Zeal and Ardor are blending black metal and traditional songs black people sang during slavery

Black metal bands are infamous for embracing neo-Nazi ideologies. In the 1980s, the satanic subgenre of metal emerged; and by the 1990s, a neo-fascist scene, the “national socialist black metal,” had evolved out of the genre and spread throughout Europe. For instance, Norwegian bands like Burzam and Mayhem were known for church burnings, committing murder and supporting neo-Nazism.

But now there’s a new wave of black metal that’s renouncing white supremacy and incorporating, instead, the African-American musical roots of rock and roll. At the forefront of that movement is the band Zeal and Ardor, Mic Dispatch correspondent Wilbert Cooper reports.

“There was this thought, you know, that black metal should be whitewashed or just pure Aryan bullshit,” Manuel Gagneux, Zeal and Ardor lead…

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