With Zuma gone, S. Africa will rise and shine again!

February 14 began normally for me and I presume for most believers as Ash Wednesday or St Valentine’s Day, but for the embattled and scandal-ridden former South African president Jacob Zuma this great day was a day of reckoning, the day on which things fell apart for a man who is frankly unfit to be leader of Africa’s most developed and industrialised economy.

On that glorious or fateful day, depending on your side of the political divide, Zuma’s luck finally ran out and the man with nine lives was forced by a combination of self-made disasters and circumstances beyond his control to bite the dust. Well, what goes around comes around.

Much as he refused to believe the impending bitter truth, the writing had, in fact, been on the wall for Zuma for quite a while. But like…

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