Why Should African Americans Vote? Special to California Black Media Partners – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles …

Aubry Stone (File Photo)

At its core, voting is about divvying up resources. Every day our tax dollars go into the government’s pot and then we rely on elected officials to determine where to spend that money.   If we don’t vote people into office who have our best interest and initiatives that support our daily livelihood, then we can’t expect our tax dollars to be spent in our best interest. Being complacent and not voting is not an option; unless you simply concede to giving your hard-earned money away to people, programs and ideals that you do not support in everyday brass tacks. When you don’t vote, you inadvertently support those contrary issues with your money.

Voting isn’t often seen that clear, cut and dry. In 1961, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy issued Executive Order…

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