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Good Spirits Express the of Sharing

All existences and physical things appear from The DARK or Spiritual Universe. We, thus, have to be of this Universe of which we, as human beings, as well as plants and animals, are its essence. This means that we must appreciate each other and everything in the Universe because we have a combined interest in our existence and the existences of all living things. The more we appreciate each other and MTHR , the more goodness expands towards us. We will, then, benefit by the extension of our existence and its expansion, which will bring joy and satisfaction to what we appreciate.

The Universe has a purpose to maintain our existence, as well as the existences of all things in Nature. This means we have to stay of our existence and the calmness that the Universe presents. Once we understand the peacefulness of what our thinking dwells upon, then good things will happen to us. We, therefore, have to understand the way we think and appreciate our own .

Our purpose is to maintain the good thinking that we know expands our and elevates us from the difficulties that arise. We, therefore, have to be of the good thinking that exists on our minds. Once that awareness rises, our thinking will always be powerful and very effective in whatever we do. We must, thus, always be vigilant in the way we think so that the outcome of our thinking elevates us to the WISDOM that holds us acCOUNTable to anything we express.

Our Spiritual existence is always growing because we, as physical beings, also have Spiritual qualities. Once we begin to express these Spiritual qualities, we will become appreciative of our own good values. As these good values expand, our thinking expands as well to benefit those who also seek to expand their own goodness. Once this expansion is transferred to others, we develop a system of growth in goodness to everyone who shares our idea of WISDOM sharing. This is the objective of what good people have to do. There is always an idea of sharing goodness with everyone so we can become good as a whole.

Our Spirits expand because they exist in the DARK or Spiritual Universe, while we are here on . Our Spirits, though, have the freedom of movement that we do not have. And since our Spirits are Omnipresent, they can exist right here with us on as well as in the DARK Universe. They (our good Spirits) are, thus, always in the Universe of , which always expands.

The DARK or Spiritual Universe is, thus, where all good Spirits exist and will maintain their existences forever. You, as a human being, upon your conception, were linked with a good Spirit that became your own. You must, therefore, maintain the WISDOM of that Spirit so that you will always be linked with its goodness and TRUTH in your physical existence. That existence will then know exactly where it will continue to reside Spiritually after your physical death. The WISDOM of your Spirit will, thus, continue to express itself so the TRUTH is always with you.

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