White ‘born again African’ theatre director at the centre of controversy for receiving funding meant for people of …

A man whose parents and grandparents are white is being criticised after he received significant theatre funding meant for black and minority ethnic (BAME) people.

A report from The Sunday Times’ Grant Tucker found that a white theatre director called Anthony Ekundayo Lennon chose a Nigerian Yoruba name and accepted a chunk of funding, worth more than £400,000, which was meant for ethnic minority arts leaders.

Lennon, who was born to Irish parents, calls himself a “born-again African” and once said in 2012 that he had “gone through the struggles of a black man”.

Born in Paddington, he said he was bullied as a child because people assumed he was mixed race, and a caretaker of his school once called him a “n****r” and threatened him with a dog, Lennon revealed in a book about…

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