Whole Genome Sequencing Reveals Ancient African Substructure and Local Adaptation

Summary of talk: 

Africa is the origin of modern humans and is the source of human migrations across the globe within the last 100,000 years. However, Africans are still underrepresented in modern human genomic studies. We conducted high cover- age (>30X) whole genome sequencing of 180 individuals from 12 indigenous African populations from Eastern, Western, and Southern Africa, which cover a wide range of subsistence patterns, languages, and phenotypic variation. We found a total of 33.6 million SNPs of which ~5 million SNPs were not re- ported in the dbSNP database (version 150) and 34% were predicted to be of functional significance, indicating the importance of including ethnically diverse Africans in genomics studies. Phylogenetic reconstruction found that the San populations have…

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