With billionaire backing, a D.C. museum is headed to Five Points to collect Denver’s black culture — The Know

Dr. Justina Ford, circa 1920s. The first African-American female doctor in Denver, Ford was initially denied a medical license. She and her patients were also denied access to Denver hospitals. Even so, late in life she estimated that she had delivered roughly 7,000 babies during her 50-year career. In 1984, her Arapaho Street house and home office, scheduled for demolition by the city, was moved to its current location on California Street where it serves as the home of the Black American West Museum and Heritage Center. (Provided by the Black American West Museum & Heritage Center)

Compared to the history of the Denver Broncos, Denver International Airport, or iconic citizens like Margaret “The Unsinkable Molly” Brown, Denver’s African-American history…

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