Woodley: UFC Fails At Gaining African American Fans

Tyron Woodley claims he is doing what he can to get African American fans to go from being boxing and Floyd Mayweather fans into MMA fans.

The UFC welterweight champion is coming off an impressive victory over Darren Till at UFC 228, and is looking to raise his profile with a new rap single featuring Wiz Khalifa, and told Sway that MMA needs to attract more African American fans.

“This sport is trying to be parallel with NFL, MLB, and all these other sports, you wanna be taken seriously,” Woodley said.

“You got people who wanna f**k with the sport, but they think MMA is a whole bunch of crazy white people beating each other’s a** with a sprinkle of a few brothers. But it’s my job to get the people from the barbershop,…

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