Your letters: Nothing racist about resettling African migrants

Jews must speak out on asylum reversal, April 7, and This is not my Israel, April 4, Letters

The Star published two letters calling Israel a cruel, heartless and racist country because of its policies toward tens of thousands of African migrants residing there. These descriptions are totally false.

The Africans found a sanctuary in Israel after not being wanted in Egypt, especially after a massacre in Cairo in 2005, in which about 100 Sudanese were killed. Even more horrific, the Africans were raped and murdered in large numbers by Bedouin tribesmen in the Sinai desert crossing into Israel.

Israel wants to resettle the Africans in other countries because it is a tiny, very densely populated country, half of it desert. Moreover, even as its Jewish population is now less than 75 per cent, it wants…

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