Zero Point Logic

I am Afrakan, not hebrew

How my conscience was redirected by an AfRAkan Professor

Why do people exploit each other, kill each other, and even hate themselves? These are questions that used to plague my conscience for a very long time even though they were explained away by science and popular culture as mere processes of human evolution.

About a decade ago I embarked on a personal journey to try to gain a more Spiritual understand of the reality that I exist in. I was always a conscientious person who hated all the inequities I noticed in life so one of the first things I turned to to get a deeper understanding of reality was religion.

Society preaches that religion is the foundation of our morals and unless we are obedient to god humanity will always suffer. What I saw was a multitude of religions and people fighting over which one is the “true religion” while the majority of humanity still suffers. That was not Spirituality at all.

I explored many world beliefs from religion to mysticism and found all the concepts that people rely on for strength, guidance, and comfort to be alike in one way; they all dealt with the Mind. We created good and evil, god and the devil so we have the power to affect reality to become better people. The real question was “how” because religion was not doing it.

I continued to search for answers until I discovered Professor MOmOh, owner/operator of the Dohgon University of Thought. Although he resides in the USA Professor MOmOh is a direct descendant of the Dogon tribe of Mali, West AfRaka. He is mathematician, neurologist, and cosmogony expert who has used his understanding of the human Brain and Mind to develop tools to improve thinking, comprehension, and concentrating skills.

While learning from him about how my own mind works and how to improve its abilities I also began to learn how to use “zero point logic” to understand everything in reality. Professor MOmOh thought me that zero is the most important number because it is the source, the blackness, the Spirit of the universe.

Logic. If blackness is the source then Black people were the first humans. If blackness is the source then it must be the bank of all knowledge. Religion teaches that a god created everything. Science theorizes that reality expands and contracts with a Big Bang occurring when it reaches its most contracted point. There is no concept that says that everything started from nothing.

So, to answer the questions; why do people exploit others, kill each other, and even hate themselves, I use Zero Point Logic to come to the conclusion that most people are Desire Dependent because they cannot control their own minds. My current quest is how to help correct that mental condition.

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