mechanisms of Life. Survival no longer depends on the resources that nature provides but the ways and means in which we can manipulate nature to sustain us.

Afraka is the most resource rich continent on Earth yet instead of learning to harness its riches, Afrakans are trying to escape to other continents. Our leaders need to put education first so that the creative process in all Afrakans can be rejuvenated. Afraka can become as prosperous as any other continent. All we need is education and determination.

Beware Of The Sand Devils

In April of 2016 a picture appeared in the media showing the brutal end of life of a Somali mother, her two children, and an unrelated man. The picture only shows 4 of the 9 people recently discovered on a beach along Egypt’s north coast. All the victims, ranging from adult to less than 1 year old were discovered dead with crude stitching along their chests as if they had recently undergone autopsies however, official autopsies revealed that all their vital organs were missing. Through further investigation authorities quickly concluded that all the victims were migrants trying to reach Europe but ended up victims of organ traffickers instead.

What would possess someone to kill children just to make money from selling their internal organs? The Devil, that’s what. The Devil exists in all humans and manifests itself when Desire operates outside the control of Conscience. There are two kinds of people in this world; moral and immoral. Moral people choose to let their conscience guide their actions while immoral people live openly according to the (action and consequence) laws of the society they live in.

So, can we say moral people have a conscience and immoral people don’t? Not exactly. We choose to suppress our conscience depending on the circumstance. These sand Devil organ harvesters are most likely Arab Egyptians who would never kidnap and harvest the organs of fellow Arab children even though they could make more money doing so. They are morally bound to their race but immoral when it comes to the lives of AfRAkans.

It is sad to see so many AfRakans trying to flee the richest continent on Earth. We know that that is also the work of the Devil because as they starve AfRakans out they are moving in to claim more and more land for what lies beneath. They claim to be morally superior but their actions betray them at every move. Immoral people are self righteous, favor of god coveting, racially biased scum who destroy Life for racial, economic, political, and religious ideologies. AfRakans, beware of the sand Devils who will kill us and sell our organs all because they hate our race.