White NC Candidate Who Once Attended Fish Fry Believes He Has Invitation to Cookout

Gary Shipman
Screenshot: Gary Shipman for NC House

Gary Shipman is a North Carolina politician vying for the Democratic nomination and the chance to challenge Republican Rep. Holly Grange for her seat in the North Carolina General Assembly.

And if the surname Shipman doesn’t give it away, Gary is also a white man. A full-fledged, hard-bottom-wearing, finger-gun-shooting, nits, raisins and various other fruits-in-his-potato-salad white man.

Gary Shipman also believes he’s a member of the African-American community.

This is Gary Shipman:

Gary Shipman
Screenshot: Gary Shipman for NC House

During an event called “Suit Up Wilmington Outreach,” a moderator reportedly asked the candidates about diversity and how the planned to promote inclusion and “enthuse African Americans” around their…

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