World’s earliest drawing found in ancient African cave is 73,000 years old

THE OLDEST drawing ever carved by humans has been discovered in a cave in Africa.

Scientists say the mysterious artwork is at least 73,000 years old – and was created by modern man’s distant ancestors.


The ancient flake was created by Homo sapiens tens of thousands of years ago

The surprising discovery was made in Blombos Cave, in the southern Cape of South Africa.

It was found on a smooth silcrete flake, and depicts a triangular cross-hatch design, with six clear separate lines.

Experts say the ancient artwork, published in the journal Nature today, pre-dates the previous oldest human drawing by “at least 30,000 years”.

Professor Christopher Henshilwood, of South Africa’s Witwatersrand University, and who helped make the discovery, said that the find re-writes…

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