Why Black Lives Matter

All Lives Matter When All Are Treated Equal

“Black Lives Matter” is the motto of a new era in the American civil rights struggle. It’s a phrase being chanted by thousands of people taking part in rallies and marches in towns and cities all across the country because they are fed up with systemic racism and police brutality. But while “Black Lives Matter” maybe categorized as a mere slogan in the media it means more than that to Black people for one major reason; Black people recognize that they are being denied access to the “American Dream”.

The American Dream is a slogan which encapsulates the larger and well known “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” slogan of the country’s founders. It means that all Americans have the inalienable right to live free and pursue their dreams whatever they may be. Unfortunately, some people do not feel those rights should be afforded to everyone in America. First they tried to classify Black people as not fully human and when that failed they made sure to limit Black progress socially, economically and psychologically.

Some people say “all lives matter” so the Black Lives Matter movement does not makes sense. Black on Black crime is arguably more damaging to Black communities so why don’t Black people focus on that? Well, the differences are internal and external and one has nothing to do with the other; just like Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with “all lives matter”. Black Lives Matter is about the pursuit of happiness without being brutalized by the society overseers; the Police.

A good example of discrepancies in Police brutality is to compare America with a country such as Jamaica which is roughly 90% Black. Police brutality in Jamaica is worse than that of America’s yet they are dealing with Black cops and a Black population. This suggests that police brutality in America has little to do with law enforcement or all races of people in America would suffer the same percentage of police brutality, not just Blacks. Instead, police brutality is the result of systemic racism that corrupts the minds of Police officers, Lawyers, and Judges to engage in denying Black people equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Yes, Black Lives Matter just like all lives matter but before you dismiss this uproar as just another episode in the saga of Black dissatisfaction at failing to keep up with the rest of American society, take a deeper look. Black people are waking up and realizing that their fight has always been to try to fit into a system that wasn’t created by them but continues to exploit them to stay prosperous. If they continue to be denied participation they will just keep on trying to tear it down from the inside out.